Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Review

The iStick Pico baby is for new vapers and experienced vapers alike, due to the MTL or DL air flow system. It’s a great ‘take along’ little baby that fits perfectly into a pocket! It’s considered a “stealth vaping” setup and has a 1050mAh internal battery. It has a magnetic mechanism that locks the tank into place, so the tank is tucked into the actual mod. It has no ‘wiggle’ at all and can even be turned upside down and it won’t budge!
It has a great little GS Air coil that produces great flavor! There’s a unique locking mechanism on the power button so it won’t accidently get tapped or plunked when u don’t want it to. It’s kinda fun like a fidget spinner :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It comes in a beautiful assortment of colors: Greenery, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, and, Black.

Locking mechanism is in the power button. Twist clockwise to lock and counter to unlock

Airflow is on the bottom. It has four small holes for MTL and a larger one for DL

The magnetic mechanism can be unscrewed so the tank can fit onto another mod if you like.

It fits right into the palm of my hand! I’m falling in love with the cute little guy :heart_eyes:

Size: 41mm23mm75mm
Tank diameter: 16.5mm
ELiquid capacity: 2ml
Output wattage: 25 watts
Resistance range: 0.4ohms - 0.3 ohms

Full kit comes with:
1xiStick Pico Baby
1xGS baby
1xmagbetic connector
2xGS Air 0.75ohm Heads
2xUser manuels
1xUSB cable
Spare parts…which includes an O’ ring and a tank band

Small and convenient
Charges super fast!
Great flavor production
MTL and/or DTL vaping
So adorable and effective u just gotta own one!!

I wish the power button would be on the side, instead of the top… It feels a little awkward on the top.
Bottom filling is slightly annoying but the little guys has not leaked a drop!!

Thank you @HealthCabin !!

You can pick yours from

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Nice review @Jazzy_girl :+1:


Very nice review

It seems like the market today is moving away from the big wide open massive airflow large diameter massive dual coil trend that it has been going in for so long. I am glad to see it myself



Ty @Mix_and_Hope! @wvsanta i think it may be due to convenience that the small mods are gaining more popularity. It gives a nice hit with great flavor and its easy to stash in a pocket or hide in your hand. I was surprised at how this little mod impressed me!!


Thanks for the nice review.

I love recessed atty mods, but sadly the two that I have purchased (not the reviewed one) were pieces of crap and no longer work. Fingers crossed for this one.


nice review Jazzy, thanks for sharing it. :+1:


I’ll update it here n see how long this one lasts. Ty @Steampugs!


I’d really like to see someone turn this idea (stolen photo) into a mod, preferably in series with some sort of regulation. and capacity for a 25mm atty. @Whiterose0818 Are you up for a challenge?


Yea that would be perfect!! I really love the mod being inside like the baby Pico!! There’s openings to see how much juice is left too. I’d totally be in for one like u have pictured :fireworks:

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Theres a few single 18650 ones out there. Beware the Tesla stealth and the Rofvape Witcher. There is another really simple one the Icon by eleaf, havn’t tried that one.

EDIT - I think that there would be plenty of demand for a dual 18650 version, I’d call it The Nugget. Who’s going to make it? @Whiterose0818 again :grinning:

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Oh definately! I’d like to get me a nugget! Great name btw :tada:

I really like this one with the magnetic attachment for the tank! There’s no worrying about getting the tank screwed in correctly or not. Just drop it in and its all set to go!!

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Thanks @jazzy! I always appreciate your perspective on things. :grinning: I would love to see you do more of these!


Thanks for the review, and great pics, it looks almost steampunk themed.
Great review :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


After looking at the mod! Yea it does look Steampunk! I’d totally love to have a big one like this!! It’s great how the imod itself is designed. I made a typo but i left it cuz maybe we could have a new mod designed! An imod, smart mod :grinning::heart_eyes: