Envii Terra Octo-coil RTA

Envii Terra Octo-coil RTA

Received from @Heaven_Gifts

QUICK OVERVIEW - from https://vapeenvii.com/products/terra

“The Terra RTA is unparalleled when it comes to flavour and clouds! Whether you are looking to vape your
face off or just looking for a nice hot vape, this is the perfect tank for you. This tank is rated for 300+
watts, even if there aren’t very many devices out there that can handle this beast!”


Unlike most RTA’s and RDTA’s that come in either a clam style plastic case or a cardboard box,
the Terra comes in a very nice matte black metallic tin-like case. It has the company
logo embossed on the lid with “designed in Los Angeles, California” (black on yellow) on the side.

Inside you will find an assembled Terra atomiser, a longer spare glass tube, a bag of cotton strips
and another bag containing three spare 3mm 1.6-ohm Kanthal coils and eight rubber stoppers that are used
to block the wicking slots when the tank is used with less than 8 coils.
The only instructions included is a small piece of paper with the following warning “DO NOT DRY FIRE COILS”
Dry firing the coils will make the useless as they will loose their springiness and not make a proper
contact, DON’T DO IT!

The Look:

I don’t think I need to say anything here.

The Vape:
With the full stock 8 coils for me it was just too hot and I mean HOT!! and that was at around 180 watts with all the air flow the tank could provide. You can get huge clouds if you can handle the heat.
Myself I prefer a cool to warm vape so this setup was not doing it for me.

With 4 coils at 70-80 watts, the Terra was a lot better. A good balance of flavour and vapour without getting too hot. The airflow was very smooth both with the extra Ultem section that surrounds the coils and without, altho you do get a bit more air while using the Ultem and so slightly cooler vape.

Coil Building:
I have seen other reviews who said they could not get coils to fit or fire, I don’t know what they were doing but I managed it without too much trouble and I admit I am only a beginner.
The stock coils are 10 (ish) wraps with a 3mm ID so I went for the same but using SS316L.

  1. 4 coils with 12 wraps
  2. Space coils
  3. Pull half a wrap from each end of each coil
  4. Cut another half wrap from each end of each coil, I used nail clippers as I found it easier than using normal wire snips

This was the first build I did and it came in @ 0.12 (0.48 per coil) maybe 26 AWG would have been better but I do not have any ATM.

Top fill.
Holds up to 5.5ml of liquid.
Compatible with 1-8 coils.
Made of 304 stainless steel, ultem and Pyrex.
Adjustable bottom airflow.
Massive clouds and great flavour.
Rated for over 300 watts.

Package Includes:
1x Envii Terra RTA (Pre-built with 8 Coils)
1x Spare Glass
3x Extra Coils
1x Sheet Of Organic Japanese Cotton
8x Silicone Plugs
1x 510 Drip Tip Adaptor Sleeve
1x User Manual


Initiative design - The Envii Terra RTA just looks awesome
Lots and lots of vapour making it great for cloud chasers
Good flavour
Top fill


Coils take time to build and setup
Drinks juice like it has just been stranded in the Sahara for a month.

For the experienced vaper used to high wattage and wanting huge clouds then the Envii Terra RTA
could be an ideal tank for you.
If you are new to vaping or only ever used stock coils then this might be too fiddly to setup.

More details of Envii Terra, please find here:

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Thanks again to @Heaven_Gifts for all the giveaways and special offers thay do.


That thing is gorgeous, but so far outta my crap skill league for building it’s actually kinda funny.


It’s not hard to do, just a little fiddly. When I get some 28 or 26 gauge I may build it again with pictures.


I’ve been waiting to hear how you liked this. Thank you for the review!! I fell in love with the idea of this tank as soon as I saw it, it’s just so unique!

What gauge wire did you use for that build?


When you do can you tag me so I don’t miss it?!! :smiley:


It’s 0.5mm not quite 24 AWG
I think a smaller gauge will be better as tank got quite hot after a while.

Will tag you when I do it, may use the daughters DSLR and video either the whole process or just for 1 coil.

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Sweet. Thanks!

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i had a quick read and peek at your review before bed last night - well done nice review. It also appears that you did dry burn :laughing:.



I was waiting for someone to say that lol.
That was done just to prove it could be done as others said they could not do it. I did them again but with wicks, tank got hot so went back to 4 stock coils. Will order some 26/28 gauge and try that.

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Great review! The Envii Terra is a beauty but really does demand power and juice. I found that the vape was really good but not the best. The only reason to buy the Terra is to have a tank that handles huge wattage.

I really love the Envii Artisan though. I only wish they made it in a 25mm.

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How many watts did you manage to get up to, when it first turned up I was willing to try a 300 watt pull but not after trying it at 180.

I maxed out the RX200s with the 250 watt upgraded firmware. I cant say if it was actually 250 watts but that is what the screen was displaying. I couldn’t manage to pull more than a second and it was not at all enjoyable but it wasn’t burnt. It did have a nice warm and flavorful vape at 150-175 though. I like a pretty warm vape. This tank is great for dessert and bakery flavors.

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I’d totally try a 300w pull just for shits and giggles but I’m sure I’d end up choking like the Carolina reaper guy…:laughing:


I just want the all the drugs he has taken in his lifetime. That guy is spesh.


Your brain would melt…


You say that like it’s a bad thing :laughing: