ELR member reviews of the VooPoo Drag Mini, and Drag 2

Greetings everyone. Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that the people selected by VooPoo to post reviews (@adary, @Cosmic, @Laura5, @SunnyT, @Vaporraven, and myself) on the new Drag Mini, and Drag 2, have collectively agreed to post (submit) our individual impressions of the equipment we were sent under a single, unified post so as to:

A. Not have multiple threads spamming the ELR community in short order on basically the same item from a single vendor.

B. This is also being done with the idea that, since there are already rules in place to prevent an authorized ELR vendor from spamming the forum, we wanted to send a clear message that we care about our community.

We’d also like to collectively ask that all responses etc be withheld until everyone has posted their reviews (over the next couple of days)!

Thanks for reading, and we hope that the thoughts and reviews soon to come, help you to be more informed!


I won’t mention I never got mine until all reviews are posted :slight_smile:

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You cannot post a review of an invisible device, this is halloween not april fools day!


The Emperor’s New Mod


Laura’s review of the VooPoo Drag Mini/ UFORCE T2

Upon opening the box, you will find instruction manuals and a warranty card.
This kit came together in one big box.

Voopoo Drag Mini
The mod has that resin I love so much, standard 510 and the usual buttons for the drag series.

I am going to go into more detail about the screen and the functions it has.

First of all, it is 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off, weird, I know :wink:
The first screen is wattage mode.

Next, I will talk about temp mode, which can be found by clicking the fire button 3 times. On this screen you can choose what wire you have in your coil. Stainless, titanium or nickel. Use the (+) (-) button to choose. Click once to finalize the choice.

The next choice is fahrenheit or celsius.
Enter into Celsius mode by pressing the (-) button. Once the screen hits 200F, press the (-) one more time. You are now in celsius mode.

If you want to switch back to fahrenheit, press the (-) button until you reach 100C. Press the (-) once more. You are now in fahrenheit mode.

Moving on to a new feature (at least for me). It is called fit mode. And can be accessed by clicking the fire button 3 times.
Press the (+) or (-) button to choose which number you want. The display will stay on this setting while in fit mode.

  • An important note, the wattage needs to be adjusted to desired setting before entering into fit mode.
    Fit 1: is for saving battery life
    Fit 2: is for better flavor
    Fit 3: is for bigger clouds.
    Novelty or better performance mode? Find out more later in the review.

One last note about the fuctions. Press the (+) (-) together and hold to access a fast menu. This menu displays wattage, custom mode, series number and software version.

This is a comparison between the VooPoo Drag and the Mini


  • Battery: 4400mAh Internal
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and Resin
  • Output: 117W max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-5ohm
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • GENE FIT chip
  • 510 connection

Voopoo UForce T2
The atty come with a spare straight tube, some o-rings and two coils.

It has a very clear indicator for where to open the tank.

It is a slide and fill tank.

This is a comparison between the T2 and T1

  • There are two major differences between the two. One is the marked slide cap. The other is a wider fill hole on the T2. This tank is slightly easier to fill.


  • Size: 28×54.4mm
  • Capacity: 5ml/2ml
  • Sliding top fill cap
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
    *Uforce-P2: .6ohms 24-28 watts
    *Uforce-N1: .13ohms 50-100watts

I like this set up. The battery last about a half a day at 40 watts. So battery life is fairly short.
Fit mode is bittersweet. Fit 1: battery saver cuts the wattage dramatically. Making hits less satisfying while making the battery last longer. Fit 2: produces slightly better flavor. Nothing to write home about. Fit 3: this does produce bigger clouds. I love this mode. But, battery life is severely compromised.
This is a nice on the go mode. The flavor is nice, the coils have minimal break in time.


