Ehpro 200 Fusion Mod review by Mjag. Does it perform? Let's take a look

I received this from…not sure exactly who, it came to me as a surprise in the same package as the Artery PAL AIO (review coming soon) so I am going to assume it is the same company, Artery and Ehpro? Ehpro does have a website that happens to be down as I write this though: but they have an active instagram:

Now if your like me and you go to google it the Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 Kit will be the prominent links you get…This is NOT the 2-1, it is a standalone mod with only 1 power setting, not 2 like the 2-in-1 and it does not come with a tank.

Here is what I got

And the available colors I was able to find


  • 5 to 200 watts
  • 41.5mm x 41.8mm x 84mm
  • Coil resistance range 0.1 to 3‎Ω
  • Max. output current 30A
  • Modes: Temp/Power/TCR/Bypass
  • Configurable preheat modes
  • Software Updatable
  • Passthrough charging

First impressions

First thought when I got it was a bulkier Smoant Battlestar. Was a little meh on the looks at first, not the biggest scifi fan but it looked like a baby Cylon. I was thinking…hmmmm, I would like it better if it was all that really nice brushed stainless steel, it is probably a coated zinc alloy but they sure did a nice job.

Luckily I got the SS Drop RDA from Digiflavor that made me go ohhhhh, matchy matchy.

Hell, even a black Dead Rabbit RDA with this hollow aluminum drip tip was a nice match.

Hmmm, since I am a 30mm tank fan gotta try that right?

1mm overhang in the front, not bad and that means 28mm tanks fit with no overhang, ok, so far so good.

Since it reminded me of the Battlestar I thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea of the size compared to it and the Asmodus Minikin V2 since they all share a similar shape.

As you can see the Fusion is the same height as the Battlestar but taller than the Minikin. The Fusion also has more depth than the other 2 mods, it is just a bigger mod overall. What you get with that bulk though is a mod that can hold up to a 28mm tank without overhang, the other 2 you are limited to 25mm.

The Minikin V2 is the most comfortable to hold followed by the Battlestar. The Fusion is by no means uncomfortable to hold, just that it is bulkier than the other 2 and a little more heavier, 11 grams heavier than the Minikin V2.

Build quality

I have been using the Fusion daily for almost a month now and the finish has held up nicely aside from some light scratching on got on the back of the brushed finish SS and a small pin size nic near the display. All the pics were taken today so that is what it looks like after a months use.

The 510 has been solid and every tank fits oh so close to flush, the reason for this is the 510 is slightly raised so no fear or tank rash.

Here is a pic of the inside of the 510. Doesn’t appear to be a nut but is secure and yanking on the 510 with a tank attached it did not move at all.

I have not had any problems with the battery door opening up, it has been secure the whole time I have been using it. I did try pulling the mod back while on a mouse pad, took a few tries but did get the battery door to open which might be a problem for some.

No rattles at all, phew, I thought they would have me join a Latin music band to play the maracas with it.

Buttons work well but are a bit squishy, not the highest quality click. The up and down buttons are interesting, as you know this shares the same body as the 2-in-1 which had dual power modes so needed 2 sets of up and down buttons. I was noticing when pressing either the up or down button it felt like I was pushing 2 buttons, I would hear a click click sometimes. If you click to the right or left of the up or down button you get a single click, if you click to the center of the buttons it sounds like 2 clicks. Not really a problem, the watts did not go up twice when I heard the 2 clicks but I know that will drive some peoples OCD up the wall.

Decent color screen and indoors or outdoors when not in direct sunlight is easy to see.

You can also change the screen color by clicking the fire button 4 times. It has 5 color options but the one that is really helpful is the black which helps you see the screen better in sunlight. That first screen can really get washed out in direct sunlight.

