Energy Drink

I hope I have the correct place here. I am new and just want to learn and be good at it with time and experience. Moving on, I was inspired the other day to create a juice after drinking an energy drink. I have the following ingredients to work with



I have no idea as for what %'s to use or what not. As always any and all help is greatly appreciated.


The best advice I could give you is to start testing your flavors individualy. In the future I’m sure you will be bying more, so now that there is only a few, it’s the perfect moment to get to know them. For example : make 10 ml of a VG/PG blend to your liking and add 3% aroma to it. This way you can make 7 small bottles with all your different flavors. Test them after a good shake, a few days later, and then every week or so. If you don’t taste it, bring the % up to 5% and keep going up in increments of 2 to 3 percent till you find your liking. After a while you will get an idea of which flavor could work well with others. IMHO with the flavors you have right now, the vanilla custard would work well with the TFA Strawberry Ripe and you could make a tropical icecream with mango, guave and vanilla bean gelato. I wont recommend any %'s on them because my tastebuds are not the same as yours. After the single flavor tests you will have a basic idea about what %'s to use according to your taste. Welcome to an awesome community and good luck on your research. There are very experienced mixers here that can help you out better than me, but with what I told you, you are on a good start. HAPPY MIXING!!!


Hi and welcome to ELR, first off, The ingredients you have will probably not work with what you are looking for. Except the citrus, there are many decent flavors to use as a base for a energy drink, the flavor apprentice, flavor West, and all others offer a good starting point, even the names might tell you about what they are going for. There’s many energy drinks out there so shoot for the profile your looking for, if it be that or two I would start at something like 6-8 percentage, welcome to mixing and the fun of it. Check with% others have used at. Google helps a bit, I don’t really know what specific energy drink you are looking for so its hard to say what is best. Most will likely be harsh because the lack of creams and the flavor itself. A little e.m. cotton candy, or sweetner could help, but if ever done you will mute the flavor. Anyway good luck, and welcome.


It was this Rockstart Energy drink. I really liked the flavor after drinking it. The energy part didn’t excite me as much as wanting to create the ejuice from what I tasted and envisioned.

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As people mentioned, testing your flavors as single will determinate the strength. Nobody knows what you might like. Looking up the flavor notes for the product in question can help sometimes, and giving you an indicator of where to start. However its still up to you to find a percentage you might enjoy.

With that out of the way, since you are not interested in the energy part of the drink, searching for energy drink would yield probably no results. My suggestion is looking at POG or naked - POG clones in the data bank.

Reason is that this, while different profile, more of a “energy” drink you’re interested in, rather than well a red bull/rock star mix.

You could easily switch the flavors and add yours, different percent of course and might it work. Or look at recipes that say cooler and/or summer vape. There might be even some recipes already that include your flavors. If not, at least you get practice and understanding of these flavors and can make the drink based on your own likening.