ELR... The Best?

I want to know if some one in the ELR community did something super COOL for you or for somebody you know.
I truly believe that we have a pretty awesome community of the most generous people that can be found anywhere in the vaping world. Some may argue the point but I will not listen.

I will start the thread off by saying Thank you to @VASHTA_NERADA and @Silhouette and @Lostmarbles

A little background @VASHTA_NERADA was selling? giving away? an anubis. Needles to say I was interested, but broke. Then came along @Lostmarbles and somehow got him to send it to me. @Silhouette comes into the picture because she is married to @VASHTA_NERADA. She has a giant heart and I am sure it rubs off on her family.



my list would include you @Dan_the_Man you traded me a serpent mini which was my first rta and swapped an old outdated herkales sense , id also thank @Saxonn for sending me glass replacements for a kanger tank that i could’nt find the replacements for and most recent @VASHTA_NERADA and @Silhouette for the tanks i just received , also @Ken_O_Where for the butter rum and @Pro_Vapes for the recent samples of his juices , there are more especially those who have helped guide me the past year and a half since joining elr @amy2 @Rob62 @SthrnMixer @pro_vapes @ken-o-where for always answering my repeated questions and a special shout out to @woftam who seems to always be looking out for things he knows interest me thank you to all of you and the entire ELR fam last but not least a big thumbs up to the man who keeps us going everyday daath


sorry but i couldnt list @TheTinMan1 @daath or @Ken_O_Where properly bc there were too many



All joking aside, I was happy to help. Enjoy it brother!


Dan, I love the drip tip you have on the TM RDA, it looks nice. @Lostmarbles was really generous, and it was such an awesome gesture on his part. It made me really happy to see him do that for someone else. @Cutlass92 just sent me some fantastic eliquid he made, it really is delicious, I may have a real problem because I’m not sure it I can keep it in the cabinet long enough to steep because I want to use it so bad! This is a great thread Dan, doing things for others is much more gratifying than doing things simply for ourselves.


@Lostmarbles is really the star of the show. He hit me up pretty early on and asked if I could send it your way. I was really only after shipping cost because I’m broke too lol having to save for a new TV after my son broke a 2 week old one but that’s another story. He offered to pay shipping and even threw in extra, I don’t know him but I Imagine it’s just the kind of person he is. Generous. In fact each person who got something did the same. You are all very generous people and it’s all been added to the TV fund. We decided a surprise in your mailbox would be the best way to go about it, so I had to lie about holding on to it for you lol. I hope it serves you well!

I’m not a big forum user but what I’ve seen here is largely positive. I probably won’t be posting a lot but who knows…


Let’s see who has made the largest impact on my and reminded me there are good people out there! @SessionDrummer who sent me a steam crave and a coil master kit, @Silhouette who sent me a roll of wire and some Clapton shots. And a bunch of people that have made me feel welcome!


So glad to see posts like this. Im a member of many forums for various hobbies like, rc racing, building model rockets, etc and almost all of them are full of rude trolls and are of little help. I have been greeted warmly here and someone has always helped me with any questions I have had. There is a real sense of community within this forum and thats something a lot of forums cant honestly say. 2 thumbs up to the mods and other members who keep this place running smooth and operating properly.


seriously bro, if I can help… I will.

Thank you that was way cool, and made my day.


When I was pretty new to all this I asked about finding a tank with little to no glass for my wife who is extremely gifted at breaking stuff. @SthrnMixer sent me a coiled and wicked ego one mega tank for her. In talking to @Whiterose0818 about hohmwrecker mods, he just ups and sends me one. The amount of help and information given to me by so many and the generosity towards someone they hardly know just amazes me. I’ve been on a few groups in the past for various subjects and I’ve never seen a group who’ve never met, actually become a community that is as welcoming and helpful to everyone that walks in the door.
It’s borderline cultish!


@fidalgo_vapes I totally forgot about that. I hope you don’t mind, but I gave that tank away to someone I met that happened to brake they’re only tank and couldn’t afford a new one… It was like providence.

@Silhouette isn’t it super cool. I got it from https://www.suckitdriptips.com/ he makes the coolest custom drip tips. works of Art is what they are.

@VASHTA_NERADA you had me, no doubt about that :+1:



of course i dont mind , at the time you actually told me that you wouldnt use it , you would save for someone in need so it worked out as planned


Damnit, I need the emojis back!
That pic…can’t stop cracking up!


Much love and respect, brother!


@Dan_the_Man Really good thread, and I couldn’t agree more !!! I’ve had more than a few people help out, give back, pay it forward here, but too damned many to list.

@Cutlass92 was kind enough to send me a dump truck load of his juice, and I can’t wait to try it !!! @fidalgo_vapes and @Fozzy71 were kind enough to put up with my obsession and Real Flavors SF testing madness. @TheTinMan1 has been a good friend, and always offered good advice, regardless of the circumstance. @MysticRose has helped EVERYONE with her insanely good taste testing notes, @AZViking has offered to help me out with my ADD/ADHD/OCC obsession with S’mores mixing. @VapeyMama puts a smile on more than one face, even when you’re having a bad day.
@Steampugs continues to obsessively review equipment, even things I’d never think to try, and has made me think about it. @Walt3 which never ceases to surprise with his viewpoint(s), observations, and typically witty comments !!!

Soo many talented mixers, soo much great advice, and soo little attitude, you just can’t ask for more than that, and we have that in spades here. Too many to list, and even if you tried, you’d surely miss more than you remember, but at ELR, that’s just because there are THAT many good members here.


While I haven’t been here for too long(Yes, my profile says I’ve been here since 10/2015, but I’ve only just started on the forum the last couple months) I’m really struck by just how much this community honestly CARES for it’s members. I’ve been a LONG time member of other forums, but this is by FAR the least toxic, most welcoming and helpful group of people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. Hell, you even treat your resident trolls with kid gloves!

So, enough with my gushing. Thanks to @Steampugs for the excellent reviews and even better wordplay, @Leilani for bringing in the news, @VapeyMama for the gutter humor, @Mew for the AWESOME music, @SessionDrummer, @Sprkslfly and @Cutlass92 for the convos and so many, many more. If I left any out, it’s because I’ve got a memory like a sieve and should not be construed as a slight in any way, shape or form.

Oh! Many thanks to @daath for giving us a place to bug each other silly!

Much love and 'nuff respect!


This is how I feel after these heart felt comments!
Everyone is so helpful and generous here thx to everybody!


Aww, thanks @SessionDrummer and @paingawd, glad to hear I make you smile (even if it is with “gutter humor”! :laughing: ).


Awww. Thanks @paingawd! Right back at you!

ELR has slowly became my second home because of the cool, funny, smart, patient, and informative members here. My first thanks goes to @Norseman for guiding me into the world of DIY.

The members listed below have contributed and engaged with me as a noob and has made my journey into DIY a very delightful one. This is my radio shout out to:
@Bob_Bitchen @SessionDrummer @fidalgo_vapes @Ken_O_Where @JoJo @Josephine_van_Rijn @MisterSinner @MysticRose