Element E-Liquid Pink Lemonade Clone

Though many don’t see this as achievable and others have found something comparably happy along the way, I am in the process of working on a more accurate clone for Element’s Pink Lemonade.

I have made quite a bit of headway myself and was hoping some others could chime in with something that I perhaps, haven’t thought of. If you have tried the real thing and are chasing the profile as well, please let me know and I will add you to the PM group. I would just do it in this thread, but there is a lot of back and forth so as to not clog the forum with our work, I am choosing to go that route.

I do believe a perfect clone is achievable, just difficult and don’t think what is out there is good enough. There are a lot of people for example who taste lime in it for example where I do not. Maybe in the real thing, it IS in there, just in a small amount to add tartness.


I havnt had that brand. Maybe post some recipies in the thread and your thoughts on each trial. I bet amy or sthrn or bb would have some thoughts.


I have an idea for the base “Lemonade” part of it. There needs to be a tart part of the lemonade and the other half of the lemonade is the strong lemon part.

Lemonade Base ::::::1/3 light, bright, zest:::: 2/3 heavy, tart/ sour; bulk of the lemonade .

For the tart part of the lemonade, it is going to be the bulk (I would say 2/3 of the lemonade taste and texture). For this part I have had good results with FLV Lemonade.

I have been also messing with these for the 2/3 portion:

LA Lemonade- I tried this to see where it would fit in. It has a good, broad lemon flavor, not too sharp, but thick and solid with a good lemon taste. It is not the brightest lemon though. It also seems to get a funky taste over roughly 3%.

FW (Natural) Lemonade- This is a nice zingy texture, smells and tastes very much like the lemonade you would get at a fast food restaurant. It has that sour zip to it, but isn’t necessarily the strongest and can tend to get lost under other flavors. I haven’t tried it above 4% yet though, I see the recommended in a mix is 5% so I am trying that next.

PUR Lemonade- To me, this almost seems like a stronger, more tart version of FW Lemonade. I have liked it a lot so far, but have only put it in one recipe, so I will need to work with it a bit before I can say it will replace FLV Lemonade in the mix. Unless I want to use 3 lemon flavors? IDK seems like a bit much but the Element Pink Lemonade is bursting with lemonade flavor, so I am not ruling anything out, yet.

For the lighter and brighter 1/3 of the lemonade portion:

MF Lemon- This has worked great for this part of the lemonade spectrum. It doesn’t have the lemonade taste by itself but aids the FLV Lemonade wonderfully. I have been using it at a straight 1% in tandem with the FLV Lemonade. This is high for a MF flavor, but with the extreme lemon that comes along with Element’s version, it is fitting. My only worry is muting; just how high can the MF Lemon be pushed before it begins to mute your taste buds?

Lemon Mix WG INW- I just recently got this in, so I haven’t gotten to play with it too much, but I find that unlike Shisha Lemon INW, it does not have oils in it neither does it separate. It also has a smoother profile. Need to work with this more to see if it fits into the recipe anywhere.

Other lemon/ lemonade flavors I have tried that didn’t really match the profile were:

Lemonade NF
Lemon Sicily FA
Lemon TPA
Lemonade RF SC
Pink Lemonade CAP
Juicy Lemon CAP
Lemon FE
Juicy Lemon JF
Lemon INW
Shisha Lemon INW
Lemon Delosi

Citrus/ zest

Some have suggested adding a lime to this because they taste lime; I have experimented with it to some success, but it takes away from the lemon profile in the experiments I have done so far (FA Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed at 1%) I may try lowering the lime down to 0.5% to keep the zingy flavor it adds but I have also been messing with various grapefruits for the same effect (adding tartness). It is my belief that the grapefruit will have the same effect as the lime in adding tartness without affecting the ‘lemon’ profile, as much.

INW White Grapefruit- This was definitely not the grapefruit for the job (assuming there is even any grapefruit in the real thing). It gave the recipe a whole new taste and took away from the lemon too much.

FA Grapefruit- This one shows promise but for a FA flavor, is rather weak. It doesn’t taste much of grapefruit (Which is good for this situation) while still having a good amount of citrus. I am between this one and the next one in my experiments for adding grapefruit.

