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Ehpro Billow X RTA review and comparison by Mjag


Thanks brother!


Can’t believe that I missed this review, even after you told me that it was in the works. Damn, but my brain is like a friggin sieve some days…

Back to the task at hand: Your review! Well done-simple with oodles of proper “real vaper” points both pro and con. As a lover of the Billow V2 and V2.5, I might have to give this one a pass, however. I prefer a tighter DTL draw-Hell, I keep the V2.5 clamped down to about 1/3 or 1/2 open depending on the juice profile I’m vaping. Still, I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down and pen your thoughts on this particular beastie-Cheers!


Real happy the info saved you money as it is a different animal than the Billows before it. You can tighten up the airflow but that is like putting a limiter on a Hellcat, this baby likes to go all out.


That’s the main reason I don’t use my Aromamizer as much as my Billows-There’s just to much air even with the damn thing clamped down. I ordered some fancy coils and the single deck for it in hopes I can get some better results. I REALLY want to love that RTA, dammit!