Eleaf 50w Istick

I guess I’m the the next one to job on the band wagon, I’ve had my Istick 50w for one month it has never been dropped, knocked over or abussed in any way and now it wont charge. I wont be buying any thing from them again. These things are junk, I just wish I would of done more research befor buying.

P.S. Yes I’ve tried a different charger and I tried the first charger in my Istick 30w and it works fine. The 30w is a great product so far.


I have 2 Istick 30w and haven’t had a problem either. I believe it’s mainly the 50w that’s giving them an ugly rep.

Any idea if the one you got was an ‘old’ batch or a ‘new’ one? I read through about a million threads on Reddit and ECF when I was trying to decide what to get. It sounded like there was a problem with the first round of them, but the hope was that newer ones were fixed. I guess that isn’t the case. :confused: It’s too bad…they’re great looking little boxes and a good idea for people who don’t want to have to carry around extra batteries and/or a charger. Sucks they screwed this one up so bad…

Sorry you’re having such a bad experience. I’ve had mine for three months and haven’t had a problem with it. I switch back and forth between it and my M80+ daily and no issues. Is there a reset function on the 50w that restores it to factory? Most electronic devices have this feature even if it isn’t widely known. I hope you find a fix.

To flip the coin I have had mine a month and am ashamed to say that I have dropped it, (on tile floor about 20 times. I took it kayaking Sunday and summerged it in water inside the craft. After careful drying I was amazed to see it light up and work perfectly.Guys I think that we are talking about two different machines. Unfortunately it does not have a reset. I had it completely disassembled while drying it. I am hoping Jojo is on to something with the second build. I’d hate to see such a fabulous machine get such a bad wrap. BTW…HI ALL


I preordered mine before they were released so I know mine is a first batch. No problems…ever. Now I recently bought a IPV2 mini, and while it’s a great little device it also has a glitch where it will output far more wattage than what it is set to and what it reads. I found removing the battery and replacing it (yes, same battery) will reset it and it will function normally again. Point is, these are all Chinese made items. Sorry but I’m not convinced that Chinese manufacturing is anything but subpar to pretty much the rest of the world…save for maybe Mexico and Pakistan.

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I’ve had mine since release and I’m lucky to say I have no issues what so ever and I love it for what it is! This is the first time I have heard anything about it though so fingers are crossed it keeps doin me a solid!

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I was just looking at www.ave40 and they are selling them for $30. I’m buying 2 or 3

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I bought the I stick 50 when they first hit the market…no issues whatsoever …although I cycle through about 7 mods a day so it doesn’t see piles of usage

My wife has had an istick mini for almost a year and likeTexans and their handguns, they will have to pry it from her cold dead hands. I have the 50w and have only had one problem - the fire button was getting stuck after some juice leaked into it. I just opened it, sprayed a little electronic cleaner onto it (after making sure it was discharged) and it’s good as new. I have read that the first batches were real crap loaded with problems and one of them was the charging port. Cold solder joints were the culprit.
I’m thinking of buying a couple of the 100w models as they are really cheap and if the batteries go out, I can just get new ones.

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That’s the only issue I have read about, was people getting just the smallest amount of juice in it and the thing would auto fire over and over causing a lot of issues.
Supposedly it would continue after a cleaning and everything, since then I clean the thing like a freak!