Eliquid caramelizing high VG Triton 1.8 ohm

I use everythingliquid’s vg, 72mg nicotine and flavourings. Aspire triton 1.8 ohm clapton coil, not too high wattage.

I use 15% flavour, usually sweet like fruits.

So I can tell the difference between when the liquid is drawn through the coil and when it’s dripped. I get such a nice vape and taste when its through the coil but when I drip its just for nicotine, not very good taste or anything. However I literally only get that nice taste and experience for 1 draw after filling (If I take very tight draws without power to take in the thick vg), then it goes dry, not burnt just dry and lacking anything. So then I have to go back to constantly dripping, I cant vape this liquid without dripping.

So after maybe half a day of vaping it tastes weird, I open up the tank (that’s still like 90% full) and all of the liquid smells caramelized, not in a good way like a weird “I don’t want to be vaping this” way, its not burnt, I think caramelized is the right word. So it’s definitely not a burnt coil or else the whole tank of liquid wouldnt smell like this, any ideas?

I might try different flavouring but I just dont know, is it because its vg? Do i need to steep it for ages? Too sweet flavouring? I need help

EDIT: I’ve also tried adding some distilled water but then it goes a weird yellow and smells even worse

Happy Christmas. Does that happen with any liquid or just with your home brews? If it doesn’t happen with a liquid you bought then i would take a look at the base liquid or flavors. If it gets a funny color just by adding distilled water i would have a hard time trusting those base liquids.


You just gotta clean it out and start over. I rinse the tank without the coil then pour an oz of the best vodka I have into it close it up and shake it well. Drink it, Drain it, Dry it, fix the coil and start over.

I like those vertical single coils big enough to fit a q-tip into, just for a daily gunk clean. If it is a heat related problem you should look at the freemax starre pure tank. Its a cool TAF design and your juice wont heat up.

I steep everything I vape 1 month before even trying it.

I like the sweet fruits too. Gunk is just Gunk. :slight_smile:

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Who’s flavors are you using?

“Caramelization or caramelisation (see spelling differences) is the oxidation of sugar, a process used extensively in cooking for the resulting nutty flavor and brown color. Caramelization is a type of non-enzymatic browning reaction.”


I use mostly TFA but I’m branching out some.Oxidization or caramelisation is a natural reaction in e juice, I like it. The flavors bond and i think the nicotine causes a change of color as the flavor gets better in the juice. I like the sweet fruit juices, and don’t even start tasting it until after a month long steep.
My juices all change their own color, some amber, some yellow, some orange, and sometimes stays clear but its rare.

Not sure if you’re talking about the same thing here. I’ve had an early kanger pro tank style atty once and this one had a similar issue. The liquid in the tank became very dark and a bit gooey and i also thought that’s something you don’t want to vape. Never found out what caused it, i progressed to a K1 tank and it was fine. I’ve only used TW Titan Fluid at the time which i think is 70%PG.

Hmm, I only steeped for like 3 days, I’ll give it another week or to and see if that does anything, do you just chuck it in a dark cupboard with the top off or what do you personally do?

EverythingLiquid (a UK online store), and stuff like apple or fruits or iron bru, the sweet ones. I think I’ll try a more well known site next time and see how it goes

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I’ll try a company’s liquid to rule that out, and yes the water has a weird interaction, might go back to using vodka or something

I shake it well, cool dark box for a month, shaking it occasionally. I set a 1 month reminder and put the bottles sealed closed in a steep box and put that box in the bottom of my vape storage box, so it gets 0 light. every so often I will shake them again just enough to mix everything. I sample them after a couple of days, then weeks but after 1 month is where I know what the vape will be, good or bad, and I make my notes or adjustments. I try to continue testing them if I still have the juice after 3 months and it doesn’t appeal to me I delete the recipe and recycle the container.
so my steeping process is cool, with no light, 1 month, no froth, no breathing. This is just works for me, your process will be different. I heard using a frother may bruise fruits, so I quit using it. I cant say I noticed a difference in all my mixes, but I still don’t use the frother.

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