ELR Forum Time Warp

Usually everyday I miss several post… sometimes up to 18 hrs. I’ve been on ELR Forum most of the night and I just got all these post to show up. Some of these were posted 18 hrs ago. I have click latest and unread several times over the course of the night but these weren’t there. There was no numbers next to (New) either. They all just popped up.

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Strange… Usually it’s pretty good at notifying me - but once in a while I just reload the site and everything shows up…

And again, I update the forum software every day, so it might have been fixed already? :smile:


Damn you working on a phone app aren’t you? I’m gonna hop on one these days and see Download Now And Join The VapeBook Social Frenzy!
Haha just kidding but it might not be bad on your pockets in the long run haha.

Also got an off topic question ( gotta love these sorry) but is it possible to share a private recipe w.o typing it all out? Tried to copy and paste but pasted pretty messy so I cancelled it.

One word or two… SCREENSHOT…! Let the user type it out… you did your part.

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Haha I actually did grab one of those but then started trying the Copy and Paste, and on this POS windows phone…it isn’t easy haha

No, private recipes are private at this point, but you can share the “Copy as simple text” and all the others… Or do as Pro_Vapes suggest, screenshot it :smile: