ECX Vegetable Glycerin

Just opened my first bottle (liter) of VG from ECX. The first thing I noticed was a plastic bottle smell. So I started reading the small print on the jug, and this stuff is made in China. Oh Hell No, won’t be vaping this shit. Maybe my buddy can burn it in his bio diesel.


Oh now you did it. Whiterose is tellin’ :smiley:

I am sure if ECX sells it, it is just fine. I can’t complain about Chinese products. Almost all of my vaping gear is made there. And the Chinese restaurant near me knows my voice on the phone :wink:


Each to their own, I don’t “trust” anyone associated with this industry. And if it’s made in China, it’s double suspect. I usually put attys thru the dishwasher (and would do the same on mods if it wouldn’t kill them) on “scald the hell out of it setting”, but will just do a hotwater/dishsoap/toothbrush treatment if I’m really jazzed about using the thing. I read that Ford got a bunch of sheet metal for truck bodies from China that glowed in the dark. If they will do that to a big player, wonder what sort of stuff the vape industry gets. Scrap from Fukushima is likely…

Hey there,

Our VG is top notch.

Now for the bad news:

We have reason to believe that there was an issue with a single barrel of VG being heated in transit to a point where the molecular structure has changed, and we are replacing everything from that barrel ASAP. You will find that the VG you received is thinner than normal, and sweet. Please contact us, and we will send you a replacement immediately.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Nice avoidance of origin of manufacture issue, salesman. And yes, I say that with a sneer…

I understand your concern, but I assure you that I have nothing to do with the sales department. It was caused by a heating system that we use to make the VG easier to work with without changing it’s structure. The unit malfunctioned, and the result is what you received.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you have have!


Something to add: Our VG is actually from Malaysia. The labels on the bottle are incorrect, but are being corrected.

Your VG comes from China, who the hell knows what is in that crap. Stop that and get some VG from the U.S. If you still wish to argue the point, then refer to the previous post.

Just saw your last post - really? gee, that makes it all better…

I called one of your competitors, who sell U.S. vegetable glycerin, and they were incredulous that you would do that to your customers. I agree…

You will find a 5 star rating, and testimonials on our website. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.


There’s no need to be nasty. We’re a family here and that includes the vendors who choose to interact with us.

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Nasty is in the eye of the beholder JoJo. If any of the members here wish to inhale VG from China, knock yourselves out. My choice, and I have many, is NO

Sorry, I should just let this be. But Donovan is reminding me of Billy May, testimonials up the …

@JoJo to be fair, @Johan seems to be unhappy about a product made in china, (oh wait) not China - Malaysia. The website does not state origin so know he knows he can make an informed decision whether to buy from them.

If a company is using incorrect labels and knowing so, that is a different story and should be avoided at all costs. If this was a UK company they would be prosecuted for false product labelling.

I don’t like your tone @Johan - If you want US origin stuff only, fine by me, but bashing a respected vendor with an impeccable reputation is not OK. Nothing but negativity from you here, and personally I don’t need to see, read or hear about it.

I’m pretty sure the VG is perfectly fine. After all C3H8O3 is C3H8O3. I remember I saw a video of a Chinese e-liquid factory, and facilities and the clean-rooms they had put all American e-juice shops I had seen to shame. I’ve since then seen a few good e-liquid labs in the USA though.

Oh, mislabeling on the other hand is not OK either.

Anyway. This thread stops here.

EDIT: Just a thought: If a product is USP it is under quality control of the FDA and other government arms.