This review is being done at the request of Voopoo. This review is my own honest opinion regardless if its positive or negative, I will give my true thoughts of this Drag Mini Starter Kit

Drag Mini


1 x Drag Mini 117w Tc
1 x Uforce T2
1 x Uforce P2
1 x Uforce N1
7 x Sealing O-Rings
1 x Replacement Glass tube
1 x USB Cable
1 x GENE Chip Card
1 x User Manual for Drag Mini mod
1 x User Manual for Uforce Tank
1 x Warrenty Card

Uforce T2 Tank

1x Drip tip wide bore
1 x Top Cap
1 x Bubble Glass
1 x Standard Pyres glass
1 x Uforce P2 0.6 coil
1 x Uforce N1 0.13 coil

The Uforce T2 tank has a nice design. This tank has a top fill slider cap for “easy” filling. The Uforce T2 has a clear indicator for which way to slide to open. The slider does open very easy. It is hard to fill unless you have a needle type filler. This is a MTL tank. For me the draws on this tank are too hard. I like a smoother draw. There are 3 airflow holes to allow for better airflow. They have a lock so that you don’t just keep spinning the airflow control around in circles.

The Uforce P2 0.6ohm coil works between 24-28w. I bumped that coil up to 32 watts and was getting dry hits. It works fine up to 30 watts however and as low as 21w. The Uforce N1 0.13 coil works between 50-100w. I tried this coil at 45w and as high as 80w.

The Flavor on both coils was decent. I was very pleased with that. However if your a pocket vapor this tank isn’t for you. I say this because the top slider cap will open up inside your pocket and leak your juice all over the place, this occurred 3 different times to me when I was at work. This could happen in a purse or a jacket pocket as well.

Voopoo Drag Mini (red)

This mod is very lite. The Drag Mini will fit in a pants or jacket pocket nicely. The Drag Mini has 3 modes wattage, Temperature Control and the new “fit” mode. Clicking the fire button 5x to turn the device on and 5x fire button to turn the device off. IF you don’t lock the device before turning it off, the 5 clicks will kinda fire the device a few times.

Holding the fire button and the down key will reverse the display. Holding the fire button and the up key will lock the device, so that you can’t fire the device or change any of the settings. This is great for when your not using the mod and keeping it in your pocket. Holding the up and down keys will open up the settings. so you can change from wattage, TC, “Fit” modes as well as accessing a memory mode which you can have up to 5 different coils saved for future quck switches.

Clicking the fire button 3 times will get you into TC mode which has Stainless Steel, Nickel 200 and Titanium.
The new Fit mode can be accessed by clicking the fire button 3x when in the TC mode seclector.

The wattage mode goes from 5w up to 117w on the Drag Mini.
TC mode gives you 100 to 315C or 200 to 600F.
Fit mode gives you 3 choices as well
Fit 1 is battery saver
Fit 2 is Flavor mode
Fit 3 is cloud mode
Fit mode 1 is like when the battery is getting low on your mod and you are not getting the wattage you was expecting
Fit mode 2 gives you a bit more flavor, nothing crazy however.
Fit mode 3 gives you better clouds which I didn’t really notice a big enough difference to be in this mode.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Drag Mini Starter Kit


1 I love the size of the starter kit as a whole.
2 I really like the way the 510 pin is centered rather then on one side.
3 This is a very lite starter kit.
4 The design is nifty.
5 I really like all the different options that Voopoo gives in the Drag Mini
6 I love the fact that the mod has no plastic.


1 I don’t like how the top cap can open up randomly in pants pockets
2 I hate bubble glass because if the mod drops the glass has more of a chance to break, not many vape bands and fit bubble glass.
3 I personally don’t like MTL tanks, reminds me to much like cigarettes.
3 The fire button is too sensitive, whenever your changing stuff on the mod you end up firing it too much which can cause the coil to die faster, unless you talk the tank off first. but really who wants to do that all the time.
4 The controls are weird to navigate.

My conclusion on the Drag Mini Starter Kit

I like this device overall. I love how lightness of the Mini. The size of the mod allows to fit in most pockets with ease. The Tank isn’t all that bad there are just some major flaws with the top cap and the size of the fill hole. Not everyone owns needle bottles. The Mini works for about 10 hours in wattage mode at 28w with the .6ohm coil which I liked a lot. This would be a great backup setup.


Cosmic’s Review of the Voopoo Mini Mod.

I received the Drag Mini mod courtesy of Voopoo, for the purpose of this review. I want to thank the company for this chance to test this mod in advance of it’s general release date.

I must say this mod is really a looker. I received the Prussian Blue version, a beautiful swirled midnight blue resin with a satiny feel to it. The black finish is really striking, the Drag logo on the reverse nicely shows and I quite like the look of it.
A welcome change was the softening of the edges, and the slight outward curvature of the mod. I liked my older Voopoos very much, but this has a great hand-feel to it. Very comfortable to hold.
The black finish feels sturdy and scratch-resistant. Time will tell whether this unit will suffer the same paint flaking/wearing as prior black Drags. It does feel lighter in weight.

As to the mod features. It fires virtually instantly. The wattage does appear to be in line with that displayed. A 4400 mah build in battery. 117 watt max. I’ve been testing this with the Uforce tank as well as several rtas…about what is to be expected from a mod of this power range. It has all of the usual protections, and reported balanced charging.

The Display. Appears they sacrificed brightness for battery life. I must say I’m distinctly disappointed. The display is really quite dim, even in a dark room, and virtually impossible to read in daylight.

Fit Mode. For a company proud of this feature, you sure couldn’t tell that by the manual. There is virtually nothing but a mention in the manual, no description of what it is or does. Nice way to confuse new users… I did find a little more info on the website, albeit abbreviated. Fit 1: Battery Set. Fit 2: Flavor Set. Fit 3: Cloud Set. Different set wattages for different effects. And appears to be tailored for the Uforce tank.

TC Mode. I personally never use TC, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on this feature.

The Tank: It has been quite some time since I’ve used a sub-ohm tank, and in some ways it quite pleased me. The UForce N1 Mesh coil is quite good, ramps up almost instantly and gives good flavor. I found that 70-75 watts to be the sweet spot for me. The tank seems well constructed. I do not like the sliding top feature…too much like Smok tanks and too easy to pop open accidently. Over all, this is a good tank and a really good coil.
However, it’s Loud. Very loud. Did I mention it’s Loud?

Beautiful fit and finish. Stylish. The resin panel is extremely well done.
A compact and easy to carry mod and tank for those on the go. Feels very well constructed.

The Manual. Too bare-boned and technical for the new user. No explanation of the fit feature at all. VooPoo should study Asmodus manuals if they want to see a well done manual.
The tank…Loud, very loud.
To turn the mod off you must click it 5 times, really fast…so fast that half the time I’m not fast enough. Why 5 clicks, why not 3 like Innokin. Or 2 clicks…why do you have to keep making this irritating 5 click to turn off a feature forever?

Display. Way too dim. Pitifully dim. Really.

Would I Recommend This?
I would, it’s a perfect set-up for someone looking for a well built plug and play type of mod. Beautiful. Perfect for those who will stick with the UForce tank or similar sub-ohm tanks, or lower wattage MTL tanks. Not really appropriate for those requiring higher wattages.


Hey Everyone! This is my unbiased review of the Voopoo Drag Mini kit! The contents of this review will provide my honest views and opinions about this kit. I have never owned a product from Voopoo before, so this is my first experience with Voopoo products.

I will start by saying, because I don’t want the readers of these reviews to reread the same over again, the contents of my Drag Mini kit are the same as everyone else’s, as are the specs of the products. I received the same packaging, inserts, and extras as anyone who gets this kit should!

Now… I got the Prussian Blue resin version, which has a beautiful mix of what I would describe as sky, royal, and navy blues…


The resin is soft and gorgeous, but Voopoo didn’t listen to all the vapers out there who requested they make one with resin on both sides, because the other side has the signature DRAG branding that could be a con for some…


I’m also not going to go into the initial menu functions and other details of the Drag Mini mod, because @Laura5, @Vaporraven, and @Cosmic have already done so, thoroughly. Instead, I will just give you my impressions of it and speak of the customization capabilities of the Drag Mini!

