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[ENDED]---Smokstore Halloween Giveaway—The Awesome Smok Wooden TC Box Mod


Now that this squonking thing stuck on me, I should look into a simple regulated one for safety that I prefer out on the town. I have accidentally filled my 510 on the non squonk device i use to prime/test ohms on my rdas a few times.

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I just got a Recurve:

The Wotofo Recurve 80W Box Mod With 8ML Squonk Bottle Has some safety features built in, but no TC modes. Still it is tempting and 30% off…

single 20700 or 21700 battery,also supports 18650 and 20540 battery using the battery adapters.

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Thanks for the chance! :heart:



I’m going with this one. I like mods with higher wattage capability.

https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-Plus-220W-TC-Box-Mod 4

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@laura5 and @dunskoy thanks for tagging me but I don’t want any Smok products even for free :smiley:



Free wood enclosure, shove what ya want in there…



I would need to sand off the branding, and i can’t be bothered :smiley:

But you know what, what the hell :slight_smile: Let’s do this

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this one looks decent enough. two batteries and all

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How many times can we post here? There is no rules really



No way in hell we will reach this but worth a shot!

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Likewise :sunglasses:

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Ohh, be a sport :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



In the meanwhile i can tell you all a fun story I had with Smok tank and coil.

A few months ago I was doing my weekly mixing, and instead of Strawberry Ripe (TPA) I mistakenly took the Strawberry (TPA) bottle. Percentage in the recipe was only 2% for the flavor, but after about three days that strawberry took over the whole mix (i mixed 60ml) and I just couldn’t vape it. Strawberry flavor was overpowering, plasticky, and just awful in my RTA’s or RDA’s

Then I remembered that I still have one coil left for my Smok TFV12 Baby Prince tank (mesh 0.17 oh coil). I screwed it in, primed it as I would usually prime a coil, and filled it up with the terrible strawberry badness.

The coil muted the flavour of that mix enough to make it very pleasant, and I was able to vape all 60ml and enjoy them. I even wrote down that recipe on ELR, so that everyone else suffering from Smok coils will have a very pleasant vape on them:



sport a smok (just don’t let your friends see ya)



I also have to refer to the topic of this giveaway.

The word awesome has been misused so much lately.

Let me repost some wise words

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Here is another Smok anecdote of mine.

I own the Smok Alien tc 220w (btw, why was it rebranded to RHA 220w? Did it really get such a bad name that you had to rebrand it?)

It was my first mod with dual batteries, and I still use it once in a while out of pure nostalgia.

One day I dropped it. I got really ticked off since the bubble glass on the tank I had on it at the time broke, but I never noticed that the 510 center pin got off center, and to cut the long story short, it started to touch the negative connection and to short the mod. Something had to be done about it, so I took the mod apart to fix it (this happened around the time when the new Smok self service support portal was launched. I tried to troubleshoot the problem there and each time went into a dead end)

So I took the mod apart, and immediately noticed that the 510 is terribly designed, A brass center pin (brass, really guys??) is held in place with a flimsy plastic washer, and held in place with a pretty rusty spring. What ticked me off more was the thickness of the wires used. A mod that claims to deliver 220w should use at least 16ga copper wire for the plus connection, but inside my mod, the wire was 26ga at best. This kind of wire can easily melt under serious load.

Needless to say, i took the mod further apart, and replaced the super thin lead wires with proper 14ga wires that can stand 40-ish amps of power going through them. I also redesigned the 510 pin out of copper, and resoldered everything. Probably the reason that the mod still works.

Maybe this was part of the reason for the rebranding? :smiley:



I like this one https://www.smokstore.com/Guardian-Epipe-Mod-II I have been wanting an epipe