Epic fail = MEGA LOLZ

Had to share this one with you i am in creased over with laughter

So my mate at works decided to make his own juice and was asking for advicen, so me being me i helped as much as i could. I took him through the process then tried to tell him about steeping and different speed steeping methods which he seemed to get a basic understanding of.

Last night i got a call from him saying…

Craig -" Dave you alright bud i have managed to make some juice tonight it smells lovely"

Me - "oh nice one bud told you it wasnt that hard when you put your mind to it…interupted Craig - "a bit worried though mate about this whole steeping thing you were talking about it takes fu**ing ages i am freezing "

Me - scooby doo noise ??? “What do u mean you are freezing bud”

Craig - “well you said make it and let it sit in a warm bath for a while, give it a good shake every once in a while and it will come out nice. I made it in the bath and i have been sat in it for 2 hours shaking the bottles up but the bath waters gone cold”

omfg i screamed the house down with laughter i really did. He was sat in a warm bath mixing up the juice on a soap tray then sat there shaking it every few minutes for 2 hours hahahahahahahahahahaha

You have to laugh at this one i still am




ROFLMAO! :joy:


Good thing you didn’t tell him about the ultra sonic bath and the magnetic mixer :grinning:




No way is that true! :open_mouth:

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I needed that story I seriously did ! You tell your mate you made this girls day with LAUGHTER lol OMG probably the cutest story EVER :smile:

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@zigz honnestly mate 100% true how do you think i felt taking the call hahahah


IF that is true, PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell him to put nicotine in his juice. You could be tried for manslaughter or something. It might clean up the species a bit, sure. But it’s not worth the jail time.

“That’s a mean thing to say, TRW.” It’s the rabies man, it’s not a nickname.


I know I am late to this one but dear God I am happy I found this :joy: