Eight Vape Customer Service

I have been a part of this forum since I started making my own juice back in 2014 I believe. You guys are some of the most helpful, giving and funnest folks in the vaping community. I really hate to be a negative Nancy but I do not know where else to turn.
I purchased a Smok G-Priv device a couple of months ago from Eight Vape. My device didn’t work but they eventually worked it out and sent me a new device and ordered my husband one just like it.
When my grown son asked me what kind and where to purchase a starter kit for a friend of his I pointed him in the direction of Eight Vape and he ordered the Smok GX 2/4 kit. It took a couple of weeks before he received his kit but I went over and put it all together for his friend. Just for some background I don’t know everything but I’ve been a vaper for well over 5 years, DIY my own juice and have built coils, so I like to think I know enough to put dudes new vape together.
We started with 2 batteries, nothing. So I decided to see if the 4 battery attachment worked and it did. So I know I wouldn’t want to carry a 4 battery device around, not to mention the 2 battery device didn’t work. So Eight Vape instead of doing whatever it takes to make their customer happy gives him the run around. Has anyone else had any issues with this company and if so were your complaints finally addressed to your satisfaction?
If there are any USA vendors here that have this in stock or the Smok G-Priv and would like our business, I would be happy to hear from you.

Once again thanks to all of you who have given me the knowledge I needed to be 5 years smoke free!! Congrats to all of you as well!


I have had an issue in the past with them as well but on delivery end, and it was straightened out and sent.

I also have a few smok mods and tanks but I have ordered directly from smok . They even replaced a mod recently for me would no longer charge. There are many vendors that carry smok though so it will at least be easy to find.



Wow, this is actually very surprising to me. I say this because I ordered a Stentorian Basilisk mod from them and when I got it, it didn’t read the ohms right on any build I put on it whether I was using an rta, rdta, rda, or a tank with an rba…so I had it for about two weeks so I could try everything before I sent it back because it was such a beautiful mod, but it failed me so I had to eventually send it back. The crew at Eightvape were so helpful (John and Kayla). They sent me a prepaid return label and as soon as they got it back, they sent me a new mod. But that isn’t the end of the story. I had the new mod for a little less than a week and I loved it. It worked flawlessly, but then, I had it sitting on my coffee table in my living room and my son bumped the table and my mod fell onto the floor less than two feet below. It actually fell onto a rug under my table. I have hardwood floors, but it didn’t hit the wood, only the carpet, but it broke. The resin cracked and the face plate came out. So even though it was my fault, I reached out to Eightvape and they surprisingly told me they would accept it back and give me a full refund, and they paid the return shipping on that return as well. And this was all around the holidays from just before Thanksgiving to a few days before Christmas. It does sometimes take a day or two for them to get back to a message someone may send them, but in the end they always try to make the customer happy.


perhaps it is because eightvape doesnt want a smok product either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sry for your woes


Not to sound negative but honestly advise your friend to get a different mod.

Gx2/4 it’s okay I guess . I’m still using mine until I get something different

The two battery option not bad if you can get the battery door just right. Don’t bump it once you do get it working. Be another 30minutes trying to get it to work.

4 batery option has same problem with door just a little easier to get working… but the slightest bump will make the mod thing you took batteries out and put them back in. Time to turn it back on…

In my opinion Gx2/4 is a delicate flower. Just barely above a paperweight classification.


probably the only reason I still use it. Is my 2yr likes bringing me my vape

X-cube 2 has big fire button , easy to fire not good for her to carry to me
Gx2/4 has big fire button also but different design and not as easy to fire when being carried

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I’ve ordered only once and didn’t need to send anything back. Sorry

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I just ordered from them and they had were out of an item 4 batteries on my list. So they sent me a message asking me if I would accept an upgraded battery type at no charge. Shipping was fast.


I’ve used them twice, the first time the item I ordered was out of stock after I had paid for it (the website stated they had the item) and they processed a refund quickly (within 24 hours), the second time my product arrived quickly and as ordered without issue.


Thank you all for your input and recommendations. I will attempt further communication as its still not been handled to his satisfaction. Once again thank you all and have a great day!


I’ve only used them once so far, but I ordered on Tuesday and got it on Saturday.
As for the Smok G 2/4 MIne lasted less than 5 months before it just up and quit. This is the third mod I’ve owned that was made by Smok and the only one that had any longevity was the X Cube 2 the olther one I had only lasted about 4 or 5 months too.