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We offer 100% Original Dekang E-liquid/E-juice wholesale with the lowest price!
DeKang e-Liquid is made by Dekang company, It is the first e-cigarettes juice company in China and is one of the most famous in the world. Choose Tobacco Flavor, Menthol Flavor, Fruit Flavor, Drink Flavor and figure out what type of e cigarette flavors suit your needs.

Do you sell flavor concentrates or only finished products ?

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We mainly provide Dekang E-liquid and Hangsen E-liquid, Which are the earliest brand of e-liquid. All are finished products.

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It may be a bit of a struggle around these parts, to get people interested in your products. Most people here, well 99.9% of the people here make their own e juice. Maybe if you host some cool giveaways or give forum members a nice members only discount, one may be inclined to pull the trigger and try out your juice.


I wouldn’t mind checking it out myself. Maybe a nice addition to my stash. Hell, One Never Knows !! @KKEMC


Your suggestion is really good, of course I know that everyone is studying the formula of e juice, everyone is great, I am very admired. Dekang E-liquid is the first company to produce e-liquid. It is very popular in the world. Later, more and more people started DIY e-liquid, and the taste is very special. I have tried some, very flavor. However, more often, I will use the finished product e-liquid produced by large companies directly. I am only doing this to help a small number of people find finished products. In addition, experience the old brand of e-liquid, may bring you some inspiration. If you are interested, you can check out our Dekang e-liquid sold at KKEMC. You will find that the price is very cheap and the taste is pure. If you purchase a lot, you can contact me for a discount. thanks.

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Hi, dera! Have you ever tried Dekang before? If not, maybe you can try it. To be honest, I have been selling Dekang e-liquid for about ten years. It used to be very popular. Under the competition of DIY e-liquid and emerging brands, it is not so shiny. But I don’t mind because I am also a loyal fan of Dekang e-liquid, which is the reason why I am still selling this ancient brand of e-liquid.


Dekang Nicotine Salt E-liquid:
Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. It contains nicotine and an organic acid which lowers the pH and makes it much easier to vape. The salt does not impact on the nicotine content in your e-liquid which means you can comfortably vape high-nicotine e-liquids without additional harshness on the throat.

Aimed at low output e-cigarettes by providing higher nicotine-delivery levels with smooth and satisfying flavour. It’s easy on the throat in comparison to ordinary high nicotine e-liquids. This is a revolutionary product and the nest vaping trendsetter!
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Bumblebee E-juice

From the mixed fruit taste of South American Barbados, Thomson grapefruit and Southeast Asian Thai lemon tea,

Fresh and smooth taste.

Buy Bumblebee E-juice (Click here)

The proper coolness of inhalation is accompanied by the sweet and sour taste of the flesh, and the strong green apple aroma when exhaled explodes.
Inspire your taste buds in your mouth.


Pure mint chewing gum aroma, cool and sweet, fresh and refreshing
Inspire your taste buds in your mouth.

Most of us are not business owners, and so cannot buy wholesale. I would appreciate knowing of a retailer in the USA who carries Dekang, I have only found one site and wonder how old their stock is. Or perhaps you know of a Chinese dealer who sells Dekang to the public directly? I used to vape dekang many years ago and miss some of their flavors. Thanks.

I am very happy to receive your reply. I am a bit busy recently and have not been able to respond to you in time. Dekang is one of the earliest e-liquid oil companies. It started in 2003 with a pure taste and strict production. We have been selling Dekang E-liquid for more than ten years, but Under the development of many new brands and DIY, it is not so famous as before. you can visit our store: https://www.kkemc.com/

Authentic SMPO MT Vape Pen Starter Kit 420mAh with 1.7ml Juice Pod VS Limitless Pulse

Smoking timeout function (more than 10S, blue light flashes twice, turn off).
Low-voltage protection (battery power is lower than 3.2V, blue light blinks 2 times, turn off the output).
Short-circuit and no-load protection (blue light 2S warning, turn off output).
USB charging function.
Compact, easy to carry.

Dekang Nicosalt E-liquid
This nicotine salt e-liquid is suitable for small vape pen pod kit, if you are using small vape pen, you can try it.

Effortless Vaping Experience
Instant incredible flavor with on draw activation. No buttons or complicated settings.
No Maintenance Required
Battery is fully charged and has enough SaltNic e-liquid to substitute for an entire pack of cigarettes.
Instant Nicotine Rush
Sufficient vapor production with satisfying throat hit. 270 puffs to each STIG and 3 STIGs to a pack.
Almost Weightless
Pocket sized pod allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle free from smoke.