Entire flavor collection for SALE around 300 flavors

Every flavor in my flavor stash is for sale on ebay. It will be listed there for some time. 300+ flavors. Extreme selection. Everything needed to make any kind of ejuice.



Okay? So is there a link?


Quit vaping?

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No one likes a quitter. I will be taking a break from it for at least a couple years.


Can we get a link to your public Stash? Should be like…


The link that gives you YOUR link is at the top of your Flavor Stash page with the box checked for making it public (and after hitting “Save” at bottom)

Thanks and Best of Luck


Listed on eba here:

$300+$30 shipping on ebay. Or $310 shipped if bought directly.

This is a complete list of everything for sale:


Alpine Strawberry($18/bottle) (Full) 15ml, Cream (¾)15ml, Pound Cake (Full) 15ml, Vanilla Pudding (½) 15ml, Vanilla Custard (¾) 15ml, CupCake Batter (Full) 15ml, Frosting (½)15ml, Apple Filling (6/7) 15ml, Lemonade (½) 15ml, Papaya Punch (6/7) 15ml, Pink Guava (Full) 15ml, Pineapple (6/7) 15ml, Tangerine (6/7) 15ml, Strawberry Filling (Full) 15ml, Cinnamon Crunch (Full) 15ml, White Chocolate (Full) 15ml, Boysenberry (6/7) 15ml, Chocolate Deutsch (Full) 15ml

Liquid Barn -

Vanilla Ice Cream ( 6/7) 30ml

Tasty Puff-

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Full) 10ml, Zinger ( raspberry coconut covered twinkee) (Full) 10ml, Tweenkee (straight twinkee) (Full) 10ml, Strawberry ShortCake (Full) 10ml, Birthday Cake (¾) 10ml, Vanilla Graham Cracker (Full) 10ml

LIQ Flavors-

Birthday Cake (Full) 10ml & (¼) 10ml

LorAnn -

Watermelon (Colorless) (6/7) 10ml, Bavarian Cream (Full) 10ml, Pineapple (Full) 10ml, Banana Cream (Colorless) (½) 10ml, Cream Cheese Icing (¾) 10ml

The Flavor Apprentice -

Citrus Punch (Full) 60ml, Watermelon Candy (½) 60ml, Berry Cereal (½) 60 ml, Toasted Marshmallow (¾) 60ml, Strawberry (½) 60ml, Smooth (Full) 30ml, Marshmallow (½) 60ml, Rice Crunchines(Rice Crispy Treats) (6/7) 60ml, Pomegranate Deluxe (Full) 10ml, Nectarine (6/7) 10ml, Peach Juicy (Full) 10ml, Dragon Fruit (¾) 10ml, Blueberry Wild (¾) 10ml, Pie Crust (Full) 10ml, Gummy Candy (Full) 10ml, PineApple (Full) 10ml, Honeysuckle (Full) 10ml, Vanilla Cupcake (Full) 10ml, Lucky Leprechaun (½) 10ml, Silly Rabbit (Full) 10ml, Fruit Circles w/ Milk (Full) 10ml, Vanillin (Full) 10ml, Vanilla Bean Gelato (Full) 10ml, French Vanilla Cream ( Full) 10ml, White Chocolate (1/5) 10ml, Pistachio (6/7) 10ml, Fruit Circles (¾) 10ml, Citrus Punch (¼) 10ml, Sour (2/5) 10ml, Apple Candy (Full) 10ml, Pear (Full) 10ml, HoneyDew Melon II (Full) 10ml, Bananas Foster (Full) 10ml, Banana cream (¾) 10ml, Apple Pie (½) 10ml, Lemon Cookie (Full) 10ml, Graham Cracker Clear (½) 10ml, French Vanilla (Full) 10ml, Butter (Full) 10ml, Whipped Cream (¼) 10ml, Dairy Milk (¾) 10ml, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (¼) 10ml, Vanilla Blast (¼) 10ml, Sweet Cream (½) 10ml,

Real Flavors Super Concentrates-

Fruity Pebbles (¾) 30ml, White Chocolate (½) 30ml, Apple Butter (Full) 30ml, Deep Fried Sponge Cake (Full) 30ml, DreamSicle (Full) 30ml, Key Lime Pie (Full) 30ml, Taffy Base (full) 30ml, Marshmallow Candy (Full) 30ml, Tropical Punch (Full) 30ml, Pink Candy Burst Type (¾) 30ml, Cake Batter (Full) 30ml, Cherry Taffy (Full) 30ml, Soda Base (Full) 30ml, Graham Cracker (Full) 30ml, Frosted Animal Cookie (1/2) 30ml, MTN Juice (Mountain Dew) (1/2) 30ml, Rice Crispy Treats (Full) 30ml, Blue Raz Sour Candy (Full) 30ml, Lemon Cookie (Full) 30ml, Red Soda (Big Red) (Full) 30ml, Strawberry Taffy (Full) 30ml, French Toast (Full) 30ml, Baklava (Full) 30ml, Strawberry (1/3) 15ml,

