Egg-ish flavoring? Help!

have you tried creating a stone out of some of the eggy flaves , like fa meringue , egg nog , vanilla custard etc it may not be just one flavor that is crating that taste small 5ml or 10 ml batches

have you tried any cheesecakes maybe with a sweet cream TFA

caps v1 graham crcker is my fave , the tfa clear doesnt give you that dry graham taste like caps

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Well great. Now after reading through this thread I realized that I need, yes NEED an egg nog ejuice. And I’m gonna want it really bad in about 2 1/2 months from now. That doesn’t give me a lot of time here. Anyone have any luck figuring out an egg nog recipe yet?:eyes:

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Eggnog Custard

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1
Eggnog (LA) 3
Eggnog (TPA) 0.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 9.5%

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It could probably benefit from some work, i havent updated it in a long time. Since i first made this there have been several new Eggnog flavorings that hit the market that i own but havent tried.


As far as i know it hasnt been in stock yet. This was a flavor on their list of new products and hasnt been sold, at least not us at the end consumer level. Ill probably pick it up tho i wasnt a fan of their Vanilla custard but it is a custard so i have got to try it…

What is a stone? Not sure if that’s a typo or just me being uninformed of a cool technique for flavors

Vienna cream is definitely a good start for custards along with cap v1. It’s still missing that X factor though which for me is tasty eggness. I have a couple Bavarian creams and a couple different vanillas and some creams on the way and I plan on buying that flavorah custard when it arrives in Stock. Hopefully I find something that works

The eggnogs I have end up having too much spice to them. But Vienna cream is basically eggnog without spice for me

Cornish Cream Tea FA - UK is very stern it has an eggy thickness to it. Idk if your still searching but it’s a great tasting blended flavor has strawberry, cookie,black tea and cream in it which just sounds weird but the experience you get from it is unreal so good !

Here is a recipe that has it in it as well as the break down of the Cornish Cream Tea since not everyone can buy from the UK being it’s a mandatory 15$ fee outside of it…unless of course you’re from there…

Also another eggy-custard that is strong to me is Liquid Barn’s Creme brulee

I know you weren’t taking to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but a stone is a flavor base, several flavors mixed together at full strength. Then you use a percentage of that mix in your recipes.

a stone is creating a flvor with other flavors , like creamstone , custardstone , cakestone etc

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I was searching for non-eggy custard when I found this topic. Didn’t think anyone actually would want the eggy taste. :laughing:

Want eggy custard? Try RF cinnamon custard. All I get is eggs with a dash of cinnamon. Personally, I can’t vape this due to how eggy it tastes. I hate it. Was hoping for cinnamony, creamy vanilla custard.


Hehehe, some don’t (and I get that), but to me, a good custard has eggs as an integral ingredient. Kind of like: you can’t make French Toast without eggs… :wink:

A large part of taste depends on geographic location and historical cooking!

Some let the bread soak forever, and you get way too much egg, others just dip and into the pan, which is light and fluffy. Then all else in between.


Flavorah Vanilla Custard is the most eggy flavor that I can remember working with. Have either of you tried using this yet?

Not yet. It’s down a ways on the list though.

Custard that’s not eggy is not custard. The eggs are the foundation of a good custard. Without the egg it’s just a pudding.


Wish I could be more of a help. To me, vienna cream smells/tastes like that commercial store carton eggnog which I love when the holidays comes around. Inawera’s Creme Brulee I thought had a pretty good eggy vibe about it.


Totally agree :+1:


This thread came up in a search and I was curious so… If you want that pungent eggy note, as in the yolk of a boiled egg, or the taste of an omelette, try OOO Custard. Only a small amount because it is pretty pungent. If you want the note without any custard try RF Souffle, which is even stronger.

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