Ego One by Joyetech Review

Again I’d like to start my review by thanking the good people at GearBest for sending me this unit to try out and share my findings with you !

Now when I first received the ego one I was very excited as I was looking for a small stealth device to vape in public without everyone staring at me like I was smoking a crack pipe ! I honestly didn’t realize how small it really was , it’s tiny !

Another thing I didn’t realize is how hard this thing hits ! It produces an insane amount of cloud and the flavor is on point as well. Maybe not as much flavor as other sub ohm tank systems but that’s not what this set up is about.
Now is this the one device for everyone probably not ! Is it a great device for most of us YES . It covers both styles of vaping (lung hit and mouth to lung ) and does both very well. Does it have the airflow of a sub tank or a goblin no but it has sufficient airflow to quench most vapers needs .
For the sake of more input I gave this unit to my brother for a few days who is a on again off again vaper and he loved it . In fact he will more than likely be getting the Ego One when I’m done with it for the review. He loved how much vapor it produced and how portable it is , also how he didn’t have to fiddle with buttons to adjust wattage as it is basically like a mech mod with safety built in . One thing he did note was that it did get very hot and the battery doesn’t last long when chain vaping (1100 mah).

The details :

510 Threaded
1.8 or 2.5ml Capacity Tank
Operating Voltage: 3.3 - 4.2 V
Stainless steel construction
Available in 1100 mAh or 2200 mAh
Adjustable airflow control valve
Low voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Minimum Resistance: 0.5 ohms
Dimensions:5-3/8" x 3/4"D (Including Drip Tip)

The Pros

  1. Size
  2. Vapor production and flavor is great
  3. Ability to lung hit or mouth to lung style
  4. Choice of 1.0 ohm or .5 ohm coil heads

The Cons

  1. Battery life : this isn’t a setup to bring to a night of drinking as the 1100 mah battery won’t last long , especially using the .5 ohm coils .
  2. Coils tend to flood and gurgle on occasion
  3. It gets hot ! I’m talking about the 1.8 ml tank as that’s all I’ve tried but it gets blazing hot …like burn your leg hot if you slid it in your pocket after a couple long draws.
  4. The way you grip it makes you cover the airflow sometimes .


It’s a great unit ! Is it for everyone no it’s not . I’d say this is for a beginner vaper that’s just gotten over the ce4 on ego battery stage . That’s not to say that a hardcore vaper couldn’t grab this and have a great session with it, but I think most would have a stealth mech mod with perhaps an Rta or Rda on top that would work as well or better . That being said people do love these and I can see why , they hit hard , are tiny enough to be inconspicuous when out and about and give an all around great vape with safeties built in for people that don’t know about battery safety in general .

Thank you all for reading my review and if your looking to pick one up I’ll drop a link and coupon code below

Joyetech Ego One Clearomizer 1100mAh Electronic Cigarette-37.32 and Free Shipping|
Coupon: Joyetech
Price: $34.99 Get One Here


Good review!

I’ve been tempted for a long time, to get one… I might do it some day - it’s a great price. Some tanks cost what that set costs! :smiley:

I think for the price it’s a steal ! My bro keeps bugging me it . A lot of people have subbed the tank for a sub tank nano .

Nice review MixedUp1. Wanted to pass on my thoughts on the EGO One and comments of my friend who runs another vape shop. The EGO One also comes as a 2200 mah version which was what was used for about two weeks now. Found that the .5 ohm coil provided too many dry hits when used with the 2200 mah battery provided. On the other hand when using the 1 Ohm coil it still hit like a bandit and there seemed to be no dry hits. Being the kit came with both coils I decided to carry only the tank in my shop rather than customers thinking there is a problem with the unit. We found that the 1 ohm coil is unbeatable when you use a Istick 20 watt for the battery and talk about compact. This set up is perfect for those who feel they are just not getting enough vapor but do not want to go subohm. The .5 ohm coil did much better on a regulated mod as well. My final thoughts are that if I wanted to use this vape for my personal use I would buy only the tank and a 30 watt Istick to power it. I could then use either coil as I desire. Last bit of info, coils seem to last max 7 days…


I had only used it for a 2 days a piece per coil …I did notice the .5 coil flooded a bit but I never got a dry hit out of it . But you are absolutely right the 1 ohm was the best . I do like the little battery but it didn’t last long at all . Quite a few People have had issues but in my short time with it I loved it .

Perhaps I should say 7 days if you are lucky. On the flooding, I believe my buddy said he was getting a bit of flooding, when sitting idle for a long period. I’ve heard this of other tanks as well (don’t remember which). The solution has always been to shut down air holes while sitting idle. Was the flooding during use or after being idle?

Mostly idle and wasn’t severe by any means but had to be chain vaped for a minute to dry it out .

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