First, I love the look and size of this mod. It is very light, weighing only 180.5 grams. It feels nice and is comfortable in my hand no matter what way I hold it. The VW mode does what it is supposed to up to 117 watts and it appears to be accurate from what I can tell without any type of way to professionally test this. The FIT mode is nice, and although it is recommended for the Uforce tanks, it works with others as well. It seems to me that it adjusts itself to whatever ohm coil you have on it and, depending on which setting you choose, works in accordance with it. My opinion of this feature is that the same can be achieved by manually adjusting your watts or TC mode, but convenient, none the less! TC mode is something I will go into more detail with shortly. This mod fires instantaneously. So quickly that when you are trying to do the 3, 4, or 5 button presses to use the functions it fires each time. The battery life is not that bad. It lasts me just as long as a dual 18650 mod, so if you are a chain vaper, the Drag 2 might be more for you if you want to use this mod all day long. However, if a dual 18650 lasts you all day, this should too.

Moving on to the Uforce T2 tank. I like it! It has a capacity of 5ml with the included/installed bubble glass tube, and 3.5ml with the included straight glass tube, however, there are more available that can be purchased separately, including a 2ml straight glass tube, a 5.5ml straight glass tube, and an 8ml bubble glass tube. It is compatible with all Uforce coils, and as has already been stated by the previous reviews, it comes with an N1 and a P2, both of which are mesh coils, although I don’t know what type of mesh it is. I like the N1, .13 ohm, coil the best. Using this coil with the airflow wide open was very satisfying to me, because I like a nice, airy draw, but the P2, is more restrictive, and with the airflow closed most of the way, produces more of a MTL draw, but with the airflow open can be a restrictive DTL draw, which I personally did not like. The flavor was good on both, but I would say it is very good on the N1. Of course, the lower ohms will need higher wattage and will kill the battery faster. I wish it had an RBA coil head, because then I might use this tank. The Voopoo website shows an R1 coil, which looks like an RBA, but I cannot find it for sale anywhere. All in all, I really do like this tank and if you are a tank person, there is most likely a coil that will be right for you!

Now, onto my favorite part of this setup…the Customization Software! Here is the download for it:

Configuration software (Windows) – Will work for devices manufactured after September 2018
Update Date:2018/10/27

Welcome screen


This is when you connect your device, via USB cord, and it will instantly recognize it!


Then click on Device Information and it will bring up the info on your device!


If there is ever an update for your device, you will use the ROM Update tab. You would go to the Voopoo website and get the update file, then use this tab in this app to install it to your device.


However, by far the best part is the customization options! Here is where you can make your mod say whatever you want, as well as, get the NC and TCR settings. You can also set the screen brightness and create custom curves for your M1-M5 Wattage and M1-M5 TC settings! I love this feature!
It looks like this to start…



But then you can create whatever you want, like this…



By simply clicking on the edit button, which brings up this box…


To actually edit, you must check the box where it says “use char mode”, then you can backspace the three dots and write what you want. Then you are able to edit what you write by changing the font, size, line spacing, and centering it with the arrows on the right side. You can even draw pixel pictures if you choose by using your mouse to click directly in the box to color in each pixel to form whatever pattern you like!


This is a few examples of what it looks like on my mod…



Battery Low…


Check Atomizer…


New Coil? Yes or No…


Now, the screen brightness, vape setting, and other options can be adjusted in the parameters tab. This is also where you can get your Nichrome setting, which is great for me since I mostly use Ni80…


The brightest the screen can get is this, but it is much brighter than it was to begin with…


You can also adjust the save screen brightness making it lower the brightness after sitting for a few seconds before it turns off. Mine looks like this on the setting you see in the image above in the parameters screen…


You can use the tabs marked Temperature Lines and Power Lines to set your custom curves for each, however, you can also do this with your mod without the app by being in VW mode and going into the quick menu by pressing and holding + and – at the same time, then choose the M1-M5, and then when on each, you can click 4 times quickly and it will bring you to the custom curve mode. To do the same with TC M1 – M5, be on the TC setting and press for the quick menu the same way as before, by holding the + and – buttons at the same time. Once there, choose the M1-M5 and then press fire button 4 quick times to enter the custom curves. I hope this makes sense. I didn’t want to post more pictures of each screen on the mod, because it will make this review post and thread super long. However, you can always use the app if it made no sense to you!



