Erlenmeyer Flask

Sorry, wasn’t really sure where I should have posted this.
This is a 2 par question, Firstly, where have you (any of you), purchased an Erlenmeyer Flask at for using on a stir plate and/or if your not using an Erlenmeyer Flask what are you using? Secondly, if you have or are using a flask, what size are you using?
I’m making up a stir “plate” from an old laptop cooling pad that I found I still had in a closet and the magnet from a old hard drive I just ripped apart in it’s time the hard drive was a monster but this 3 gig drive seen the best of it’s time many years ago… lol.


Wizard labs ! Also Amazon and EBay has them. I have both Erlenmeyer and Karter ( rounded bottom beaker ) trick to those is a not skid surface placed on your magnetic mixer. I use the stuff you’d place under your rug or to line a drawer but it’s a bit thicker. You can get it at a wal Mary like store cheap. I’ll take a pic so you know what i mean it’s the black rubber stuff.


Thanks, while I use amazon quite often, I’ll most likely use WL since I needed to order some flavors up… seems they are out of stock of a few of what I wanted though.

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