Element's dripper series

I still rate Element’s dripper series as some of my fave e-liquids, and not just for dripping. Although not a big fan of citrus their Fresh Squeeze (orange) and other fruits are sublime. Banana Nut is surprisingly tasty too. Their other non-fruity dripper flavours have become some of my fave ADVs.

What is it about Element flavours that make them so unique? Can anyone identify what, specifically, they use for their recipes?

More importantly, are there any clones out there of their dripper series? Diacetyl-free (like Element claim theirs to be) is a must.

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Hi, I can tell you with confidence that the main ingredient in Fresh squeeze is Ecto Cooler, any clone I have tried is basically that, and it’s pretty spot on.


I’ve had a couple of their juices. One of which was some type of tangerine something. They were good liquids but nothing I felt had any secret ingredient. They certainly didn’t stand out in the crowd IMO. But I know you’re not alone @demonboy because I’ve heard a lot of people rave about them - especially from GB.

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Thanks for the heads up on that ingredient, Pugs.

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I’m from GB :wink:

yeah when I used to buy liquids (shudders) I tried the pink lemonade, fresh squeezed and the cinnamon one, I’m not sure what that was called but it was rank, binned it, the other 2 were lush and close(ish) clones are in my regular rotation now.

Didn’t know they did cinnamon but probably wouldn’t try it anyway. The fruity ones turned me on to fruit flavours, which I never thought I’d like.

I’m returning to the UK soon so I’m gonna have to pick up some flavours to make my own version of Element’s liquids. I’ve been rationing myself because I can’t get them where I live so this is a good reason to start making my own.

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From what I’ve found out I think they make there own flavours concentrates so you won’t be able to match them perfectly, but the pink lemonade clone on here is good so that would be a good place to start, they also use a shit tonne of sugar and are generally high% flavour concentrates hope this help let me know if you find anything as I’m interested myself :slight_smile:

I found the elements range on a clearance sale in a vape shop in blackpool. (£5 for 20ml) I treated myself to 6 different ones. I’m with you on this one. They are great juices. Had the emulsions pink lemonade and key lime cookie. Wow! Great tasting juice. They didn’t have the fresh squeeze one. But I bought the emulsions fresh squeeze with crema. Yet to try it though. They’re emulsions range are weird combos but so far 2 out of 2 have been great. (Strawberry swirl and banana nut being the other one)