Elfbar flavors - how do they do it?

I just got into vaping thanks to elfbars. I’ve tried Strawberry Mango, Strawberry Cream and Tripple Berry Ice. But they are expensive. So I got a refillable pod device. I ordered the obligatory PG, VG and 10 different flavors of cream and strawberry. The elfbars taste so much flavorful compared to regular commercial ejuices like nasty. I searched the internet for elfbar eliquid recipes and could find none. So how can I remake Elfbar’s strawberry cream?

I’ve heard that elfbars use high amounts of sweeteners. But that’s about all I could figure out.

And what is the different between juices made for pods and mods? I also happen to own a pre-2019 Alien Smok and a dead rabbit RDA. I tried the pod juice in it and could taste nothing.

I’d really like to be able to make something nice for my pod and not revert to elfbars. They are after all, expensive and create a lot of plastic waste.



I have never tried the described Elf bars though I have read many discussions on how they are manufactured. A lot of what I have read seems to point to the use of a lot of sweetener and high usage of coolants. Most likely for the more fruity blends they are just using a ton of flavor somewhere around 20-25% of fruit flavor and a blending of sweetener and coolant to bring the total up around 30%.
My suggestion would be to look for good highly rated recipes or pod recipe, and boost the total flavor % of the complete recipe to around 20% total with a mix utilizing a 50/50 or 60/40 blend of VG/PG. And give that a go if the flavor seems to mild for you then increase the total amount flavors used by 2% total (with the blue wrench in the right corner- adjust flavor total) at first and continue until you get it where you want it. Now at 20% if the flavor is muted then back it off by 2% for the total recipe, until the flavor is where you want it. As sometimes the high % of some flavors can cancel out the flavors of others. Id also try using flavors by companies like TPA & FW as they can tend be taken really high with out getting too weird. Total % can tend to be lower with brands like Flavorah as some of their flavors tend to be strong.
I find for myself that somewhere around 20% total flavor is usually my sweet spot for pod recipes.


Will you be using nicotine? And if you bought some, what are the specs on it, Like mg/ml and VG or PG?

Your real question would be what is the difference between juices made for low watt MTL and high watt DL which @McDuckie spoke to.

IMHO you’ll want to buy a MTL RDA and do your testing with similar airflow and watts as your pod.


I won’t be using nicotine.


Thank you. This is informative. Would this suffice for a starter recipe?



There is too much Cream in that recipe imo…Although pods say cream they most likely arentnusing it ao they arr using a small amount…Best thing for pod recipes is to keep it simple…

Strawberry @ 15 to 20pct use a combo of these flaves to create a good one

Vanilla at 5 to 10pct

Super sweet at 1 to 2 pct

Ws23 at 1 to 2 pct

2 to 4 flavors tops…Sweetener and cooling , Im sure they use additives like malic and citric acid to make the fruit flavors pop.

Avoid Creams as much as possible , the layering is almost non existent and will only take away from the top note your looking for .

There are quite a bit of stronger flavors that will allow you to bring total flavor amount down .


I have tasted some strawberry creams on some of those and can honestly say they are using sweet cream TFA. But you know they are using it at about 1-2% its so mild, but its there. I have tried layering creams for pods and it never works. You need to pick one and use it low. But it can be done.


Yes I’d have to agree with both @big_vape and @fidalgo_vapes even though that release of Unicorn milk is a good recipe if you want to get rich flavor like you get from a disposable keep the creams to a minimum and emphasize the use of fruit flavors. I never did ask what kind of pod you plan to use a closed unit like a classic Caliburn (without a replaceable coil) or something with a replaceable coil. I use an Voopoo Argus Pro with .20 replaceable coils and run a 70/30 juice. Something like a 1.0 coil would require a lighter Vg juice like 50/50 as the juice intakes on the coil are smaller. Look for recipes like this where the main flavors are fruits with maybe 1-2 light creams.

This is my current pod flavor that I run at 40watt it’s nice and fruity but light on sweetener.
You can always boost the sweetness to 1% for a sweeter mix.


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According to analyses, the Elfbar liquids contain extremely high amounts of ethyl maltol and WS23, in some cases more than 7% WS23.

In addition, no sucralose was found, so presumably Neotame is used, due to the extreme sweetness only a little of it is needed. I think you need 4% Cap Super Sweet to reproduce this with sucralose.


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