ENDED - Win Joyetech CuBox & CuAIO, Enjoy Simple Vaping Fun--7/9

New vapers, MTL fans, look here, this time we bring you two new beautiful starter kits from Joyetech - CuBox and CuAIO. They almost share the same features but present in different form factor and battery capacity. The CuBox kit consists of a powerful built-in 3000mAh battery and a cute Cubis 2 tank; While the CuAIO adopts an all-in-one penlike style, featuring a 1500mAh internal battery. Both come with two tank capacity, 2ml TPD compliant & 3.5ml. And the atomizers adopt same childproof & flip-to-open refill design, adjustable top airflow control as well as all new ProC-BF series coil heads that are specially designed for MTL vaping. Simple to use, easy to carry, satisfied flavorful clouds, all available from these two kits. Wanna start to explore vaping fun or get back to MTL vaping? No problem, we’re gonna give away 1 CuBox kit and 1 CuAIO kit. You just need enter to WIN!

To enter:

  1. Which kit do you prefer, CuBox or CuAIO?
  2. Did you use any of pre-built coil heads from Joyetech? Which one works great, and which one sucks?
  3. Share anything related to vaping, a meme, your e-cig collection, funny vape video, etc.
  4. Tag 2 of your forum friends to join in
  5. Share Joyetech CuBox and CuAIO contest on any of your social media platforms. (Optional)


  1. We use random.org to select 2 winners on July 10, 2017.
  2. The 1st winner will get CuBox, 2nd winner will get CuAIO.
  3. Each person can enter 6 times at most.
  4. We require at least 35 participants.
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I prefer the CuAIO . for one it fits in the pocket much easier and it reminds me of my eGo AIO which I used all the time until it broke for good.

yes I used a pre-built coil from Joyetech. the BF ss316L .6ohm
I like it and never had any problems with it
@Bampa @TheTinMan1

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I prefer CuBox.

@Silhouette @DarthVapor

  • I have used the ego one mega TC coil (CL) and they were not good they used to burn really fast and had really small wick hole so the flavor was not good but the CLR heads were gr8 and I still use them after 1 year on daily basis.

@Lolly @woftam

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  1. I like the looks of the CuAIO
  2. I did not like the Cubis “BF” Coils, But love the ProC1 there putting in Aries atomisers

4. @Chrispdx @GPC2012 @Josephine_van_Rijn we need about 25 folks to play
5. :alien:


The Cubox.

I didn’t but my sister uses the BF coils and she’s not complaining :grinning:

Doesn’t matter since i plan on giving it away if i win.


Don’t think i have used any pre-built from Joyetech.


@SessionDrummer @Maureeenie @VapeyMama @Boogenshizzle @Pattie @anon60225325 @Leilani @Bob_Bitchen @Mark_Turner @Boid


@GPC2012 @jhmiller

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Shared on Twitter.

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6th and final entry, some more tags.

@robin @Jenny1978 @Salsawy (he could definitely do with a new mod) @AZViking @sirgalvid1 @Jayrell @woftam @Shane18 @redscaddy22 @Rob62


I prefer the CuBox