Ejuice vendors that add flavor boosts to premade ejuice, not selling boosters seperately online

Hi Guys! In the process of making ejuice but am in desperate need for some ejuice. Have problems tasting flavors unless they are super strong. Does anyone know of an Ejuice vendor online that will add flavor boosts to your ejuice when you order it, not sold separately as a flavor boost? Looking for budget ejuice. Any help appreciated.


Hmm, I haven’t used them in a long time, but Vapewild and TheVapeMall do add ‘boost’ directly to the bottles. Again, haven’t used them in a while but they did. Also not recommending them specifically; just answering your question.


Thanks - vapewild does not anymore, I’ll check the other one.


Wow I didn’t know that. Sorry!


No problem I appreciate the quick response! Wish they did they have awesome prices. Their flavor boosters are more than there bottles.


TheVapeMall looks like they still boost into the bottles. I only found them because they’re local and actually the closest vape shop to me (I live in a rural area so that’s a thing). I see they have sweet, sour, and boost options available apparently.

I’ve used them and have found them hit or miss. Nothing I died to clone, anyway. But they used to be cheap and acceptable (like me).


MT Baker Vapor doesnt do so any more either BUT they sell “flavor shots” for some of the liquids they make. Based on the fact that they used to sell both their own line of juice and bases of those liquids i am going to say that the flavor shots are just the concentrates for their ejuice but you might want to contact them and ask first.


EDIT: After clicking through the first five flavor shots it seems none of them are in stock. I know they took these down for awhile because of the FDA stuff so i dont know what the deal is. Ill send them a message and see what they say.

EDIT 2: Sent an email as the chat wouldnt pop up, i invited them to stop by here but if they dont i will post back with their reply.

EDIT 3: They replied but they have a pretty stern confidentiality warning so ill not copy and paste the response. They dont have a set date for the return of the flavor shots.

Ill say this, i vaped a lot of their liquid back in the day and mixed with their flavorings. Never had any complaints. Some will tell you that they just use Flavor West, this isnt true. It may have been at one point in their early history but hasnt been true quite awhile, years.


Vista Vapors uses ‘extra flavor shots’



Maybe you could see if TheVapeMall would like to hang around here too. They’re a backyard company to me, small, and may appreciate the visibility. (And no, I have no ties to them whatsoever.)


Definitely not recommending them or promoting them in any way, but the one and only time I bought ejuice years ago, was through vaporFi (I think?)

I remember I was trying to find the very first juice I ever had, without having anything to go off of, outside of what was in the tank on the setup my friend gave me. I believe they called it “extra shots” as well.

No idea if they still do it, but the only vendor I ever used back in the day was Mt Baker

Edit I just checked them out again, and yes, you can “build your own” juice if you want, choosing how many “shots” you want, or pick a juice and add shots.

On completely different note, their info seems laughable to me. They state their flavors are “better than food grade”, whatever the f*** that means? That the flavors are better than food grade because they have been designed for inhaling :thinking: Seems like a play on words in a deceptive way imo. Making it sound like they are “safe” because they are “made” for your lungs, blah blah blah… By that logic, ALL our flavors are technically designed for inhaling…


Thanks everyone ill check it out when i get my computer up tomorrow. Out of town. Thanks for everyone taking the time to respond



I’ve gotten my wife’s favorite RY4 pre-made juice from these folks for years. They have always been super consistent with their mixes. She orders the “double extra flavor” version and has always been happy with their juice. The ordering layout is extremely customizable with your desires. :wink:


When they ask about sweeteners, what do you usually get? I tried to call them but the number is disconnected. I want a regular ejuice with extra flavor. Do I need to choose the extra sweetener option?

The RY4 mix my wife gets is already fairly sweet; she’s never used the “add sweetener” option. The link below might help you a bit?


You might want to look at a few of the customer reviews to see how folks react to the “sweetener” option.


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When you bought from them did you add extra sweetener or was it ok regular?

If I recall, I did once. Sorry but it’s been years and I don’t remember it much though.

No problem, thanks for the help. The first person I talked to said sweetener was added as normal in their juice and adding extra made it extra sweet. Then I talked to someone from their online customer service and said juice doesn’t come with sweetener, you have to ask for it. So I ordered a small order and will see how it comes. Thanks!!


Thanks everyone for your help, I found a place that adds 35% flavor so we will see how that comes. I don’t know if it’s my meds or what but every flavor I order I can’t taste. Hope this one works!! Again thanks everyone!