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ELR Member Map


This is the new ELR Member Map with APPROXIMATE locations of members who have ‘opted in’ …
IF you would like to be added, please let me know!!

ELR Member Map

Be polite and introduce yourself!
Map with ELR user locations?
Map with ELR user locations?
California Fire -- Harrowing Drive Video

No Europeans… GDPR compliance issues? :rofl:


No Europeans have opted in YET. :frowning:


I tried Map with ELR user locations? but will ask others on discord as i see them


Just pm me and I’ll put you on my private map. :slight_smile:


You really have to be careful with stuff like this these days, especially if there’s any identifiable information with regards to EU citizens (even if they don’t live in Europe).


Not sure what acceptable option there is but a couple of those that provided location cant acces the lounge :cry:


This is very clear. These are APPROXIMATE locations of only the people who explicity OPT-IN . There are no compliance issues whatsoever.


Thanks. I’ll move this topic.


Map is lookin’ spiffy. I wish I knew how to ‘embed’ it here. I have the code, but when I paste it, it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Someone remind me what I’m doing wrong please.

<iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1hfpG0kYk3JDoOx0jy1bIC5m_yVqrJ4jQ" width="640" height="480"></iframe>



Balloch, Scotland is my wee spot!


Were are my midwest people at!?!?!


I’m representing K.C. Holla


Tim Vermeylen
Heerle 46A
2275 Poederlee
COME AND GET MEE!!! AAAARRGGGHHHH!!! (but don’t bring ogres pls or I’ll s**t my pants)


Whoot!!! :facepunch:


@Alisa - I had to whitelist that specific URL, because it was maps/d/embed instead of /maps/embed :slight_smile:

Someone put me in Copenhagen :slight_smile:


Done. Thank you, Lars ! :slight_smile:


If this keeps going, we’ll have to get a BIGGER map !!!


u can add me into manor sk canada


Jacksonville, Florida here.