ELR Calc mixing by weight


Hi Lars,

Just wanted to ask about how much trust I can put into the ELR Calc when it comes to weight of VG, PG, Nic an flavours. I just got my scale delivered and I am unable to use the little software everyone is using as I am a PROUD owner of a Mac. Can I just blindly go by what the calc says and not worry about it?

Anyone else has experience with this?

Pretty much yes. If you’re super into that kind of thing, you can go to your preferences and choose to use the manufacturer specific gravities for flavors instead of the default 1g/ml. Most people use the 1g/ml afaik, so if you try to do a recipe and it’s not quite right, you might consider switching. In the long run, though, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. The PG, VG, and nic are all calculated pretty accurately. @daath s a math nut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It should be as precise as anything - Nicotine is ever so slightly off still, since I don’t take the weight of the nicotine into account - but it’s so small a difference that it shouldn’t matter.

As for flavors. most just use the default 1 g/ml which makes it easy to share and use others recipes, but you can set manufacturer specific weights in your preferences, but then you might get different results than everyone else. But if you do, you can manually enter weights of the flavors in your stash, if the system doesn’t know.

I wouldn’t call myself that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe


@JoJo and @daath

Thanks guys. I am happy with how it is set up if everyone else is. I think that the main thing is to be consistent and the recipes will be consistent. I was only worried about VG and PG as I know that PG is heavy.


You should be good. PG is set to 1.036 g/ml and VG is set to 1.261 g/ml :slightly_smiling: