Error on wizardlabs and DIY ELiquid supplies discount code and discount codes are not working. Neither of the ones listed on the resource page are valid.

Are there any newer ones? @daath, do you mind looking in to this, please?


I mailed them both! When I hear back, I’ll let you know (and maybe update the resources page).


Still need to hear back from Wizard Labs, but DIYELS told me that it’s because they already have discounts on all their stuff …


:rofl: :joy: that’s funny! They must upcharge a bunch, then! With Amazon Prime free shipping, on Essential Depot’s shop page, it’s cheaper than DIYELS and WizardLabs after shipping, taxes, and fees.

I appreciate you looking into it for me, though. I hope WizardLabs gets back, though. They have some decent prices. If the shipping wasn’t $14-$18 I’d go with them. Sigh, I hate being broke.

I love that DIY has saved me SO much money (mostly :sweat_smile:) and allowed me to try a much wider range of flavors that would have cost me $100’s-$1,000’s if I’d purchased commercial or even house blends at B&M shops.

I just hate that all the PMTA bullshit has caused EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE to jack their prices up so much! A 1 litre bottle of VG was once $8.99 on BCF, only a year ago! Now it’s nearly $15.00… I know it’s only a difference of $5-$7 but when you’re on a limited income, it’s a horse of another color and every penny counts! :blush:

I know the gallon jugs are more cost effective and believe me if I could afford it, I’d absolutely buy it that way… I just can’t. I’m working on it, though. Cross ya’ll’s fingers and wish me good luck that the reevaluation goes in my favor, please. :grin:


Thank you @Wombatred26, and @daath.