One thing I really liked is from 5 watts to 200 watts it cycles in 1 watt increments, does anyone in the world need the .1 increments, is it really going to make a difference if you are vaping at 65.6 watts instead of 66 watts? I know that’s a little thing but my one gripe is when I am vaping at 40 watts then need to go to 150 with another tank and it takes forever because all the .1 watt BS.
It will also round robin, when your at 5 watts just click down one more time and your at 200 watts and vice versa. Small things but oh so welcome to tame my OCD.

Power mode performance

First thing I noticed was how immediate the Fusion 200 hit, there is no fire delay at all, in fact it feels faster than a lot of other mods. Normally it is not something you notice unless there is a delay and I usually don’t comment on it unless there is a problem, not a lot of mods with delay nowadays. It almost felt like there is a preheat applied, the Fusion does have preheat settings but this was just power mode.

Now onto the preheat settings there are 3, PMGA, PMGB and PMGC, the manual only states 2 but I have 3 on the mod. There all the same, just different memory modes so you can store different preheat settings. It works by magnification of the set power, 1.0M is no magnification, basically 60 watts X 1.0 = 60 watts, 60 watts X 1.1 = 66 watts. There are 20 increments you can adjust from 0.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds etc. up to 2.0 seconds. You can start off at 1.5M which would make 100 watts fire at 150 watts for however many seconds you have the 1.5 magnification set to. It does come set up, the PMGA was set for 1.5M for the first 0.1 seconds and decreased by 0.1M each 0.1 second after that until 0.6 seconds in which it stayed at 1.0M which is essentially preheat off. This means if you had your power set to 50 watts the first 0.1 second would hit at 75 watts (50 x 1.5= 75) then 0.2 seconds at 70 watts (50 X 1.4= 70) 0.3 seconds at 65 watts and so on until you get to 0.6 seconds in which the magnification will be null and you will vape the rest of the time at your set wattage of 60 watts. It does work but to be honest the mod fires up so quick in just plain jane power mode that I only used the preheat with big honking coils and even then I was not sure it was needed.

I did do some high power testing, boy how I hate vaping at 200 watts but I am a glutton for punishment. Using the same tanks I felt the power was pretty accurate going against my SXmini G Class, both mods using Sony VTC5A batteries. Where I thought the Fusion 200 fell short was at the very highest wattages, the G Class just felt a little stronger, about 10 to 20 watts, for me the G Class at 185 watts felt the same as the Fusion at 200 watts. I really don’t think it is something the vast majority of people will ever notice, both were killing my throat, I am going to have to get a esophagus transplant surgery after that test…ugh.

TC Performance

I only test with SS316L and use the same wire for my tests to keep it consistent. I do compare mods I review to the same Yihi and DNA mods so I have a baseline in which to compare.

I have to say as happy as I was with the power performance it did not let me down in TC, maybe just a little hot at about 10ºF but oh so close in just the standard SS temp setting. Didn’t dive too deep into the TCR setting as I felt there was no need since the preset worked so well. Smooth consistent TC performance with nearly every tank I tried, even did good with some difficult sub ohm tank pre built coils which trip a lot of mods up.

The full 200 watts is available in TC mode, it will give you the option to set it after selecting the material. One thing I could not figure out is how to change the power once in TC, I had to 3 click to get back into the menu and select TC and material again to change the power. Not a big con as in TC you generally don’t change power too much once your set but it would be nice.

For those that like exotic wires to use in TC then you have a wide range here, TCR adjustable from 1.000 to 0.001. Now I know the TCR range has more 0’s after the decimal point but there just shortening it, no need to go 0.00092 for SS316 when 0.092 will suffice. I tested 0.092 with my SS316L build and it was spot on, I vaped my cotton dry as can be with not a hint of a dry hit at 430ºF.

I have to say, this is one of the most impressive TC mods I have used in awhile that didn’t have a DNA or Yihi chip in it.

Battery life

Luckily the Fusion includes a resettable timer, hold the power and down button for 2 seconds to reset. Vaping at 70 to 80 watts I was able to get 690 seconds which only equates to 11 min 30 seconds which doesn’t seem like much. I thought about this though, if the average person takes 3 second draws which was what I averaged at that wattage then that is 230 hits.

