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Lexington, Kentucky USA


And me, and me!!! Gloucester UK, these days. At the bottom of the hill they roll the cheese down, if any one really wants to find me.

(No, that’s not a euphemism. Nutters annually chase cheeses down a big hill round here and generally hurt themselves. Yes, I do want to have a go but I’d definitely die :rofl::woman_facepalming:)


Cooper’s hill?


They’ve found me!!! hides


Come out and play! I don’t bite.


Oddly disappointing :rofl: /jk

But yes, that’s up the hill from me, probably round the hill slightly, technically. Been here a couple of years now but not made it to the cheese based madness yet


That’s something I’ve always wanted to check out, just a bit of a swim to get there, and I should have added not hard anyways.


Haha, I normally go with “I only bite on request”
I’ll try and make it next time and take a video for you!


If I died from being crushed by a giant wheel of cheese my headstone would read “Died from Lactose Intolerance” …hhmm if I was extensively flattened I might need to buy two plots, but I could save money being buried in a huge manilla envelope :smirk:
…wait we’re still talking about Cheese right?


Just roll you up like a burrito.


I wonder how many crackers we’d need to spread you over @BoDarc ? :thinking:


Now that’s sound financial planning. :wink:


I’m in San Diego,CA.


Pics or it, you know. The description makes this seem like fine Fotoshop Fodder. Jus’ :thinking:


Id like to be added. How do i get you the info???


You can PM @Alisa or post your info here.

It’s also in your profile.


Can you add me smack dab in the center of Alberta, Canada…


I am down under


Hi Alisa,
I would like to be added to the ELR Member Map. I am in Atlanta, GA. USA


Kernersville NC here but also in GlamTam’s heart :heart:LOL