I personally love this app! It gave me the customization I needed for Ni80 to be used in TC mode with a custom temp curve, and now my vaping is more satisfying than I have ever experienced with Ni80 before, and it is all I have used for a while now, because I liked it so much! This just made it so much better! To be fair, I also used the Drag Mini with SS316L, and Ti in TC mode and they both worked perfectly, I have not tried the NI TC mode setting because I don’t have any Nickel wire, and I also have not use the TCR setting yet.

Overall, I really like this mod! To be honest, it has exceeded my expectations! The only two cons I have are ones that are going to only be cons for some people, so they aren’t really cons, just my own preferences. The first is that I wish I had gotten the Drag 2, just so I can use this mod all day long, because then I could just pop fresh batteries in when it is low! The second con is that I wish the tank came with an RBA head, because I build. I believe that this kit would satisfy more people if they included a couple coils and an RBA head for it, but again, just my personal preference! One other thing that may be a con to some but doesn’t matter to me is the huge DRAG branding on the non-resin side of the mod. As I stated previously, a lot of people complained about this with the previous versions of the Drag. Other than those couple things, I really like this kit! It’s beautiful, lightweight, and customizable with the Voopoo app! I would absolutely recommend this kit!

Thank you @VOOPOOTech for this opportunity to review the new Drag Mini Kit! I really like it!


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… We’re so glad you could attend! Step inside, step inside!

Sprkslfly here with another glimpse into the ever changing (or not…?) landscape of vaping devices!!

Today’s escapade is brought to you by the folks at VooPoo who’ve sent me a Drag 2 to review and offer opinions on. I guarantee you that the fact that this was sent this device ‘free of charge’ won’t color my opinions. (Free? heh. Like 5-6 hours of taking pics, editing them, writing up these little “insights” [coughOPINIONScough] is “free”. pffbt. Nevermind the actual time spent using the thing, and forming hypothesis of what’s going on…anyways, I digress!

I’ll try to limit the opinions until the last portion (for the most part), and do mainly meat and potatoes in the interim.

The Basics:

I received a red swirl Drag 2, that the box refers to as “B Scarlet”.

The battery door (aside from the DISGUSTINGLY HUGE branding) has a fair bit of play, and gets rather annoying. It certainly is a DRAG that they didn’t provide another resin panel in place of the one they used for the battery door.

The face appears scratched slightly, but there’s probably a protective plastic strip covering it. Can’t say, as I didn’t bother.

A shot of the screen was an after thought, and really, given there is going to be a TON of these slapped all over YouTube, etc as usual… But, here’s the basic SS mode screenie (in an almost zero light room):

It’s worth noting, that like others have mentioned, the screen is almost useless in daylight.

You’ll notice above though, that it reads 0.17ohms, and that’s dead on for what my Cylons read. So props #1 for getting that right!

You might also notice that it reads 37w.
I’m of the opinion (at the moment -again, none of us were given adequate time to truly, and fully evaluate the extent of things IMO) that this is only a firmware issue.

It tracks the impedance during operation well (at least AFA SS goes, and I use 316), but unlike my forum friends’ reviews praises above who received the Drag Mini, the Drag 2 I received is slow to fire. Like a full second delay from the press of the fire button, to a second and a half slow.

It acts VERY MUCH like another mod that I’ve recently received, and that’s the GeekVape Nova (which incidentally, uses a very familiar chip that I’ve reported on before). -Review on that coming soon.

At any rate, back to the pics…
The back has a bit of a textured finish to it

And I must say, they used what seems to be a nice 510 pin! Props #2 (Not just judging by the top…but more on that soon!)

