eLeaf iCare, pocket sized starter

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This Eleaf iCare was sourced from Heavengifts!


I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m skeptical about Eleaf products most of the time.
With their trackrecord of failures I’m rather cautious when I hear the name Eleaf these days, but let’s be fair and say that they’ve had a fair bit of successful mods in their range too.
Whether it’s something like the iStick TC100 catering to weathered vapers or the iJust catering more to starters, there’s something for everyone in their range.
And now they have something to cater to the smoker that wants to switch to healthier lifestyle and no longer carry the stench of burnt tobacco and overfilled ashtrays in their pores.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the absolutely tiny Eleaf iCare.

So what is the iCare, and how does it work?
Let’s have a look!

Note: This review will aim to explain things towards starters, people who wish to quit smoking.
As such it may seem rather superfluous for people who have been vaping for a while.

Eleaf iCare


  • 650mAh battery built in (good for around 400 puffs)
  • 15W maximum power output
  • Resistance range 1.0ohm to 3.5ohm (which implies other coilheads may be released in the future)
  • 2 x 1.1ohm coilhead included
  • Tank built in with 1.8ml capacity
  • Automatic puff system
  • Automatic on/off (which means it’s relatively safe to put in your pocket)
  • Size: 30mm x 14mm x 75mm
  • Weight: 130gr
  • Available in black, gold, cyan, white and red


The iCare comes in a stylish yet minimal box, colored in a vibrant green that sets it apart from other products.
The front depicts the device (or “mod”) in white, though this is not representative of the color you buy.
On the bottom of the box however is a color indicator that is marked with a black marker.
The back of the box gives you a short introduction to the mod, a list of contents and a scratch n’ check sticker to check authenticity.

Inside of the box you’ll find the absolutely tiny mod sitting in a white foam insert, which also has a ribbon for easier access to the accessories underneath.
The mod comes without a coilhead installed, but among the accessories are two coilheads in a blisterpack.
There’s also a USB charging cable included for the mod, which can be easily connected to your computer or laptop for charging.
And of course there’s also a usermanual included, which will tell you how to change the coilheads, and how to properly take care of your device.


First off, I’ve been vaping for quite some time now. I’ve used several devices with varying technologies and gimmicks.
I have more gear than I care to admit but for some odd reason I can not help myself from picking up this device every now and then.
It’s one of the smallest devices I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, but it’s also one of the most effective ones I’ve seen.
I wish starterkits like this were around when I first started vaping, because I would’ve spent a lot less money on bad EGO batteries with leaky tanks.
That little titbit aside, let’s have a closer look at the iCare.

The iCare is a tiny all-in-one device measuring only 30mm x 14mm x 75mm, which makes it one of the smallest all-in-one solutions on the market currently.
Despite that size it does have a 650mAh battery built in, which equates to around 400 puffs (or drags, if you will).
650mAh is a similar batterycapacity to EGO batteries (or pen-styled batteries) and has proven to be an ideal median between portability and batterylife.
The battery is easily charged via the included USB charging cable and should take no more than two hours to charge on a USB2.0 connection, or one hour on a 1A USB wall adapter.

Being an all-in-one device it also has a liquid reservoir (or tank) built in good for a 1.8ml capacity.
On the side of the device is a small window to check the contents of the tank, and around 3/5 of the way up is a line which shows you the maximum filling capacity.
Overfilling the tank will result in the liquid flooding the top part of the device and possibly breaking it, so be sure to fill it slowly and never go above the filling indicator.

The device has been simplified as much as possible, and the automatic draw is a perfect example of how it comes closer to the smoking experience than most other starterkits.
What automatic draw means is essentially it will respond like a cigarette, you put it to your lips, draw air into your mouth through the mouthpiece and it activates.
Just like you would put the filter of a cigarette to your lips, draw air through it and the tip would glow brighter, but without the bad smell, nasty phlegm and cancer.
When you draw on the mouthpiece, the tank lights up either green, orange or red. The colors indicate the charge in the battery.
Green means it’s fully charged, orange means it about half way, and red means you’ll need to charge the battery as soon as possible.

The mouthpiece is a bit different from the familiar feel of a filter, but it’s very comfortable to the lips.
There are two holes in the top, the bigger one being where the vapor (or smoke) comes out when you take a drag.
The other, smaller one is for the air to mix into the vapor. It also activates the automatic draw.
Mixing air into the vapor is necessary for the device to give you a sense of draw. It can be regulated with a small ring on the chimney, the part where the coilhead is attached inside of the tank.
That brings me to the next part of the mouthpiece, it’s removable and has an extra hole on the bottom that fits over the cimney.
This is done to remove the chimney more easily when you want to fill your tank, or change the coilhead.
The coilhead simply screws onto the chimney and is then dunked into the tank where it soaks up liquid to transform into vapor.

One of the things that is a big advantage of vaping in comparison with smoking, is the fact that you can choose your nicotine intake as you please.
I know there are different grades of cigarettes out there; filtered, non-filtered, light, ultra-light, menthol, etc. But with vaping it’s a lot more customisable.
That said a device can also do a lot for how much nicotine you use, and the iCare does this in a subtle way.
It’s made for higher nicotine content liquids, which means that the smaller drags will give you a higher amount of satisfaction.
I personally use liquids with 3mg/ml nicotine content most of my time, but the iCare has a higher nicotine liquid in it.
I use 12mg/ml liquids in the iCare. Why? Because it feels more like smoking than it does like vaping.
It’s an easy device to have around for a quick break, and it satisfies just as much as a more advanced device would.


The iCare is a very small device and is easily concealed in your hand. While it may not be the size of a cigarette, it is about the same size as a lighter.
It’s available is a few different colors schemes to fit your style. I have the black version, but it also comes in white, red, gold or cyan.
The device feels rather inconspicuous but it does look quite stylish too.
Everything is nicely integrated and simple, though I do still find the mouthpiece to be a bit strange in comparison to a filter. (It’s been over two years since I’ve touched a filter though.)

Pros and Cons.


  • Simple
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic draw
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Cheap yet complete kit


  • Some flooding may occur after filling the tank
  • Mouthpiece may feel strange if you’re used to filter cigarettes

In conclusion.

I really can’t find much cons to this device. It’s a very good segue into vaping, well designed and extremely easy to use.
Whether you’re a smoker looking to quit or you’re a vaper looking for something stealthy, the iCare is a device that shouldn’t be dismissed as a gimmick.
eLeaf may have a rocky history with some of their devices, but the iCare is one of their best starters so far.
Despite havng so many devices to my disposal, I find myself picking this up quite often.
With a higher nicotine content and very little vapor production, this is by far the most inconspicuous device I have.

In closing I would like to thank Heavengifts for sending out the eLeaf iCare!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at two UK-made liquid of Cheap Thrills!

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I won one (they sent two) from them as well!

What this thing is to sum it up very quickly is a really easy to use, fast charging-refillable Blu with much heavier vapor. At a price point of $10.00 (throw away’s in gas stations are 10.00) You have a re-usable stealth vape.

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could be a good one for going out to parties, small and easy to replace when lost or broken

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