FW Ruby Red Grapefruit- This might be the answer for adding that tart portion that the lemons don’t fully support. It also has a red quality to it which is good because Element describes their pink lemonade as simply having “just the right amount of red fruit” which puts a lot of different fruits into play.

TFA HPNO Type- I just got this in due to @Beaufort_Batches recommendations. Didn’t know until I read on it, but it is another grapefruit type. Haven’t played with it much, but will see how the single flavor tastes in comparison to the other grapefruits I have.

Will put up more information soon, I have to leave ATM and my wrist hurts lol. See, I told you it would be an awful lot to post, didn’t wanna bother everyone with my rants!



It is obvious the sweetener that Element uses for the Pink Lemonade as well as their other flavors is very unique. It is not only very sweet, but has a sticky and grainy quality like actual grains of sugar. Short of adding actual sugar to the mix, there is not much I have found that works quite as potently as what they use

Sucralose- This is the most used and obvious sweetener that people will use. I definitely do not think it is what Element is using, however. While you can tell that many commercial e-liquid companies use this (in very high amounts) I can say that I am 90% sure that it is not what Element is using for theirs. I am always open to the possibility that I am wrong if it means a more accurate clone, but I don’t think this is what is used.

Erythritol- In an attempt to think outside the box and use alternative sweeteners, I came across this in my journey. While it is natural and different from sucralose, I find that it is not very potent. I used it up to 2% and it hardly added any sweetness, telling me that this is probably not what the solution is. Will probably give it another try in the future, but I am busy chasing my tail with other parts of this recipe for now.

Liquid Stevia- I have gone to not only using this for the mix, but for all my mixes. I use a liquid form in de-ionized water and 11% alcohol. Very potent and can get very sweet, very quickly. I have experimented and turned it up at far as 2%; WOW, too much but I had to try it for the sake of testing the limits. Anywhere from 0.25-0.5% works well.

CAP Super Sweet- I have not used this despite the good things I have heard about it because it contains sodium benzoate which is NOT good to inhale as it is harmful to the human reproductive system and who knows what else.

Ethyl Maltol- I have not used this too much lately as I find before it gets sweet enough to work, it begins to mute as well as taste ever so slightly burned. EM has it’s place in recipes, but I don’t think it belongs in this clone.

FA Cotton Candy- This was recommended to me by Micah, I have been conversing with him as I can tell he is an avid fan as well. It was my understanding that cotton candy flavors were just ethyl maltol, so I didn’t bother but it would make sense that it would add a grainy, sugary taste. I will have to check on FA MSDS sheets to see the makeup of their cotton candy as well as TFA to confirm that my beliefs of cotton candy being just ethyl maltol.

Monk Fruit Extract- This is something that I have not tried; I have not heard much about it so I have not used it as I got caught on using stevia because of how well it works. If it is what they are using, it will be a while until I find out because I have yet to play with this sweetener, yet. If anyone has used this, please chime in.

If I am wrong or someone has stumbled on something that works, despite my findings, don’t be afraid to discuss it here. For now I am not too worried about the sweetness until I figure out the profile of the flavor. The sweetness will be the last thing after I figure the rest out.


Caps sweet tangerine is a definite in there!

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Yes, I will get to that when I do the orange part of this breakdown. What other flavors are comparable to CAP Tangerine? I have it on my grocery list so I will have it soon. I have been using TFA Mandarin to some degree of success in place of it.

I also have a myriad of orange flavors and am asking to see what is close to CAP Tangerine as it will help me understand why it is being used, in the first place and how.

Sorry I didn’t go into too much detail in my previous post being a man I struggle with multi tasking! Well that’s what the wife says!
So, Caps sweet tangerine for me is very distinguishable in the Pink Lemonade and I also detect a lime in there?
It could be Caps lemon and lime, but I haven’t tried that yet?
I mixed a pink lemonade a while back that is very popular with vapers I know and the feedback I got was that it was very close to Elements Pink Lemonade?
I actually started out trying to replicate Lucazades Pink Lemonade so maybe this could be a starting point for you?
Worth a try?

Elements do sell there own pink lemonade concentrate but be carfull. Mixing it it gets strong real quick.

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