Egg-ish flavoring? Help!

So I have tried a bunch of custards and flavorings to get that eggy custard exhale but I just can’t seem to find it. I have read all over the various forums and tried all the recommendations but still no success. I a m trying to replicate only the exhale of CLS. I have also tried many clones of this recipe with no luck.

Here are the various flavorings I have tried:
Cap v1
Cap v2
Cap ny cheesecake
Cap egg nog
Cap French toast
Cap cake batter
Cap vanilla ice cream
Cap French vanilla
Cap simply vanilla
TFA vanilla custard
TFA vanilla bean gelato
FA custard
FA meringue
Inawera creme brulee
Flavorah custard on the way
Along with many others…

Through my research I noticed that some flavoring manufacturers for foods and chefs have some flavorings that are egg based. One that comes yo mind is Weber flavor who has a flavor called “egg custard”. Has anyone tried this? And I Also wonder how safe it is for vaping?! I also contacted another company which I believe was called mission flavorings? And the guy was super rude and disrespectful when I told him it was for ecig. Which leads me to believe they have a reason for keeping their flavors out of our market.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


I am on the same mission friend. The closest I’ve come is FA’s custard when you push it past 5% but you’ll play hell trying to counter the lemon note in it. Caramel FA and CAP Sweet Cream at 1.5% to 2% each cover it somewhat but still not ideal.

FA has a “Cooked Egg Yolk” flavor that I’m dying to try but it’s not sold in the U.S. and a single flavor order from Italy would prolly run me $20 so I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.

I have tried every eggnog, custard and egg based cream I could think of but haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. My latest experiment was with One on Ones’ “Flan” flavoring. I had high hopes for it but… Holy Shit-Balls Batman!!! It was absolutely horrible! It was so nasty, I’m thinking about calling my attorney and filing for damages due to emotional distress…

Feel free to look through "My Stash’ for eggy flavors I’ve reviewed if ya like. I’ll be watching this thread for sure.


Haha ya I have spent well over $400 on flavors over the last 6 months trying to accomplish this task. Good to know about the one on one place though…won’t be ordering from them.

Have you tried inerwa creme brulee? Its a good flavor but still now what were looking for.

I have tried fa custard above 5% and I know what ya me about the lemon!! Still another great flavor though.

Lets go half on a big bottle of this cooked egg!!!

Are you going for the rich mouth feel or the actual egg flavor?

I guess it’s hard to explain. Buy if you’ve ever had nicoticket cls, I want to clone the exhale experience… after a good 2 month steep. It is magnificent!

I am seriously debating ordering that booked egg from Italy’s flavourart website but there are zero review anywhere on the flavor and I don’t want to have a 100mls of a crap flavor…

Anyone want to go in on it let me know!

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This is the egg flavor I’m trying to find…

EDIT: Damn, I was so tired last night, I for got to upload the image lol

It’s non-alcoholic, not spicy or nutty in any way… Just thick, creamy, raw egg with vanilla. If I could find the “egg” component I would be set. I already created the rest of the rest of the recipe for a perfect eggnog.

INW Shisha Vanilla
TFA VB Icecream
With just a touch of…
FW Moose Milk

…just need the eggy touch to complete it :sob:

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That looks awesome! Did you try a tiny bit of butter or butter cream? I just put that in a few mixes at very small percentages and it helped a lot for the mouth feel, but it may not be what you are trying to achieve.

You could contact them directly and ask them if they have it in smaller bottles they ship it to anywhere? Different parts of the world have different flavors for different foods. Guess I’m just thinking out of the box. An Asian flavor profile would be very different from a Scandinavian one…It might be out there somewhere.

Great idea, yea, I use Butter Cream often. Creates a nice buttery texture in bakery blends. I’d probably go with 0.25 - 0.5% FA Yogurt in this one though. FA Yogurt has a wicked “wetness” effect to it.

I’ll find it one of these days… :yum:

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I bought some egg nog flavor last week, there may be an egg nog vape taste virus going about. Ha! You gave me some great ideas! (Picture is making me want Egg Nog) You guys are killing me.

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Ya I’ve bought capellas egg nog and tfa egg nog and both had far to much spice to them. I wish someone sold a plain egg/cream flavor. They could call it…creamy egg! Id buy that shit. I will have to try and fins this so Co egg nog and give it a whirl.

I tried Catalan cream also and had high hopes for it. And I almost always buy 4oz so I have a bunch of brand new flavors that I’ll probably never use…

Catalan is very good… have you had any trouble with t tasting burned at sub ohm?

mmm i love eggs!! lol

I’ve tried it at various percentages mixed with cap custard and I didn’t like any of them! Do u use it as a single flavor? Pg/vg? Percentage? I would love to know how to get that shit to work

I get an eggyness from FA meringue but it’s not the flavor/ scent I’m looking for. Which compels me to point out that the flavor I’m looking for is almost a scent or a combination by of the 2. Not really a flavor.

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Well, for me at 6% Capella V1 Vanilla Custard - I get most of the mouth feel thing I like. I do not use it alone because for a custard - it’s missing something. Most of the commercial custards I’ve tried (Captain Custard) are just yucky too much - something not right for me. I think Capella V2 Vanilla Custard was made to get rid of the “bad stuff” in the V1. I do use V2 too, but I add Sweet Cream and Cream Fresh at tiny percentages to enrich the cream flavor. Anything over 6% and I get too much “Capella Vanilla Custard V1 overload” (If you know what I mean - and it sounds like you do) but I use 3% of it in any mix I use that is bakery, creamy or cake like. There are not too many other flavors that can give you a consistent cream base mouth feel. I use a tiny little bit of butter cream in there too. My Egg Nog flavor did not show up today or I would be trying it right now! You know what else I use that helps? .5% Capella Graham Cracker. It’s like just a teeny tiny bit of spice that’s a subtle little kick.

Oh… and I thin the VG with distilled water. Try adding that little dab of Capella Graham Cracker and see what you think.

Ya I have the tfa clear Graham cracker and I’ve tried it in a couple mixes but I haven’t found the sweet spot with it. I tried it at 3% first and I tasted itbtoo much and then I tried it at 1% and didn’t tastebit at all and then I went to 2% and after a week it was still too strong…perhaps I need a diff Graham cracker flavor?!

I use Capella, its very sweet. I didnt like TFA either :slight_smile:

So I’m still searching. I bit the bullet and bought the cooked egg yolk flavoring from flavourart. It has potential but is very unique and I need to do some experiments with a bunch of percentages. I need some 5-10ml bottles first.

Also has anyone seen the flavorah NON-VANILLA custard?! Any reviews? It is out of stock right now. They have it listed as just custard… But their vanilla custard was not what I was looking for.

I just put in an order for another $150 in flavor. Hoping for the best! Have you guys tried anything?!