Eleaf Elven Pod Device Review by Amber

Eleaf Elven Pod Review

The Elven is a new Pod device from Eleaf that offers that user a bit more flexibility when it comes to vaping style and airflow preferences. The Eleven was provided to my by Eleaf for this review.


Size: 20 x 10 x 100mm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 360mAh
Battery Type: 801636
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
Power Range: 5W-15W
E-juice Capacity: 1.6ml
Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm
Output Mode: Direct Output Mode


The body of the Elven is sleek and slim with a smooth metallic finish. There is a small LED indicator light that lights upon activating the device by inhaling. What’s really nice about the Elven is the ability to view the Eliquid level, and the plastic mouthpiece is just translucent enough to view it easily, not that dark colored plastic you have turn to view, which makes it much easier. There is also a slender oval shaped opening on both the back and front of the Pod, in case your level drops beyond that of the protruding mouthpiece. The device itself is small and compact enough to easily store and use without the hassle of a larger device.

Package Contents

(1) Elven Battery
(2) Elven Cartridges (Pods) & Rubber Stoppers
(1) QC USB Cable
(1) User Manual

Notable Features

Probably one of the neatest features of the Elven has to be the ability to switch up the airflow from a tighter restrictive draw, to a slightly airy DL draw. This is done by simply flipping the mouthpiece around and inserting it back into the body of the device. There is a small inlet hole in the side of the body, and this allows the larger hole on the mouthpiece to direct the airflow. When flipped, the hole is placed on the other side of the device, and blocked as there is no inlet hole on the opposite side. For the more restricted draw, a small inlet hole is located at the bottom of the mouthpiece. To fill with Eliquid, remove the rubber stopper on the side of the cartridge and fill. The bottom portion of the stopper is set inside the lower, smaller hole, and does not need to be removed.

The Elven has a 360mAh battery capacity, and a maximum wattage of 15W. Whereas I normally wish devices like this could push a few more watts, the abilities of the Elven seem perfectly suited. I’ve often felt that the devices that have around a 10W maximum just don’t feel like they are reaching their flavor potential, specific to some devices of course. One thing I found about the Elven was that it had a correct charger output listed in the manual. The Eleven is charged via a 1A charger with wall adapter or USB to computer. I’ve found that not every manufacturer lists the recommended output for their devices, and was glad to see Eleaf including it in their materials.
The battery indicator is as follows:

Green 100%-60%
Blue 59%-20%
Red <19%

What’s That Hole For?

That infamous hole. I was doing a little reading, and it seemed to be a few people could not figure out what the tiny hole is on the bottom of the cartridge. I can put your mind at ease. It’s the smaller airflow inlet for the restricted MTL airflow, and it doesn’t quite leak either. If you experience any leaking, it would mainly be from the rubber seal on the side used to fill the cartridges. Just… don’t plug the hole up.

How Is it?

If ever I enjoyed a Pod device, the Elven is it. Even if you’re not quite a Pod person (or are you?), this device delivers on flavor. The coil is a 1.6ohm coil, that lays horizontally in the bottom of the cartridge, so not the fanciest of configurations, but it really does have superb flavor. I actually like the airflow both ways, but in order to really use the less restrictive airflow, a MTL approach just doesn’t have the inhale power to activate the device. I suppose the way I vape has alot to do with it. When using my RDA’s, I, really like for the first 1/2-1 second to let the Vapor accumulate and flow into my mouth before really starting my inhale, and I, don’t think that translates well into a Pod device for me. That being said, it’s just a bit of oral sensory learning when I switch up devices. I’ve loved the flavor on the Elven, it’s really on par with what I would expect from a newer Pod device, and it does deliver.

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Another great review @silhouette, pods are really improving as of late.


Great review! Thanks for sharing.


I have no desire to use a pod and probably never will. But your review is very good and just what pod users will be interested in! :hugs:


I’m not really a Pod user, as I need a certain level of airflow, but it’s pretty nice for when I don’t want to hold my mod with my legs and try to add eliquid to my RDA. I look ridiculous in the car. Just ridiculous.



All while wearing a onesie. :joy:


Thanks for the review!:paperclips:


You know, I probably shouldn’t have, but this is why I’ve written an obscenity on my windshield, in case they need a closer look at my inspection sticker. With an arrow. I’ve added an arrow.