Elements liquid

Hi all. Don’t know if I’ve posted on the right place. I’m on a mini break with the missus, and decided to treat myself to a premium liquid. (I know,the shame) the local vape shop has the elements range on clearance (£5 for the 20ml bottle) and I chose the pink lemonade and key lime cookie one. Weird combination I know but wow. That’s some tasty juice. I was wondering if anyone had a clone of this juice so I could have a go myself. I know elements usually retail for £10 a bottle. I couldn’t justify paying that much. Thanks in advance

I Love most of the elements range, have never managed to clone exactly, but there are a few close ones if you just put “elements” in the search box


Was it vapourecigs that had them on clearance? I got some from them for a fiver last week.

The vape store in houndshill. Blackpool
Didn’t have the pink lemonade one that I wanted to try. I also bought crema,pink grapefruit. Emulsions fresh squeeze and crema. Emulsions strawberry whip and banana nut and frost. Works out at £2.50 per 10ml for a premium. Which isn’t to bad. (As a treat)

Hah yeah they’re part of Vapourecigs, they have 2 shops in here in Blackpool.

The Watermelon Chill is lovely.

I didnt know that. Was only in blackpool for the weekens. I was going to get the watermelon chill. But Id already spent a bit to much as it is. Also bought the steephouse grape one.

This is the best pink lemonade clone to elements ive mixed up