Flavour Art -

Strawberry Juicy (Full) 30ml, Strawberry (¾) 30ml, Pandora (6/7) 30ml Fresh Cream (½) 30ml, Whipped Cream (Full) 30ml, Forest Fruit (Full) 30ml, Meringue (1/4) 30ml, Vienna Cream (6/7) 30ml, Metaphor (¾) 30ml, Nonna Cake (¾) 30ml, Custard (Full) 30ml, Catalan Cream (Full) 30ml, Mandarin (½) 10ml, Liquid Amber (Full) 10ml, Marshmallow (¾) 10ml, Grapefruit (¾) 10ml, Blood Orange (¾) 10ml, Orange (6/7) 10ml, Apricot (Full) 10ml, Mad Fruit (RED BULL) (Full) 10ml, Passion Fruit (Full) 10ml, Bilberry (Full) 10ml, Lime Tahiti (½) 10ml, Lime Cold Press (½) 10ml, Cherry (6/7) 10ml, Fuji Apple (Full) 10ml & (½) 10ml, Coffee Espresso (Full) 10ml, Magic Mask (Full) 10ml, Breakfast Cereals (Full) 10ml, Zeppola (½) 10ml, Brown Sugar (Full) 10ml, Oba Oba (Full) 10ml, Lemon Sicily (¾) 10ml, Joy (6/7) 10ml, Caramel (½) 10ml, Cocoon (caramel apple flavor) (Full) 10ml, Apple Pie (Full) 10ml, Cookie (½) 10ml, MTS Vape Wizard (Full) 10ml, Meringue (½) 10ml, Torrone (4/5) 8ml, Booster (Tiramisu) (Full) 8ml,


Blueberry (Full) 10ml

Flavor West-

Mystery (Full) (4oz)118ml, Grape Soda (Full) 60ml, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Full) 60ml, Bavarian Cream (¾) 60ml, CupCake (¾) 30ml, Cinnamon Churro (Full) 30ml, Blueberry (2 x Full) 30ml, Yellow Cake (¾) 30ml, White Cake (Full) 30ml, Caramel Cinnamon Roll (Full) 30ml, Tres Leches (¾) 30ml, White Chocolate (6/7) 30ml, Hazelnut (Full) 30ml, Rainbow Candy (Full) 30ml, Strawberrry Shortcake (Full) 30ml, Hard Candy (Full) 10ml, Butterscotch Ripple (½) 10ml, Fruit Rings (Full) 10ml, Unicorn Vomit (Full) 10ml, Green Goblin (½) 10ml, Cake Batter Dip (¼) 10ml,

Wonder Flavors Super Concentrates -

Crispy Wafer (just like a vanilla wafer) (Full) 60ml, S’mores Cupcake (Full) 30ml, Angel Cake (Full) 30ml, Fluffy White Cake (Full) 30ml, Sugar Cone (¾) 30ml, ButterCream Frosting (Full) 30ml, White Fudge (Full) 30ml, Tahitian Vanilla Cream (¼) 30ml, Vanilla Cream Extra (Full) 30ml, Croissant (full) 10ml, Angel Cake (Full) 10ml, Crepe (Full) 10ml, Glazed Doughnut (Full) 10ml, Banana Puree (Full) 8ml

Jungle Flavors-

Biscuit (6/7) 30ml

Nature’s Flavors -

Strawberry Cream(super long steep required) (6/7) 10ml,


Grape Soda (¾) 30ml, Sweet Strawberry (¾) 30ml, Grapefruit Mojito (Full) 30ml, Pomelo (Full) 30ml, Cookie (¾) 30ml, Simply Cake (Full) 30ml, Marshmallow (¾) 30ml, Watermelon Cotton Candy ( Full) 10ml, White Peach (Full) 10ml, Golden Pineapple (Full) 10ml, Banana (½) 10ml, Watermelon (6/7) 10ml, Sunset(tropical fruit mix) (6/7) 10ml, Jelly Candy (Full) 10ml, Nilla Wafer w/ Milk (Full) 10ml, Spring Fling (double apple flavor) (Full) 10ml, Bliss (fruity meringue flavor) (Full) 10ml, CheeseCake Graham Crust (6/7) 10ml, New York CheeseCake (½) 10ml, Cereal (½) 10ml, Fresh Coconut (Full) 10ml, Gummy Candy (½) 10ml, Condensed Milk (6/7) 10ml

Inawera -

Shisha Strawberry (Full) 30ml, Yes, We CheeseCake (Full) 30ml, Pitaya(Dragon Fruit - Tart) (Full) 10ml, Cactus (Full) 10ml, Grapes (Full) 10ml, Miss Cream (Full) 10ml, Shisha Strawberry (1/5) 10ml, Rumble Crumble (black currant & holiday spice & pie crust) (Full) 10ml, Shisha Mai Tai ( Full) 10ml, Biscuit (1/5) 10ml, Shisha Vanilla (½) 10ml, Crème Brule (¼) 10ml,

NicRiv -

Cream Dream (Strawberries + Cream Hint of peach) (Full) 30ml, Strawberry Biscuit( Buttered Buttermilk Biscuit with Strawberry Jam) (Full) 30ml, Golden Eye (very good mango/slightly floral) (½) 30ml, Vanilla Bacco (Full) 10ml, Ocean Myst (6/7) 10ml


