End of vaping in Russia

There is a new law speeding through the Russian parlament: total ban on all kinds of e-cigarettes. Both sale and use will be criminalized with up to 2 years prison term. Most probably, the ban will go into effect some time next month. Will this change the popular attitude to the war in Ukraine?


Starting a war or ‘Special Military Operation’ is between states - I have no issue with helping Russian and Ukrainian civilians in having a continuous vape supply. I am an apolitical liberal but many would agree when it comes to normal people suffering.


If it does, then your people are dumber than mine.




If you mean will this make the war in Ukraine seem more just then my answer is an emphatic no.
I can’t imagine living under the rule of such a person as Putin and actually feel sorry for the Russian civilians.
To be honest your question seems a strange one to ask.

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I see a shitload of over crowded jails in Russia’s future. That, or Prigozhin will have more sheep to send to the slaughter. All because those poor souls wanted an alternative to cigarettes. Damn sad!


Same as everywhere else. Check what’s coming to the EU soon (while some EU countries already have it). Big Tobacco and Pharma lobbies are powerful and they get their prostitutes (lobbyists) easily everywhere.

Writing it as a fact? Media propaganda carefully selecting some most vocal extremists in their Parliament? Check how many Russians are in prison per capita (if the longevity of sentences are in question or if the point is to show how inhumane that is).

E-cigarettes regulation? I somehow doubt that. (would it change it on West if we ban them?)



Depending on your source, information is often different as we are aware of lately; here for example Russia mulls e-cigarette restrictions they don’t say
‘‘total ban on all kinds of e-cigarettes’’, but
‘‘total ban on all kinds of e-cigarettes TO MINORS’’ and here they don’t even mention 2 years in prison penalty as being proposed… Let’s wait for one week to see which media deserves to be burned this time.

Disclaimer: i’m not a fan of that country or their leader or politics, never been there or anywhere near and i only met a few people from there. I am just allergic on all the media propaganda and manipulation pushed on us and we’re still eating from their hands whatever they serve us without any questioning like we all have 70 IQ); our ignorance and obedience is what i despise.


And here is this actual new Russian law (link in English here)

As expected, it was all just smoke and manipulation / misinformation again (and we fall onto this shit all the time, again and again and again like complete morons). I would change their regulation regarding e-cigarettes for ours in the EU any time (and same would any German vaper or any Dane or any…). We could actually say their regulation is vaping friendly and vapers have much more freedom over there than in our EU-stan.