[ENDED]---Smokstore Halloween Giveaway—The Awesome Smok Wooden TC Box Mod

Happy Halloween day, vapers, the new giveaway from smokstore.com,

Winner is @ worm1

one lucky vaper will get the awesome smok treebox 75W TC box mod, the winner will be announced on 5th, Nov. if comments over 500, we will add one more winner.

How to join the giveaway?

  1. Comment below which is the best smok wooden mod, the most wanted we will add to new giveaway.
  2. Tag your friends to join :ghost::ghost::ghost:

Smok Guardian Epipe 2 Mod $49.9

Link: https://www.smokstore.com/Guardian-Epipe-Mod-II


Smok Treebox Plus 200W TC Box Mod $49.9

Link: https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-Plus-220W-TC-Box-Mod


Smok Treebox 75W TC Box Mod $39.9

Link: https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-TC-Mod


  1. In my opinion this is the Smok Wooden Box MOD that should be considered for the next giveaway.
  1. I don’t feel comfortable posting this on any of the other Social Media forums I contribute to. In fact many Groups remove Spammers.
  1. I will tag three people I don’t know though.
    @qwerty2192 @QaxXxuZ @Queenvon
  1. Thank you very much for the Chance :raised_hand:
    And Thank for being a supporting Vender on ELR :two_hearts:
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#1 i like this one https://www.smokstore.com/Smok-Treebox-Plus-220W-TC-Box-Mod

#2 @anon28032772 @delltrapp @CosmicTruth

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#3 thanks for the chance :two_hearts::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::heartpulse:
and good luck everyone :smiley:

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Happy halloween day, and Happy All Saints day to you too @smokstore!
Thanks for the chance to win something new, these are beautiful devices.

would be my favorite!


@SessionDrummer @jerry13 @delltrapp
Come check out these awesome looking wooden MODs!


While looking at this website I found this beautiful wooden device:

it is very artistic, but I think I still would love the Smok Treebox Plus 220W


Any natural looking boxes are :+1: in my book.

@AlanS @Hobag @cosacee

I have had a few pipes but they usually use a small gauge wire that easily gets fried, have to pay attention to resistance of your atomizer if u do.

They gotta make a mech wood pipe similar to the Hammer!

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Love browsing too, found this at decent price

That is nice, I need a TC squonker
18650,20700 and 21700 battery and max output 90w $62.50

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I’ve been told repeatedly I need a DNA:

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