[Ended]Win SMOK X-PRIV Kit with TFV12 Prince [giveaway] - ends 3/18

Entry #2

  1. Which smok priv series do you like best, X-PRIV, T-PRIV OR G-priv?

Entry #3

  1. Which smok kit you vape now and why you choose that?
    I am using the Smok Alien today. I love the rainbow colors and it fires every time, without issue.

Nice combonation, makes a sharp set

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Definitely the X-PRIV

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I’m currently using a TFV8

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I like xpriv the best

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Yes. I don’t know. I liked my smok alien until it started auto firing on my bed stand in the middle of the night. I still use my tfv12, is that smok?

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Haven’t been vaping long. Pen 22 got me hooked on vaping.

#1 Yes, I like the high definition screen.

X Priv. Because of that high def screen .:heart_eyes:

Whiterose mod topped with a Modfather RDA

1 i like it i love it i wana get get get up on it

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2= the x priv oooooohhhh yer

3= i dont have one unfortunately but will gladly take this off your hands

I would prefer the X-PRIV.

  1. Yes I do like the smok x-priv kit!
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#1. yes, this is one beautiful looking mod with great features and the awesome TFV12 Prince. What’s not to like?

#2. X-PRIVkit

#3. Smok V8 Stick. Nice simple and easy to use.

Post #1

Yes, I think it looks great! I really like the rainbow and the light pink one, cause I’m a girly girl! And the pink is a light shade that you don’t really see much of on vape hardware. I also like that the screen is very large and has lots of info.

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