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Eleaf Elven OgreVision Review



Another good one @SmilingOgre. As pod based systems continue to improve and become more popular, good reviews of them become even more important.


Thanks for the watch! I need a flavor meter, lol.


Tyvm for the review Sir!

Me also :rofl:

For flavor testing I usually note as…

faint or weak
normal - just noting as the flavor
strong or SF

PODs Ive used… usually downgrade my rating/scale by 1, so they will turn a strong to normal and a normal to faint. But they also take away notes that might stand out in a higher temp device. And can change the whole profile.


My pleasure! Good scale. I cut some slack for pods. I don’t expect them to be “amazing” in the flavor department. I look at pods as utilitarian. The get the job done when I’m in need of nicotine and a pleasant taste is a bonus.


I see more and more ceramic pod’s being brought out. Very interested in seeing if they change the game. Does this one use a ceramic type heater w coil? The mass of surface area with ceramic touching the cotton is greater, plus the benefit of not burning and lasting longer is a neat change for POD systems. Seen some that don’t even use a cotton wrap and they depend on the porous ceramic to do the work. All new stuff Ive never tried. :happycry:


I see a lot of cotton hanging out so I’m going to say its a standard coil. Don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to try a ceramic heater.