ELR recipe search results

I was hoping to use the search by flavor stash option from the what can I make page to narrow down my recipe results of what can I make recipes.
The “search by flavor stash” results are the same from the main recipe page as they are from the “what can I make” page showing all recipes in the database with my selected flavor(s) not just recipes I can make.
This would be great for finding recipes for a new flavor you just added and want to try out. Or finding recipes with one of your favorite flavors in it.

Search by flavour stash as long as you select the flavour your looking for recipes that contain that flavour will show you all the recipes that use it.

Works fine for me.


So you can get only the recipes you can make in the search results with the flavor you selected in it? For me it just pulls up every recipe in the database with the flavor I select.

Sorry I misunderstood.

You select the flavour to show all recipes containing that flavour.

What can I make is the button for specific recipes based on your stash.

A lot of the time though I look for recipes with specific flavours I’ve added to my stash to get inspiration for a new creation.


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I’ll try to reword it a little.

You want a mix between “What can I make” and “Search by flavor stash” - ticking off flavorings that must be contained, and the rest must be in your stash, yes? It’s a good idea - I’ll put it on my never ending list :smile:


I reworded my concern a little but sounds like you got what I was thinking.
Using the search by flavor stash option within the what can I make page and just pull those recipes out of the what can I make from my flavor stash results. Therefore I’ll only see recipes I can make with my flavor stash that use the flavor Sweet strawberry (cap) for example. :smile:
I think DIYers might like that.

When entering my flavours on the my flavour stash page i have choosen the ones with the highest numbers next to them but when i use the what can i make option it only seems to suggest a very limited number of recipes some of which have flavours not in my stash. Although i have a limited number (27) most of them are the more popular ones what am i doing wrong? Should i just choose the flavour without the brand letters next to it?

“What can I make” should give you recipes that contain only flavors you have in your stash…