They say “Designed in California” on the bottom… :thinking:

BTW, it’s my opinion that those vent holes aren’t for battery venting, but rather for providing air to get to the ambient temp monitoring portion of the device. They’re not located in such a way that they’d be any use at all in the case of batteries venting. If (God forbid) venting were ever to occur, it’d be better to just drop the damn thing, and more than likely the door would go flying providing more than adequate venting. lol

Polarity is fairly easy to read, and the tension from the terminals that’s applied to the batteries is quite nice. (Props #3)
It’s snug enough that it’s going to maintain good electrical transfer, while not being SO damned tight that it’s going to try and shred your battery wraps like others I’ve seen/used in the past.

About the internals

A first glance reveals that they’ve gone with a bit of extra protection against e-liquid for the buttons, A nice touch…

However, I can’t quite give it “Props”, because, it’s only a “skin deep” protection.
(Granted, something beats nothing…) But, with the way this is designed/implemented once you start looking closer…

You’ll see that immediately below the fire button is an unprotected gap that would let the e-liquid roll right under the fire button, but not contact the switch (WOOHOO!) and right onto the LCD ribbon and circuit board (well shit :flushed: ).

This is the bottom of the 510 that seems to be a very thoughtfully selected piece. It’s definitely a couple cuts above the pressed in trash that we frequently see from other manufacturers. And it’s very nice secured in place, with quality soldering work to boot.

You can see in the following picture a bit more of what I was referring to about the gap in the “e-liquid safety net” below the nicely-covered firing switch. As well as a close up of the underside of the 510.

The “safety net” is rather an interesting strip.
Part of it seems rubberized, yet the other portions are definitely a plastic.

Below, you might be able to better understand what I meant about there being no pathway for battery venting, as the central part of the battery chassis is a one piece molded unit. (The piece with the white wire leading to the battery connector bar, gets screwed into the main portion of the battery sled AKA the main plastic chassis)

The rubberized plastic insert (what I’ve called the “safety net”) is in reality more of a multi-purpose device (in these initial assessments anyways).

The “safety net” was actually glued down, so IMO, it’s there more to facilitate a limited defense against liquid. While also making it easier for the assembly folks to get the chassis installed into the outer casing with minimized risk of ripping the switches off. It also serves as a mounting platform for the LCD.

Incidentally, you’ll notice that the LCD has no socket, and the ribbon is hard-wired. So, IF you ever have to go into one of these, you may not be as fortunate as I was (because the glue will likely have had a LOT longer to cement itself to the components on the PCB). And then you’ll still need to exercise a strong amount of caution in just how much force you apply while trying to separate the “safety net” from the PCB. Either way, you risk ripping components (resistors, capacitors, etc) right off the board.

All the “whitish-grey” material you see is whatever glue they used to try and insure that getting in isn’t easy!

The CPU that handles it all:
(branding has been kindly lasered off…but more on that later!)

Again, I feel fortunate to have gotten as deep into things as I did, because you can see by the amount (and location) of adhesive that they used… they really didn’t plan for things to be “inspected” or serviced.

The circled blue area is the back of the LCD (as it remains housed securely in the “safety net”).

Again, should you consider going into one of these…mind the “wiggle room” -because there ISN’T MUCH! (due to the short ribbon cable to the LCD)

Final Thoughts


  • Reads impedance well
  • Tracks impedance of SS 316 well
  • Appears to be a nice 510


  • The slow firing is REALLY noticeable. Especially in this day and age where most are firing in the tenths (to hundredths) of a second.
  • Wattage reading reads a bit high for what’s actually delivered (but only a minor discrepancy, and could possibly be resolved in the future by a firmware update I imagine.)
  • The battery door has far too much play for my liking, and does not sit securely in place.


  • The GIANT EGO of VooPoo blazing their branding as BIG AS FUCKING POSSIBLE is just as huge a turnoff for me. The logo on the Resin panel side is more than adequate, and “tastefully done”. The DRAG on the battery panel though is downright ridiculous, and reflects the ego’s of those who market this thing.

