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Hey Lars, I have a quick question for you and it really isn’t a big deal. I have noticed there are a ton of comments throughout my recipes, ranging from months old… to only a few hours old, that I never realized I had?

I do get some email notifications but it is like 1 for every 10 comments it appears? Is there anything else I can do on my end to resolve this? I do have email notifications selected of course, I’m just not getting more than I should be?

I’m pretty sure it is what it is and that’s the way the net works but if there is a chance I could resolve this that would be great! (plus I wouldn’t look like an ass by ignoring people)

Thanks Lars!

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I recently changed the mail notification stuff. You should get notification of every comment (except your own of course). I can see you got 2 today, 6 yesterday, 2 Nov. 22, 5 Nov. 21, 14 Nov. 20, 15 Nov. 19, 2 Nov, 18 and 2 Nov. 17 - if you didn’t receive some of those, I suggest you check your spam folder :smile:


Thanks for the speedy reply Mr Johnny on the spot :wink:

Yeah I didn’t get them all and nothing in spam. Honestly it isn’t a big problem at all, I was only curious.

With the exception of the forum, will notifications still be emailed regardless if you are on the recipe page/site or not?

Dayum?! I’m going to have to look in to that! lol

That’s a problem for me, because I pay to have them sent out! And I send a lot! Around 10,000 mails per week :stuck_out_tongue: All of the ones I mentioned are marked as “Delivered” by my mail provider…

Please do!


Nov. 20th were comments on Anaconda Blood, Oak Jasmine Blossom, April O’near, Preacher, Shisha Red Hatter, and Sunshine & Cream…

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Oh no shit?? Well this I did not know! I will compile them and take a screen shot if that helps you? As far as bitching at whomever and showing them proof? I’m sure you won’t want to go that far but I never delete them and 9x out of 10 the only way I know I have a comment is if I am on the actual recipe and see it

On the topic of comments…any chance at some point to disable emails for recipes that you commented on but aren’t yours?

Btw, I am pretty sure I’ve gotten all mine, but I don’t get nearly that many. :wink:

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Please check your gmail for nov. 20th, there should be 6 “conversations” with a total of 15 emails - I can see that you opened one of them (new comment notification for Sunshine & Cream)…

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Right now it’s all or nothing, but I’ll implement a more fine-grained solution in the future :smile: The important thing for me right now, is just that people get notifications :smile:


Will do! I still get them, just not all-

Here is a quick snap shot of the last 4 days if you’re curious (btw I didn’t receive anything today)

I can go further back but I’m sure this is more than you need…well…want hehe :wink:

13 received 2 not received

A my “list” is in a different time zone than you are, but to me the it looks like you got’em all…

If you stumble over comments that you didn’t get notified of, give me a shout again, and I’ll look into it. I had major problems with notifications before, but it’s should run totally smooth now! :smile:

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Sounds good! Thanks for your time Lars, I really appreciate it! Most of the comments I stumble upon without notifications are a month or more old. So maybe I had the issue before you updated it and I’m just thinking it is still happeneing? Idk but again, no biggie (unless you’re the guy paying hehe)

That’s gotta be it. If you come across any from now on, please let me know and I will investigate! :smile: Here is my view:

(List is cut off - not all from Nov. 20th is shown)

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Sorry bout that, here’s a screen shot of the 20th

Oh haha my mistake, I thought you meant my original screen shot was cut off, not yours hehe

I will let you know moving forward!


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