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ELR main site now has Time Zones!

Hey guys,

I thought it was a while since I did a little something for you guys. I have a lot of projects that are progressing very slowly, so I thought I’d go ahead and do one that I could finish pretty quickly.

In your user profile page you can now select your time zone, and hopefully all times should be shown in that time zone. If you stumple across some place where it doesn’t please give me a shout :slight_smile:

Happy vaping!



I live in the Zone of Confusion. I’d like to turn the clock back, but I think my spring is broke!


Very cool. Thanks Daath.


Good stuff @daath. (Don’t forget to change Europe/London to NotReallyEurope/London in 2years time.) :frowning2:


Twilight Zone for me personally.


I object to having to pick Dublin. You should at least add in Donegal just for me :grin:


I knew Brexit was going to be complicated but physically moving the entire uk out of Europe is a bit extreme. lol

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which pacific time zone would i select if i lived in washington state USA im not familiar with the ones that are listed ???

Vancouver and Los Angeles are in the Pacific Time Zone.


i didnt see either of those as choices ill look again

ya those two arent choices

i think i choose UTC from what i read

Both are there for me.

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Right now, it’s 3:40am UTC time.

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WOW my dumbass hit the link and it went straight to Europe so i scrolled down looking for Pacific Standard Time so when i seen PACIFIC i assumed thats what PST was gonna be under lmao , I never thought to scroll up to America smh ty


Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one initially confused lol. I did the exact same thing, scrolled around looking for “Eastern.” Easier for me to figure it out when I realized there was no “Eastern.” I can definitely understand it being more difficult to figure out when there is actually a “Pacific.”

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Yup, anchors aweigh! I’ve been negotiating a nice place on the US East Coast. Boscastle? Boston? Something like that. (Please bring own tea, lots of it, anticipate some wastage.)

Wait … just got news … Scotland may not be coming … errr … or Wales … or N Ireland (but they seem to be talking about something else right now).

As you were. Seems we’ve got to vote again now as we didn’t know what we were voting for last time.

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