ENDED - Heaven Gifts Giveaway:Plenty of Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Kits & Gift Cards Wait for You to Win--2/14

Vape pod systems are on trends! From last year, the population of our community was growing fast. More and more people realized the benefit of e-cigarette owing to this new trendy vaping style. However, the disposable pod raised the budget compared to traditional vaping. Now Joyetech introduces a new device named eGo AIO ECO, which is born for beginners and high nicotine vaping while features economy. It has built-in 650mAh battery capacity and 1.2ml tank capacity, which are capable of long-lasting using. It comes with a brand-new BFHN 0.5ohm head, which can work perfectly under 6-8W low wattage. It also features top airflow & top refill system and 7 colorful LED light.Now, Heaven Gifts offers you chances to win it for free.

To enter:

  1. Share us your quitting story. If no, simply reply “Joyetech eGo AIO ECO

  2. Tell us the pod systems you knew and where do you get to know it/them

  3. Which e-juice do you think fit for Joyetech eGo AIO ECO


  1. We will pick 3 lucky winners via random.org on Feb 14th, 2018. The first winner we choose will get a $50 USD gift card. The rest ones will get 1 Joyetech eGo AIO ECO each.

  2. Each person can enter as much as you want

  3. We require at least 40 participants.

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Share us your quitting story. If no, simply reply “Joyetech eGo AIO ECO”
I quit smoking for 10 years using a combination of nic-gum, nic-lozenges, Atomic Fireball jawbreakers, and Cigalikes. It was tough, a device like this back then would have made it much easier.

Tell us the pod systems you knew and where do you get to know it/them
I just have a Joyetech AtoPack Penguin I received from Joyetech to review it for them.

Which e-juice do you think fit for Joyetech eGo AIO ECO
you can make your favorite ejuice flavor but for this devices low wattage it needs a high nicotine level, I have some nicotine salt nicotine base coming in from nicotine river and I intend on mixing some 27mg e-liquid just for the Joyetech eGo A|O ECO that they have sent to me for review. @Heaven_Gifts I thank you for all your generous giveaways, we appreciate it. I think this one might change the way I vape.


My husband and i decided together to quit smoking. We went to our local shop, got some ego pens and began our adventure.
We had many problems, including but limited to poor quality products and terrible customer service.
After switching to a different shop about 30 miles away in mankato, we got better set ups and completely kicked cigs.
We have been vaping since april of 2016. Couldn’t be more blessed and healthy!


I know of a penguin and a dolphin pod system. I have seen them all over online as well as at my local vape shop
@Sprkslfly @Jazzy_girl @Dan_the_Man @GalacticResidue @Silhouette @Brandolf @fidalgo_vapes @Lolly @ozo @Laberythm


My story is typical but has any nuance. I hope if this will help someone.
My smoke expierence is about 35 years (OMG)
In first I pay my attention in vape at july 2016.
I’m an engineer and I was attracted by different technical thnigs of vaping
For two months I studied the forums and finaly understood what I needed.
I need a good MTL device. Then I bought Evic Vtwo mini and Kayfun mini V3.
It was a hit in the center of the target!
I want to draw your attention: my goal was not to quit smoking! My desire was to try new sensations. But I got an “additional effect” - I completely quit the smoking.


Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Starter Kit 2100mAh

My quit smoking story is pretty boring and a common one but I am glad i did.

I first used ego type batts and clearos but quickly evolved.

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Id assume an e-liquid w/higher pg % then what i prefer would be more practical to help w/ wicking and flavor.
@whosyourdaddy @AlanS @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @Hobag @BoDarc @JMak642 @MandaB @SessionDrummer @GalacticResidue @Mew and anyone else interested in $50 gift card or beginner kit to break friends into vaping.Good luck to all!


Lost both my parents (smokers) to cancer. In fact, my mom passed from lung cancer 1 year after I was diagnosed with cancer at 37. I am now 46, and still am fighting it. My first 6 months of chemo I was still smoking. I would make the nurses tape up my port every few hours so I could go outside to have a cigarette, the very thing that was keeping me in that chair while toxic poison was dripped in my veins to try to kill the toxic poisons the cigarettes put in there. How sick is that? I’m dying, right now, from cancer, and I still wasn’t able to stop smoking for months.I smoked for 30 years.

I started vaping back when the Blu cigalikes came out. I did smoke less for a couple months with that, but continued to smoke with it. The cartridges constantly leaked into my mouth and caused burns and blisters. So I stopped. Then after further technology improved the quality of ecigs I tried again. That was in February of 2013. My official quit date is February 12, 2013, so I’m just coming up on 5 years in 6 more days.


I’ve heard of the Penguin and the Dolphin, and they are on sale at almost every online vape site.

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Almost any flavor. Probably fruit or tobacco mixes will be better as they taste clean at lower wattages. Some desserts and creams are better warmer.

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Found on Heaven Gifts site
SMOK Rolo Badge Starter Kit 250mAh


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I quit smoking the day I walked in and bought my first vape set up. I bought a cuboid 150 and a cubis tank and a bottle of raspberry ejuice. It was 2 years ago yesterday actually!


I quit smoking when I went on a trip to Mississippi, one of the local shops had juice with amazing flavor at half the cost of national brands, and the guy that ran it was a veteran, so I finally got a kanger junk pen.


The only pod system I know about is the penguin or dolphin, whatever it’s called

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Any eliquid would work, just some would work better than others

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@CosmicTruth @SessionDrummer @VapeyMama @Molly_Mcghee @Cutlass92
@woftam let’s get some more people in this thing!


@CosmicTruth just realized you were the first post lol

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#1 Joyetech eGo AIO ECO

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