Envii - Kilted

I picked one of these up today at a local shop. Was a little hesitant but at the same time, quite intrigued by the design.

This is a fantastic flavor RDA! I think as drippers go, this is not really going to compete. The optional chimney thingy is where the flavor comes from. I’ve not tried without it, although you certainly can use without it for a more traditional style RDA. But with it in place, the flavor is superb.

Air flow is so so. But I don’t think this was designed to be very airy at all. In fact, flavor is the focus here. You get decent enough clouds, but for the cloud chasers…keep walking, there’s nothing to see here. But flavor junkies…this is just wicked good.

Oh and the Goon drip tip fits perfectly. The stock one may be stainless steel. I don’t know. Put the goon delrin tip on it straight off.


Looks interesting, will have to check them out!

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I wanted to give a bit more info since I’ve had some time to use this killer little RDA

Monster Flavor Productions
Easy as pie to wick
2ml juice capacity
Easy to fill
No leaks
810 drip tip (Goon, Kennedy)

Small build deck
Restricted air flow (see more below)
Can’t see when running out of juice

Ok, first off the build deck is relatively small. You’re not going to fit more than around 3mm ID coils in this thing, and even that will be especially tight. So when using large claptons you may be forced to drop to 2.5mm or use fewer wraps.

This is 3mm ID, but smaller clapton wire so it barely fits -

I think the next images should be self-explanatory -

Once the inner chimney is installed and the wicks trimmed, then you can fill with juice. In this regard this atty acts more like an RTA than RDA. Still, it’s very nice to have a bit of juice capacity -

Leave room fro the lip of the top cap so that you don’t push juice out. If you don’t you’ll flood the deck and result in leaking out the air flow, or at the very least you’ll get gurgling until it’s purged out. That top cap just slides in - no threads.

Anyway, I wanted to share a bit more about this atty for those looking at it. Truly this is some of the best flavor I’ve had off any device. Now you will be sacrificing airflow with this one - it’s not tight as in MTL. Not even close. But it’s not wide open air flow either. I feel this actually aids in the flavor production, and having used it for nearly a month, I feel more airflow would only reduce flavor. To me it’s perfect.

So for flavor junkies I highly recommend adding one to your collection.