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My name is Tup’s and I am a vapist.

I also can’t stop buying stuff.

Today I have bought 17 flavours, a SMOK AL85 and an innokin Cortex 80w

sits back down


Hello my name is Nina and I am a Vaper, I too have a problem with constant puchases.

Today I purchased 2x 1liter bottles of 70/30 6mg base, 6 chubby gorilla bottles, cotton Bacon at my local B&M
Online I purchased 10x 30ml glass bottles and organic Japanese cotton that will last me for years
In the mail I received 5x 100ml bottles of 48mg nic.
Sits in the corner of shame :disappointed_relieved:


Hello everyone…
My name is Sara and I am a Vapist.

I just started this month… I-I started because I figured it would be healthier for me and CHEAP!!
But, but I…
I fell into the addiction, I fell hard man, I’ve done things. Things I am not proud of.

It was just supposed to be a decent vape and some liquids, but before I knew it I was purchasing stuff every couple of days. I spent so much money… My bank account wouldn’t even look at me anymore!
I told myself; it’s over now, I’ll stop. I have enough to last me through the month, I don’t need more…

But then it happened… just as I had gotten my bank account to talk to me again… I saw it.

Damn it was this hot sale. My country is banning tanks over 2ml and so corresponding coils and powermods will have to go as well. I- I mean I knew the ban was going to happen in a few days, but I didn’t see THIS coming. Last night it was all fine, things were super expensive like always, but when I woke up…

There were these giant sales: 70% 80% f**king 90.3% MAN! WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN AN IPV 5 200W BoksMOD COSTS 15$?!? In my expensive, taxed to hell, have to have a license for each vape product you sell and get it registered COUNTRY!

Jesus Christ man… I lost it. I did it again.

It was just going to be a Kanger 4ml Topfill Mini tank, I had been looking at bigger tanks because mine was 2ml. I needed one and these were CHEAPER than US eBay prices (which you can’t purchase here or you’ll end up paying way more for shipping and then taxes on items purchased from out of EU sites).

Before I knew it man… I had like a dozen liquids, a couple of tanks and a couple of mods bought.

Needless to say; my bank account is now seeing someone else, won’t even respond to me anymore.
My name is Sara and I have a problem… I am a Vapist.


My name is Rob62 and I am a Squonker
I buy all things Squonk related … LOL :laughing:


Your affliction matters not, you are welcome my brother.


LOL … Check out my USA United Squonkers of America Thread :+1:


They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so here goes. A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to tootling. At first I would tootle only on the weekends but it progressively
increased. Soon I was tootle puffing. Yes it’s true, all out tootle puffing. This went on for months. Tootling and puffing, puffing and tootling, it went on and on and on. One day my friends insisted I join them at a whomping party. I get to the party and there’s a few tootlers here and there but the main attraction was a big circle around the kitchen table. All my friends were in the circle. To my surprise, they were Whomping. C’mon they said, try it. They insisted I try it and it was obvious they were not gonna stop. I reluctantly tried it and now, I’m hooked. I stand before you now 2 years later. A Tootle Puffing Mod Whomper. It’s true, I can not stop. There is hope though. I have joined TPMW Anonymous and they have given me real hope again. If you are a Tootle Puffing Mod Whomper too then come join me at the meetings. See ya there…

Posted this once before, but who could resist…


My name is Steve… and I’m a DIY aholic I have a problem with buying flavor concentrates I’m trying to cut down but it’s not easy


Sara… nice to have you… But as to the over 2ml ban I freaked out too trying to get my hands on a Pharaoh and was told by my guys at my B&M that the 2ml only pertains to the prefilled cartridges type not like a smok beast or OBS engine ect… those are refillable and not in the TPD. But by God if I am wrong and miss informed PLEASE Someone tell me. @DrChud as you seem to know this law like the back of your hand could you chime in??

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I do believe that 2ml does refer to tank size. In fact I’m 99.9% sure.

Shit, may have to get a few more tanks in…

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Mike here, and I am a vapoholic. I’ve been vaping for about three years. In the past two weeks, I’ve bought 8 tanks, 2 RDAs, 2 mods and a bunch of flavorings. I keep my mod on my nightstand in case I wake up in the middle of the night. At 54, I don’t sleep through till morning. I have two mods, two attys and two flavorings at all times because I fear my car will breakdown or something and I’ll be stuck in the desert with a dead mod or no juice. One of these days, I may pack a water bottle or two.
Feels good to get that off my chest.
Somebody point me to the coffee and doughnut flavored juice.


Coffee and doughnut flavoured juice will be served during the break :slight_smile:


Today I have had a relapse of epic proportions.

This TPD clearance business is really not helping. Things have been jumping into my basket and straight through the checkout without me blinking once.

First it was a Topbox Mini Starter Kit @50% off. The 2 Moonshot RTA’s for under £10.

The day is still young and I am fearful.


The 2ml ban will only really affect brick and mortar vape shops. It’s actually a grey area and the way it’s worded in article 20 makes it appear to only refer to carto’s or one use tanks such as ce4’s. However, every EU country except Germany, that I’m aware of, have taken this to mean all tanks. So you’ll not see them in vape shops, and if you do the owner could face a fine.
Tanks such as the kylin and aromamizer supreme lite have gotten around this by selling the standard tank as a 2ml and including and extension kit in the box, so it’s technically a 2ml tank. The best way around this is to buy direct from China, unless your package is stopped by customs there shouldn’t be a problem getting them.


Thank You so much for chiming in <3 sense I am new to the Vaping world 50 days now WOOHOO… I am trying to play catch-up on all of this TPD crapolla. Also sense I am in Germany that is why I’m not seeing the sales on the tanks like others are commenting on so I guess it’s a win lose thing. But could be a win for others that might need to get there hands on something too cuz I know there a couple more of us over here too.


I’m Chuck and have no idea why I’m here. My friends I Used to have all said I need to be in a place like this but I disagree. They don’t own me or know me. So what “They” think I might have a problem. So what, it’s not theirs, not their money, time, space, boxes, did I mention money,oh yeah. Who cares, it’s my life and I just wanna be left alone, to Vape how and when I want to with whom ever I want. Don’t wanna be told whats good and bad for me and,and,I just need to go…


I CAN QUIT ANY TIME! :triumph:


My Names Mikel vaper , My problem is Cash flow.


My name is Maureenie and I have all problems previously mentioned. @BoDarc, yeah I can quit anytime I want to… too.

BTW… you don’t start a rehab thread on Thursday Tupoar, You start a rehab thread on a Monday after the Judge grants bail.

Just sayin’… :laughing:


@Maureeenie I started the thread now because the judge is on holiday till Monday. By the time she/he sees it it’ll be too late…