Eno - I'll bet there are others

If you’re like me, you probably understand the risks involved when making purchases online. I’ve had my fair share of issues over the years, but to be quite honest, I never bought so much online as I have since I started getting vape gear years ago.

So I have a Capital One card and they offer a service called Eno. Little browser extension and how it works is it recognizes online pay options and will generate a credit card number (not your credit card number), expiry and CVV code unique to the online merchant. This links to your account, is unique to each merchant, and prevents hackers from stealing your info. You can seriously buy with confidence knowing it cannot be used by hackers.

I’m sure other companies offer similar services, and yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if this is not news to anyone. I did want to share it just in case. I think it’s neato.


Same idea


That’s neat, I’ve wanted to buy a piece of jewelry that’s harder to find in stores and have avoided buying it online for that reason.

Thanks @SthrnMixer :+1:


Good idea but what if the hacker is employed by one of the merchants?


Bank of America has something similar, called Shop Safe. Do your shopping and get the total of your order and go to BoA web site and put the order total in the Shop Safe window and it will generate a c.c.number. exp date that you select (2 month min), and a CCV code.

Go back to the merchant site and put the Shop Safe numbers in, to complete the checkout process. Since you limited the amount of payment, to match the total of the sale, once the sale is confirmed, there’s nothing left on that specific c.c. number for anyone to swipe.

If you have a BoA credit card, it works great.


Interesting. Thanks for adding to the list!

Given all the issues (during previous versions of the app) shared via user reviews on the Play store, I fall into a couple of the “warning groups” (as pointed out by the reviewers) that might be affected.

I fired off an inquiry email to their customer service team to see if things have been addressed, improved, or resolved in these areas.
I’m curious to see what they have to say about things.

A. They’ve previously had issues with allowing use with rooted phones.
B. They’ve previously had issues with “non-1st tier” service providers. (IOW: if you DO NOT use Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc)

@SthrnMixer great thread bud!


Seems like I was losing a card number to bogus charges about every 6 months when Cap One offered me Eno. Have not had a problem with on-line stuff since, but I look forward to it. If a bogus charge shows up under the unique Eno number for some vendor, that points a pretty big finger at them.

However, you can’t use Eno out and about when you have to swipe a card. So you still may have to get a new card every now and then. Like if you hit a skimmer. I wonder if old Eno numbers will get reassigned to a new card number. So you would not have to go update all your monthly subscriptions (ex: Netflix) when a new card is forced on you?


Well it is a brave new world. As long as we use electronic transactions I think there will be some measure of risk. However, Eno and other services like them I do believe dramatically reduce your exposure.

I stopped paying for gas at the pump when I learned of skimmers. I think that’s likely all of our greatest chances of encountering one of those. But if you always question whether or not a reader may be a skimmer, I think that common sense will reduce your chances of getting hit.


I wish they done this in the UK