Ehpro Billow X RTA review and comparison by Mjag

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Ehpro Billow X RTA which was sent to me by Christina and the fine folks at


  • Size: 27 x 45.3mm(without 510 thread) Base is 25.5mm
  • Capacity: 4ml (a 5.5ml bulb glass tube included)
  • Drip Tip: Resin 810 drip tip
  • Material: SUS/Glass/PEI


  • Ehpro Billow X RTA 4ml
  • Allen key
  • Spare bubble glass (5.5ml)
  • 4x Pre-made coil
  • O-rings
  • User manual

3 colors to choose from:

Billow, I hardly even know yow

I don’t even know what that title above means? Oh well, I am here to talk about the new Billow X from Ehpro. The Billow RTA has been around for quite some time and with various version over the years. Jogging my memory I did get a Billow V3 from a friend of mine but remember the airflow being a bit too tight for my style vaping. The Billow X is a different animal than the V3 I use to have, airflow galore and a bigger tank…I was impressed upon opening the package.

Measures 27mm with the normal glass and 30mm with the included bubble glass. It tapers down to 25.5mm at the base making it overhang friendly on a variety of mods.

Large kidney shaped fill holes and a wide bore chimney

Tapered chimney for better flavor and a laser etched logo of a squid body surfing?

Big fan of the gold plated deck which features staggered post holes for easy coil installation. Top down grub screws for wide builds so your leads don’t get twisted is always a good thing.

About the only thing I didn’t like was the included 810 drip tip, a bit too small for a big tank IMO. Didn’t have any problems using my friction fit 810 drip tips and most TFV style oringed 810 drip tips fit well, just a few would leave a slight gap.

Builds and wicking

Ehpro tanks I have reviewed in the past generally include nice quality coils in the package and the Billow X is no exception. 4 Triple core fused claptons is what you get, I am guessing Nichrome, I could not find the material listed anywhere.

You will have to push your coils to the left to get them centered over the airflow. Not hard to do, just make sure you leave some room away from the posts.

Didn’t have any problems using 26g wire as well which can sometimes be a pain to trap your leads with decks made for wide builds.

I wound up using more wick than usual due to the big openings. You do have to wet your wicks and tuck them in to avoid getting caught up in the threading. Also be careful when checking your build, happened to me once that the wick got caught up in the threads and caused a leak. Only happened once in about 6 to 8 builds but it is something to be aware of.

I like to chain vape, sometimes 4 to 6 long 4 second rips at 80 to 100 watts. I was really thinking I would run into dry hits near the end with the amount of wick I used but nope, the wicking kept up like a champ.

Great grub screws on the Billow X as well and they are holding up like champs, always appreciate that.


I tried a lot of different builds and the Billow X kept delivering, my least favorite being the single 26g dual coil build shown above. It wasn’t bad by any means, just felt underpowered having such a small build in there.

Airflow is plentiful, I generally ran the airflow about 3/4 to halfway open, wide open offered hardly any resistance. Wide open airflow also decreased flavor some which is does with most tanks, about halfway was my preferred spot with most juices to get the most flavor.


I purchased the Advken Manta RTA and it arrived almost the same time as the Billow X. Since I already have a Vandy Vape Kensei I thought a comparison would be good.

Same builds in all 3 tanks I loaded up the same juice and loaded them all on the same 3 mods so I could be as fair as possible.

Airflow on the Manta and Billow X is close wide open, a slight edge to the Manta there. The Kensei is noticeable tighter wide open, I had to close off the Billow X 3/4 to match the airflow of the Kensei. Matching the airflow on all 3 tanks the flavor was sooo close on all 3 with some juices, with other flavors the Manta had the slight edge with the Kensei and Billow X just about even. Cloud chucking honors go to the Billow X and Manta due to the increased airflow.

Building on all 3 tanks both the Billow X and Kensei have the edge as they are both top down screws, the Manta has side screws that will twist your leads with wide builds.

Wicking on the Manta is the easiest of all 3 tanks but none of them are particularly hard to wick, you just have to be careful to tuck your wicks with the Billow X.

I really like all 3 tanks but was surprised to find my least favorite being the Kensei which is a tank I love. There is a flavor edge with the Manta and some juices but it is so close, I would say it is a coin flip for me between it and the Billow X. The Billow X does have more juice capacity with both the straight and bubble glass, 1/2 ml more with the straight and 1ml with the bubble glass. The Billow X is easier to build on with wide builds as well over the Manta, I like wicking the Manta more though. If someone held a gun to my head and made me choose it would be the Billow X for the ease of build and juice capacity but I would be happy with any of these tanks.


