ENERGY e liquid?

I have seen some shops around that either sell “liquid energy” or that use them in their house juice. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on this? Or possibly a warning for doing so.

If have read somewhere that it wouldn’t harm you to the point of being jittery or something because in reality there couldn’t be enough added to a juice to make a bigger difference then say a name brand energy drink.

Ive read that caffeine doesnt absorb well when vaped or smoked. Ive also read that it would take a lot of caffeine to affect you, in eliquid. I like my caffeine drinks as it doesnt have much of a taste, nicotine on the other hand is yucky tasting.

My opinion, totally unnecessary additive for ejuice. Safe or not, nothing more than a gimmick to make someone money. Just one more way to give the vapeing industry a bad name and give governments fuel to impose regulation. In my opinion…

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Not only caffeine, but there’s also liquids with stuff to help you sleep?! I haven’t tried those, but I had some DV flavoring that hat caffeine in it :smile:Didn’t think much of it.

I made my own coffee extract just a few days ago and I’m sure I got alot of caffeine in the final mix. It tasted so good I set up til 3am vaping it. Then the next day after doing the dishes, wiping down the stove, the refrigerator and the dish washer. Then 6 loads of laundry and ran the sweeper throughout the house, I realized I was on a caffeine buzz. I have slowed down on vaping my coffee extract but my wife sure loved me that day.


So your saying it works? Was this a DIY recipe or vendor?

Yes this works. Just cold steep your favorite coffee in pg and strain it a couple times then mix like any other flavor. I used 2 Tbls of coffee in 50 ml of pg for 5 days. Add a little sweetener if you want. This makes about 30ml of extract. I have been adding this to some diy tobacco and it’s really tasty.


Wow, I didn’t even know that was possible! I’m going to have to try this!