Embedding Images/YouTube to Juice Description


You guys are truely amazing, and the ELR community is awesome. Top work -

Quick question, I noticed ENYAWREKLAW somehow managed to embed a YouTube video to his recipe Rhodonite in the description notes section. Is there a way to do this with images?


I’ve been making 30ml labels for all my juices, and would LOVE to be able to embed these into my notes.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Good question! I was just wondering about this exact issue last night. I almost made a suggestion post about it but didn’t want to bother anyone…

I was looking for a way to attach a photo to my recipe so it would look like it tastes. I haven’t been proud enough to make any of my blends public yet but once I am, I’d like for people to see the flavor I was going for…

Didn’t know someone had already figured out how to do it…

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I have been wondering the same thing myself.

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You simply paste a youtube video link on a line by itself :wink:


Is there a way to get a pic in there @daath ?

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Not currently…

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Aight, no worries…was just curious…

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Site Suggestion…
Get pics in there LOL

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Photos was the thing that got me buying some of my first flavors. Oh those sexy images of milk being poured onto strawberries, splashing off their seedy sides as if it was part of some divine event - a snapshot of a second in time where flavor is inexplicably transmitted through the visual senses. I must order this NOW! I thought, and order I did. A great big bottle of it. And on the day it arrived, the cacophony of noise in my head was deafening as thoughts raced through my mind expressing joy and tremendous happiness. Then the mix, and the taste, and the wait a damn minute! Where’s the wonderful strawberry creaminess I saw on the photo? This tastes like battery acid and men’s cologne!

I think it would just be fodder for the trolls and jackwagons anyway.


Haha! So it’s not just me that does this… :relieved:

I have begun relabeling some of my flavors and it’s starting to look like some strange witches repository straight outta Hollywood… Burnt Tire, Battery Acid, Chalk, Eye of Newt… LOL

Edit: After proof-reading this post… I had a thought (rare, but it happens…) I’m gonna mix all that shit together in a recipe and name it NASCAR! Tastes like you’re at the track!


You fell for a subliminal ad didn’t you :wink:


Probably, only mine was sexier. It just was the milk hitting the strawberries instead of the other way around like this. Oh, and if my scoop of ice cream did what your video showed, I’d eat it right out of the carton! :slight_smile: HA!


There’s nothing “subliminal” about that commercial at all… That’s clearly the face of Jesus… First on toast, now this… :smirk:

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Haha. Methinks you better watch it a few more times :wink:

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Must be like a rorschach test or something… I clearly see a heavenly figure :wink:


This doesn’t always work. You have to make sure that the pasted link starts with v=… after the watch?

I kept wondering why my link didn’t work and noticed my link looked like this:

Simply removing the part “time_continue=9&” made it work. Any variables after the video id (v=…), for example adding a video start time (adding &t=<number of seconds> to the url) will work but the variable will be displayed after the video.