Tidbits and asides

While I cannot 100% say what chip they’re using, I can definitely make an educated guess! This performs almost identical to the GeekVape Nova that I have been testing.
That device uses a NUC220 chip (Yes, the same as in the Alien). And while I hate letting the cat out of the bag early on that… It has to be mentioned, because I honestly cannot see this being an independantly designed (read as: proprietary) chipset.

If it’s not a NUC220, it’s possibly a Holtek, or some other 3rd party chip.
It’s definitely NOT a ST Microelectronics though, because that thing fires faster than shit!

I have had to revise my opinion recently (admitted in private circles) on the NUC220, because the silicon has finally reached a respectable revision, with firmware to match (at least on the Nova). It’s not “earth-shattering” by any means… but it’s come A LONG WAY from the crap-tastic implementations I’ve seen previously. But more on that in another review.

Bottom Line

This is an average performing device, that does decent TC in SS.
Basically, it meets what I’d consider to be minimum standards.
Granted, there’s still a LOT that don’t.

While it does have it’s quirks (wattage a bit off, battery door play), they have a mod that delivers steady output, and has what seems to be good efficiency. I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t had it long enough to go through enough cycles.

It’s too slow to fire to command a premium IMO. But if I had to set a “reasonable value” on it, I’s say somewhere about $60 as a standalone mod. That’s primarily due to the “resin” markup IMO, as that seems to add a bit to most mods. If there were no fancy resin froo-froo finish…I’d say, you can still buy a Smoant Cylon for less, and it’s going to be a FAR BETTER performer in every technical respect. But it won’t have the customizable message/font fluff that’s apparently part of the software package… :roll_eyes:

Personally, before ANYONE has the right to get an ego the size of Voop’s, they’d better deliver on performance first. You don’t see DNA or YiHi getting this cocky.

Safe to say I’ll never review another VooPoo again (I’d wager). But there you have it.
Thanks for your time,


Hi Guys,

Here is my review of the kit I won in the @VOOPOOTech Giveaway
Oh wait, there is no review since @VOOPOOTech never sent it to me and gave me lame ass excuses :slight_smile:

Just like @Sprkslfly said he will never review another Voopoo product, same goes with me. Zero endorsement for a company that won’t honor its commitments.


And that’s all of the reviews!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, etc as you like! =)


Hi Rob! Love your transparency with your experience of Drag 2, and so informative about whats inside! I just wanted to mention that on the Mini, when it is in TC mode, one can press the fire button 4 times, quickly, and it will allow the wattage to be changed… Because they are supposed to be virtually the same (although, after reading your review, I am beginning to wonder about this, because I had a much better experience with the Mini it seems :thinking:), my guess is that this will work for the Drag 2 as well… Not that you will ever need to do so :wink:

What!?! You don’t like my customized messages!!! :laughing::joy::grin:

In all seriousness though, it seems as if the delay in your firing is much more than it is in the Mini I reviewed, because it is virtually instantaneous for me. This makes me think that there may be some quality control issues. Also, I know that @Vaporraven had some issues with the Uforce T2 tank opening easily, whereas mine actually has some resistance that I have to push through to get it open, which I forgot to mention when I was writing about it…

I know this was a huge issue with many people and it kept a lot of people from purchasing this mod… I agree with you about the branding on the resin side being sufficient. One would think they would make some with double sided resin. In my opinion, they would sell way more, but I think it’s because of their “Giant Ego” you mentioned that they didn’t! It hasn’t bothered me all that much though, because the way I hold the mod, the branded side is facing the palm of my hand with the resin facing outward for the world to see! Although, I do have to admit that this is the reason I never purchased a Drag mod before…


I want to express kudos for all of you who kept your commitment. This show ethics alone should shame VooPoo in contrast. Regardless of my opinion of VooPoo or their products I commend the reviewers for their work.


You’re absolutely right about this! While they do indeed function identically in that regard (as I did adjust mine while in TC several times to have to get to the “sweet spot”) there’s definitely got to be a difference between our units in firing time.

I used it for a fair bit before I cracked it open, and there was zero difference in performance in the “before and after” disassembly.

