End of 2019 Favorite .. Let's hear it!

From mixers to mixes… Post up what you really loved… If it has not been created, do that too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still working on finalizing my dream nut and cream… rough juice sketch is:

beer nuts
vanilla custard
whipped cream

and not in that order… this might be missing some other flavors… a juice sketch can do that! :tada:

My favorite mixers… is everyone that shares a recipe. Broad I know, however, even tho some mixes might not be in my taste, those that do share and give credit are just amazing! :crazy_face:

Note: please do not post recipes that are outside of this year… but I would love to see this years flavor amazers! :star_struck: Show me what you have! :red_car::rofl:


I was going to post Cinnamon Crunchers. But I have shared that mix multiple times. So here’s a Cult Classic :grinning::raised_hand:


TOC’S Lemon Lime Icebox Pie : https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3349857/TOC’S%20Lemon%20Lime%20Icebox%20Pie

1.20% Lemonade (Flavorah)
0.50% Lime (Flavorah)
6.00% Lucky Shot (OSDIY)
2.00% Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP)
2.50% Vanilla Custard (CAP)

Flavor total: 12.2%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/xLX7

And if you’ve never used OSDIY you have to use those % or higher…I’ve yet to be able to make that flavor on my own.


This may not be in the context of your topic but…Mixer. I’ve watched the evolutionary process of @Englishguy. He started out as a defiant ‘nobody-tells-me-what-to-do-so-fuckoff-you-tosser’ new user (when naming conventions were brought to his attention) and has made a complete 180 turnaround. He bit the bullet, sought help from us and is now quite active contributing to both the forums and the recipe side!


I know i thought i new best. But i didn’t and i apologized for being a complete dick with my behaviour i just don’t being “TOLD” it was @Dan_the_Man that made me see scent and then when i asked questions the community here have helped me so much and I’m so grateful really i should of been band for my immature behaviour now I’m enjoying this forum i have learnt so much and I’m still learning i just thought I’d say this as any other new mixers mite read it and then take on board info from the community and not get funny about people when they are only trying to help and not pick fault.


Actually it fits, Tz… and yes I am very aware of @Englishguy lol… I am very happy he is asking questions and seeking out help… This is what learning is all about. I am very proud of him, and if he will do his homework (ie solo taste testing) and let his own tongue tell him what he likes and where… he will turn out to become a fab mixer!! :stuck_out_tongue: :hugs:


Due to all the comments of the mixers on the forum, I have started to do SFT, to do it alone … It has taken me a year and a half, but I have started … A little embarrassed, but hey, it’s never too late! I started with the flavorah, I make 5ml with 1 drop, with 2, and with 3, which is 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2% … Now I am overwhelmed, since during this time I have accumulated about 200 flavors, and I don’t know how I will do it … :cara de loco:


It’s a Labor of Love! :yum:


As long as you know…
1 drop of any flv is = to .02g and your scales reflect that, you are golden! :slight_smile:
If you put your recipes into elr as above, and your drops are set to 50… anyone can make your recipes correctly :wink: Keep up the good work! :+1:

All the time :wink:


This would be my 2019 favourite that would have to be Strawberry. I love these recipe sharing threads.


Lucky Shot is a must have, Kimberly definitely has a winner with this one :trophy: