Eliquid Base Query

Hello Guys,
I have a very simple question, please pardon me if its so obvious, but it doesnt hurt to ask :slight_smile:

I got 1 Litre of 100% VG Base with 36mg of Nicotine Level
I would like to make 18mg 50-50 *VG/PG mix
Is it enough to mix it with 1L of Pure PG bottle, in order to acquire 2L of 50/50 VG-PG mix with 18mg Nicotine? And if so, how long should I keep the mix to get it to the usable state as a base (Steeping, if that term can be used for it)

Thank you in Advance


The 1lt of pg will get you 2 lt of 18mg and you don’t need too steep the base. Steeping is the time the flavors need to bloom/bond with the base. If you are vaping unflavored you’d be good to go.


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As letitia said the 1 litre will get you what you need. Bear in mind that any flavours then added will dilute the Nicotine according to their volume.


Since most flavors are PG based your target of 50/50 will change.


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@Letitia @Ianc13 @TorturedZen @Brotherbob
Thank you very much you all for your prompt response, totally appreciate that.

The place where I live has brought many many restrictions on e-liquids and specially on bases when it comes to Nicotine %age and the PG VG Solutions (let alone all the good brands of flavors that I used to buy frequently (TPA, FA, CAP) which i cant find anymore and have got stuck with all shitty local brands. Somehow I bought 1 L of 100% VG nicotine base so I thought to double it by mixing it with 99.5%PG to start over the good Ol` Steep n vape system, however the only place I can access the PG is not a vape store but some online pharmaceutical store. I hope mixing these 2 liters wont kill me, but if you dont hear from me, know I loved you guys :smiley:


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Relax. You might get a severe case of explosive diarrhea for a few days, but you won’t die. :sunglasses: