Efusion Mini DNA 200

Looks really cool, but a 900 mAh battery?

$160 for wood or carbon fiber. $200 for abalone.



My Vaporshark is only 900 mah , it isn’t an all day mod for sure but I can see how this would be great for date night.It looks very classy and much more expensive than the advertised price range.

Those things would go great with the interior of my G650. Vaping at 30,000 ft anyone?


Those are nice but I would just be happy to have replacement panels for mine that look like that. That was actually part of the initial marketing of the Efusion, replaceable/customizable panels. I suppose they forgot to mention that would be an after-market product only, not sold by Lost Vape.


I second that have you even found any panels?

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I have not! Remember that was part of the initial marketing strategy. They must have been using the Microsoft playbook when that was written :slight_smile:

I had visions of exotic woods and such. Even if the thickness brought it up beyond the surface of the anodized aluminum body, if precision cut it would still look amazing. Oh well, they also marketed it as having cabon fiber stock panels. No one ever told me they were hologram stickers! :frowning:

I’m still in love with both of the ones I own and they get a TON of use.

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A month later and the Mini Efusion is now out , I picked mine up at Orgin Vape.

@SthrnMixer @MasterElixirs , I did also find some neat panels for you Efusion owners , not cheap but classy!

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Those are some great looking covers! As for the Efusion Mini…well I don’t know. Those are very nice too and I do want to get at least 2 more DNA mods, but I haven’t decided what yet. I love the replaceable batteries in the Reuleaux, but as for looks I feel the Efusions are the best looking ones out there. And the wood grain on these minis…stunning! I will be popping for someone before summer gets here. Just might be this.