Sweet Strawberry (¾) 60ml, Vanilla Custard V1 (½) 60ml, Strawberry Taffy (¾) 30ml, Vanilla Cupcake V1 (½) 30ml, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Full) 30ml, Orange CreamSicle (¾) 30ml, Cereal 27 (¾) 30ml, Vanilla Whipped Cream (½) 30ml, New York CheeseCake V1 (½) 30ml, Sweet Cream (full) 30ml, Cake Batter (full) 13ml and (¾) 30ml, Sweet Mango (Full) 10ml, Sweet Guava (6/7) 10ml, Golden Pineapple (6/7) 10ml, Lemon Lime (½) 10ml, Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (Full) 10ml, Jelly Candy (Full) 10ml, Bavarian Cream (Full) 10ml, Funnel Cake (Full) 10ml, GingerBread (Full) 10ml, Lemon Meringue Pie V1 (¾) 10ml, Golden Butter (Full) 10ml, Butter Cream (Full) 10ml, Strawberries & Cream (2/5) 8ml

Silverline by Capella -

Fruit Circles(Froot Loops) (Full) 60ml, 27 Bears (Full) 30ml, 27 Fish (Full) 30ml, Rainbow Candy (Full) 30ml, Whipped Marshmallow (Full) 30ml, Black Currant (¾) 30ml, Biscuit (Full) 30ml,


Yellow Cake (6/7) 10ml

D.I.Y. Flavor Shack-

Gooey Butter Cake (6/7) 30ml, Birthday Cake (Full) 30ml, Pound Cake (Full) 10ml, Vanilla Milkshake (¾) 10ml, Mr. Good Stuff (whipped cream with caramel drizzle) (¾) 10ml,

D.I.Y. Vapor Supply -

Lucky Shot (vanilla caramel cheesecake with thick graham crust) (¾) 10ml

Sterling Cloud Flavors -

Pound Cake (Full) 10ml

Flavor Phoenix-

ButterCream CupCake (Full) 10ml, Cream Cake (Full) 10ml, Strawberry Rice Treat (rice crispy w/ strawberry marshmallow) (½) 10ml, White Cake (¾) 10ml, Blatantly Blueberry (6/7) 10ml,

Solub Aroma-

Madeleine (Cookie Flavor) (Full) 10ml


Milkshake (¾) 10ml & (¼) 10ml, Creamy Vanilla (¾) 10ml, CheeseCake (Full) 10ml & (½) 10ml, OMG! (CupCake with Chocolate Milk) (6/7) 10ml,

Flavor Revolution -

Sweet Cream (4/5) 30ml, Caramel (6/7) 30ml, Green Apple (Full) 30ml, Cotton Candy (6/7) 30ml, Sweet Strawberry (really jammy) (Full) 30ml, Mango (¼) 10ml, Blue Raspberry ( Full) 10ml, Red Raspberry (Full) 10ml, Honeydew Melon (Full) 10ml, Cantaloupe (Full) 10ml, Peach (Full) 10ml, Kiwi (Full) 10ml, Pineapple (6/7), Banana Ripe (Full) 10ml, Apple Green (super tart/sour) (Full) 10ml, Grape Candy (Full) 10ml, Vanilla Blast (Full) 10ml,

One On One -

Cream (Milky Undertones)PG (4/5) 30ml, Vanilla Custard CheeseCake (6/7) 30ml, Vanilla Frosting (Full) 30mlPink Square Candy (Full) 30ml, Wild Berry Rainbow Candy (Full) 30ml, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Full) 30ml, Powdered Sugar (¾) 10ml, Pound Cake (Full) 10ml, Yellow Cake (Full) 10ml, Strawberry ShortCake (6/7) 10ml, Cake Batter (6/7) 10ml, Vanilla Marshmallow (6/7) 10ml, White Chocolate Kip Kap (White Choco Kit Kat bar) (6/7) 10ml


Cake Batter (6/7) 10ml, Tres Leches (Full) 10ml, White Chocolate (Full) 10ml, Spice Cookies - Speculoos (cookie butter) (needs a month plus steep) (6/7) 10ml, Sugar Cookie (Full) 10ml`

Faries Finest-

White Chocolate (Full) 10ml

Bickford Flavors-

White Chocolate (Full) 10ml

Vapd Train Australia -

Vanilla ButterCream Frosting (Full) 30ml, White Chocolate (¾) 30ml, Honeycomb (6/7) 10ml, Apollo Feijoa (tropical banana) (Full) 10ml,

WS-23 Cooling agent (Full) 10ml

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Price droped to $265 shipped. Hope everyone is doing good on a side note. Happy holiday’s!

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Just a thought. You’ll probably have problems with selling the full package for various reasons.

You’d probably have more success with a pick-your-20-flavors for 30$ kind of deal. 30 bucks is worth a try especially since one would get exactly flavors that he wants. You won’t sell everything at the end, but with a higher price per bottle you could end up equally (and you can sell the last 60 bottles for 30$).

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