Pffbt. :laughing: :wink:
Nah, I think it’s a nice fluff feature. But I think it’s a gimmick they’re using to try and (falsely) put themselves in the league of DNA devices.

Honestly, I believe that if everyone else who makes devices using the ARM 32F series of chipsets (which is what my gut tells me this is… Too many similarities in functionality, pin and trace pathing/unused pins, etc) more companies could add this fluff feature. But it would mean they’d have to hire/dedicate yet another team for coding a custom app. And I imagine that’s an expense that most (understandably) don’t view as worth it. Since it presents no return on investment.

My suspicion is that VooPoo thinks it’s a worthwhile expense (in developing such software) to continue to keep up “the appearance” of using a custom chip.
I’ve already shown that the ANT218 is an ST Microelectronics chip (ARM 32F series), and that the ANT225 is a Holtek chip (ARM 32F series), and I will soon show that the Geekvape AS chip is actually a NUC220 chip (ARM 32F series)… And they each have slightly different operational or functionally different traits (because of circuit design and or implementation, including firmware or hardware revision). But there’s the underlying fact that in order to be classed into a particular chip family, basic prerequisites have to be met.

The reason some of these appear to function so differently (IMO) comes down to the finer details.
Clock type. Trace pathing. How well the VIA’s pass current through the different layers in the board. Quality of the capacitors (accuracy of tolerance/voltage ratings/etc), quality of the transistors, etc etc etc.

Hopefully you get what I’m saying. :slight_smile:
But build quality is every bit as important as the engineering, and firmware. And that’s also what defines how impressed I am, or am not. Though I’m probably one of the more critical out there. (And I acknowledge and accept that.) :wink:

But it’s “the GENE chip!” :rofl:
Anyways, I’ll stop! chuckles


Tbh, not really, a little bit, but most of it’s Latin to me! (P.S. - I don’t speak Latin! :wink: ) But, I am in grad school, so I’m not completely dumb! :grin: I can read between the lines of the stuff I know nothing about, because I am able to see your passion for uncovering the truth that lies within, and that you aren’t that pleased with what you have found in the Drag 2, and that means enough to me (coming from you), for me to pay attention to what you say, even though I may not understand it all! I appreciate your hard work to shed some light on what may be going on…

Agreed! I have seen among searches on the interwebs, whispers of such nonsense! Most of the stuff on the app could have been included in the functions of the mod itself; screen brightness adjustment, including the NC and TCR options, firing time limit, etc. Its as if they are portraying that they wanted to make the interface on the mod itself easier so they left them off as choices for the user, but there are so many variations of button presses already that I don’t see this as a viable reason. The TC and power curve adjustments can actually be done on the mod without the app. Granted, it is easier to get to on the app, but the only difference is less button presses… The only thing the app really customizes is the messages! I would not ever say this is anything like a DNA device. Although I do like this mod, and I would recommend it as a decently priced kit for beginners, I am also of the opinion that it has been severely overrated and over-hyped for what it is. Although, because of what I told you in our PM, I am still happy to have it!


Before this giveaway I’ve never even heard of this company. The fact that the drag on the side is the entire side that is definitely a big ego thing. I had a lot of trouble with the uforce t2 tank. Which I would never buy normally. It is definitely a lightweight mod but I’m afraid the long-term battery life is going to be like 3 to 4 months before it doesn’t even last a half a day.maybe they think people will see the word drag and when it to get one


This is a pivatol moment for ELR reviews. As a group of reviewers for this product(s), we have shown we can follow directions and deadlines. We have also introduced a massive and versitile amount of informarion about said product(s).
Most importantly.
Don’t try to spam this site. That’s not how ELR works.
Yep, a bit brash, but I needed to put my energetic opinion out there.
Cheers VooPoo.
Love your products, but your manners are rough around the edges.


Congrats to the winners, and :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: to all the reviews, I think you did a great job even more so collectively. I do not think I would have been able to do a adequate job in such a short time frame. Even my rush reviews take me about 3 weeks+, and without spellchecker believe me you wouldn’t be able to read it if i speedtype.


I used Google spell check once I copied my review over to ELR