My second set of batteries lasted even longer, I got 887 seconds before the mod stopped firing and told me to charge batteries. I was vaping at lower wattages between 50 and 60 watts during that test, that equates to about 295 hits, not bad at all on a pair of Samsung 30Q 3000 mah batteries. I measured 3.3V on each battery when I was prompted to switch batteries.


  • Excellent TC Performance
  • Quick firing
  • Ability to change the color of the screen to aid in visibility
  • Full power available in TC mode
  • Fits 28mm tanks with no overhang
  • Software updatable
  • Watts are adjusted in 1 watt increments, no stopping at 76.8 watts with this mod
  • Adjustable preheat settings with 3 memory slots
  • No rattles when shaking like a martini


  • Mushy button feel
  • Battery door could be better but never let loose on me in a months use
  • Screen could be a little brighter
  • A little big for a 2 battery mod
  • Availability as of now, only found 2 places selling it so far


I will freely admit I like better looking mods, the Asmodus Minikin V2 is a perfect example of this. While I find the Minikin to be better looking the Ehpro Fusion 200 blows it away in TC performance hands down. Overall I can’t fault the performance of this mod aside from maybe not hitting the full 200 watts but I will let the experts like Daniel and Anthony Vapes figure that one out. You have to also keep in mind that the Minikin V2 is a $70 to $90 mod and with a quick google search I was able to find the Fusion 200 for $38.50 here:

Now the real head to head would be with the Smoant Battlestar which I love, own 4 of them. TC is pretty close but I would give the edge to the Fusion 200, it is so close to DNA good. Battery life is easy as the Battlestar is known for mediocre battery life, Fusion wins there. You have more options in the menu with the Fusion 200 as well as the ability to hold 28mm tanks without overhang, Fusion wins that battle as well. That said I still love the Battlestars form factor more, if I could put the Fusion chip in the Battlestar then gigity gigity.

Well, I am sure you guessed by now, for performance the EHpro Fusion 200 is a winner, you just have to decide if the looks or other possible cons I listed work for you.

Check out how the Fusion 200 compares to other mods and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products and some not so great ones too

Pics of different tanks and views

28mm Sherman RTA

Geekvape Zeus RTA

Dominus Mods Dirk RDA

A little backside view with the Vaptio Frogman XL sub ohm tank


Very thorough as always man!
Well done, and appreciate the time and effort.


Thanks Rob, I appreciate it bud!


@mjag Very nicely done (again). I kinda like the looks of that mod. Great write up, pics, and details important to potential purchasers.

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I didn’t actually know Ehpro made mods. If it’s built anything like their Big Buddha atty, then it’s a sherman tank. I still haven’t had a more solid, heavy atty than the BB. Nice review.


Nice review, dude! Sounds like a nice mod. I actually think it looks pretty sweet!


Very nice review and nice pics of the different RDA & RTA options.
Looks like an interesting device, especialy the quick fire option i like.


Awesome review brother, seems like a contender, def one for the TC brigade :wink:🖒

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Love your reviews. You always hit the points I’m interested in. Sounds like a real contender to me.

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Thanks all, it is definitely a gooden. Bummed to move on to the next mod for review…oh no, dropped that mod into a well…back to the Fusion :laughing:


Damn good review sir! Yeah, you covered all the bases and it just reinforces why I’d never make a good reviewer. I’d be taking 3 days thinking “What’d I miss, what’d I miss?”

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Liking it’s looks! Very well reviewed, as always :ok_hand:

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I could see the Big Buddha dressed in his stainless sleeve on top of that thing. Nice combo! (Mine on my iPV8):


Thank you @TorturedZen and @Lolly

Wow @TW12 , that buddha is a beast


Another awesome review. But dangit now I feel compelled to get one. No, I MUST get one!

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Thanks Jim and let me know how you like it :+1:

Great job!

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Thank you :smiley:

Great review, I might give this a try. I do like the looks of it too

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