[Ended]Win SMOK X-PRIV Kit with TFV12 Prince [giveaway] - ends 3/18

Hey, guys, very happy to share a giveaway of smok x-priv kit.

SMOK X-PRIV Kit is covered with glassy material at front, which can offer you a deluxe appearance and a high-definition screen. It employs newly designed UI, more simple and intuitive than other products. And its output power can up to 225W which can meet different demands of vapor chasers. The fire key of X-PRIV is creatively designed on the left side, much easier to operate than before.

Now we share it Giveaway!


  1. Do you like this new smok x-priv Kit?
  2. Which smok priv series do you like best, X-PRIV, T-PRIV OR G-priv?
  3. Which smok kit you vape now and why you choose that?

Every participants has up to three times to enter. Please comment each request separately .

Waiting for your comments and wish you have good luck!

We will choose one winners to get it.
Winner will be announced on 3/18.

  1. Yes very much so, Thank You for asking.
  1. For this competition I shall select the X-PRIV as my desired choice.
  1. I currently use the Smok Alien, because of its superior paint quality and vast array of color schemes.

Good looking kit, no flashing led’s or skulls this time from Smok.

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Not very interested in either the T-Priv or the G-Priv so will go for the much better looking X-Priv

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Smok Mag kit in pink, bought for my daughter as she loved the design and colour. I have to say that I was very impressed with the TFV12 Prince that the Mag and the X-Priv Kit comes with

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Nice kit. It asks: ‘take me in your hand’!

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I like X-PRIV. I like the smoth shape of the body, large screen, original GUI.

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I haven’t a Smok Kit. But may be here this will be changed :smirk:

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Post #1
I sure do like it!

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Post #2
I like the xpriv for it’s shape. Looks like a comfortable enough mod.

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I’d certainly love to win it :grinning:


Post #3
I use my Smok Majesty every day. I like the solid comfortable feel, beautiful finish, and firebar.

My Alien is what got me to truly quit smoking. She still works great after more than a year, but I am giving her a break. My husband won’t stop using his Alien as well, even if I got him other new mods to use!
Here is a pic of my lovely naked Alien! Her finish looks great even without the paint that she was losing.

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I love the look and i am a fan of smok tanks. This device looks fancy!

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Do you like this new smok x-priv Kit?

The new kit likes pretty bright.

Post 1

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Which smok priv series do you like best, X-PRIV, T-PRIV OR G-priv?

Not sure because I haven’t had the opurintity to use one on a regular basis.

Post 2

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Which smok kit you vape now and why you choose that?

None at this point because in my early days a good affordable device was a ipv- yihi device. After that I upgraded to dna chipsets. But would like to try a newer/different device such as the one in the contest.

Post 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I do like this xpriv kit

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Entry #1

  1. Do you like this new smok x-priv Kit?
    Yes. Very much!