  • Excellent performance in both clouds and flavor
  • Juice capacity, 4ml with straight glass and 5.5ml with included bubble glass
  • Large fill holes make filling a breeze
  • Great build quality
  • Deck made for wide builds with top down grub screws


  • Need to be careful with your wicks when installing the chimney
  • Included drip tip is small for this size tank

Final thoughts

I am sitting here thinking…are those the only cons I have? Racking my brain trying to think of more things to complain about but coming up empty. Oh wait, I did chip the 4ml straight glass when removing the Billow X from a mod and since there is no replacement I am stuck with the bubble glass…damnit, I liked using the 4ml glass better. I guess that is not really a con as most tanks with straight and bubble glass only come with 1 each, just sucks for me.

I am not going to sit here and say the Billow X is my favorite RTA, my favorites happen to be 30mm. In the 25mm range of RTA’s the Billow X is a great choice though and it will stay in my line up for sure. If your a Billow fan then the new X won’t disappoint as long as you want an airier tank than the V3. I like it a lot better than the Billow V3 for my style of vaping, it is a big upgrade for me.

I want to thank Christina at for sending me the Ehpro Billow X to review. It is always a bonus when you get something you will continue to use after the review is over. They have it in stock in SS at the moment but should have the other colors soon:

I also want to thank Ehpro, they have been killing it lately with great products that I have been really enjoying.


Great review!


Good job, great pics. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you @Fishaddict420 and @CosmicTruth :+1:


I have a few tanks and RDA’s that do this. I’ve found that it’s best if you use your ceramic tweezers to pre twist the leads before installing it. This will keep your coil from deforming a make it easier to pinch while working out the hot spots.


Great pictures! Freaking great! Love all the shots


Nice one! You covered it all as usual. Thanks for the review.


Awesome review, @mjag ! The drip tip appears to be about the same size as the one that came with my Medusa Reborn. I replaced it with the delrin chuff tip from an Aura rda so I’m sure that would work with the “X” too.

I love the deck on this atty. I have trouble with inline decks like the twisted messes since I have to build with one hand…it makes it hard to get the coils centered. Having a staggered deck makes it a ton easier.

One question, do you by any chance have a Reload rta to compare flavor? I love the flavor from my Reload but it’s a tad too restrictive on the draw to suit me. I’ve been looking for an rta with the same flavor, but more air.


Thanks for the tip louie :+1:

Thank you @redscaddy22 and @Lostmarbles

Thanks @Michael_W1 I don’t have an original Reload, just the clone which I would never use for a comparison. The reload clone is pretty damn good though but yeah, more restrictive than either the Billow X or Manta. I get better flavor with both the Billow and Manta if I restrict the airflow some, wide open mutes the flavor a little with both. I wish I could be more helpful but without an original reload it is hard to say.


A lovely job, as always beaut :ok_hand::tada:


Thank you sweetheart :heart_eyes:


Excellent review, excellent photos! I’ve had my eye on this beauty and have it ordered off fasttech, can’t find it anywhere locally in the states yet. I think its available locally in the UK tho. Can’t wait. (Got the stainless, real partial to that look)


ROFLMAO. I think you nailed it!


Great review @mjag , great pictures, and also great advice on things that readers might NOT pick up on initially. Shifting the coils over, juicing the wicks to prevent snags in the threads, etc. Well thought out, well laid out, and a good read.


Nice review bud! Thanks for the info!


Thank you Cosmic, please let me know how you like it once it arrives :+1:

LMAO thanks @Sprkslfly, the only thing that came to mind :wink:

Thank you @SessionDrummer, I know veterans like you would know but trying to help as much as I can.



Thanks @Michael_W1 I don’t have an original Reload, just the clone which I would never use for a comparison. The reload clone is pretty damn good though but yeah, more restrictive than either the Billow X or Manta. I get better flavor with both the Billow and Manta if I restrict the airflow some, wide open mutes the flavor a little with both. I wish I could be more helpful but without an original reload it is hard to say


I’m sorry @mjag I didn’t specify, but I also have a Reload clone. I’ve been trying to save up for the original ever since you, raymo2u and duecesjack talked me into buying my G2. This juice mixing rabbit hole has become DEEP and WIDE though! :smiley:


Hey, I didn’t recognize you at first but how have you been? Good to see you here and yeah, the diy rabbit hole is like the Grand Canyon…lol.

This is a tough one, from a pure flavor standpoint I would go with the Manta. It is close and with a lot of juices I could not tell the difference but with some the Manta just brought out more notes and had a more vibrant taste to it. I would say check out the pros and cons of both I listed and see what matters the most to you. You won’t be disappointed in either one and neither is perfect but there both pretty damn good.


For some reason the recipe side wouldn’t let me have my normal username that I use on all the other forums.

I like the looks of the Manta too. I’ll check it out again. Thanks!


Nailed it as always brother…still not got round to this one…I really need less children :joy:

totes didn’t mean that…